Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Oct 2017) - Dimension of the Damned, Gielinorian Giving, Novtumberfest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] The Month Ahead
[00:12] The first update to talk about this month is a brand new, completely free game mode called “Dimension of the Damned”.
[00:18] Combat, crafting and cooperation is the focus in this exciting time limited, 2 week zombie fest,
[00:25] where you control a fully maxed version of your normal account.
[00:28] Starting on the 16th of October, the gameplay is focussed around Falador and the Free to Play environments,
[00:34] surrounded by legions of the damned, protect your group by constructing barricades, or use them to upset the competition in the area.
[00:43] Each player can earn points by killing the wide variety of zombie types;
[00:47] including 10 man boss encounters, which can be spent in Falador on loot boxes.
[00:53] Unique equipment, powerups and useful materials can be found,
[00:57] helping you rack up more points and hopefully earn yourself an invitation to the unique end game.
[01:03] This grand finale will take place on the 28th of October, each invited player starts again with zero points but this time, death is permanent.
[01:14] Over the course of two hours, the world slowly shrinks in size with more and more monsters spawning until finally, only one player remains.
[01:23] Unique prizes and glorious recognition await!
[01:27] Since the update is totally free AND all accounts start at max level, it’s a great time to buddy up with new friends and old.
[01:34] In fact, free players have it really good this month, with a big batch of previously members only content becoming available to all.
[01:43] This is the biggest bundle of newly free-to-play content to date, including seven quests, the Fletching skill,
[01:50] two D&Ds, the Warriors’ Guild, craftable off-hands, crossbows, more places to explore and more magical and ranged armour. Phew!
[01:59] There really has never been a better time to pop in-game and give RuneScape a go,
[02:03] so if you’ve got any friends sitting on the fence, be sure to bring them in.
[02:07] Sticking strongly with supernatural spookery, the Halloween update this year focusses on storytelling.
[02:14] You’ll uncover sad tales from tormented ghosts around the world and solve some putrid puzzles to help put them to rest.
[02:22] Half the stories from this miniquest have been taken directly from fantastic player submissions, the other half written by some of RuneScapes finests.
[02:31] Available in part to both free and members, rewards include
[02:35] a new Halloween emote, title and a great cosmetic outfit allowing you to become a headless rider!
[02:42] If you’re looking for something less gruesome, check out NovtumberFest!
[02:46] It’s the first outing of Gielenors thirst-quenching beer festival
[02:49] a massive beach style event with plenty of great activities to tuck into as you take a break from the weighty duties of the world guardian.
[02:58] Try out the new seasonal minigame, Kegger, practice table dancing and ride the giant carousel,
[03:05] or join in on the latest epic bar crawl across the world.
[03:09] Plenty of rewards await, including barrel pets, wolpertingers, thigh slapping outfits, new dance emotes and a healthy chunk of XP too.
[03:17] October also sees the return of Count Check to the bright lights of Lumbridge,
[03:22] an in-game NPC fully motivated to get you to learn more about the benefits of account security.
[03:29] Earn free keys every day for simply using the multitude of options we have to help keep your account safe.
[03:37] Free security inspired clue scrolls are also available every day directly from the Count,
[03:42] as well as XP lamps and even some competitions – look out for more information next week!
[03:48] I’d like to tell you about a new charity event that happening in October.
[03:53] Similar to the Gielinorian Giving event back in May,
[03:56] you’ll have the chance to gain some ingame charity tokens through normal play, earning yourself some unique armour.
[04:03] You can also spend RuneCoins on a brand new cape, or the items from the May event in case you missed out first time.
[04:10] All the proceeds from RuneCoin purchases on those special items will go directly to our chosen charities
[04:17] whom many of you will have met or seen in RuneFest this year!
[04:21] Ah, RuneFest – it really was a cracker this year, thanks for making it so awesome.
[04:26] If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you check out the videos available on our YouTube and twitch!
[04:32] In fact, Twitch viewers who’ve connected their RuneScape account to the twitch account will also be able to start earning unique rewards, starting with the Twitching orb pet.
[04:42] Tune into Tuesdays month ahead live stream at 4pm game time to grab yours!
[04:47] Finally, don’t be surprised if you see some layout changes to the Grand Exchange.
[04:52] In a recent ingame poll, you’ve voted to consolidate the Varrock GE to a single booth,
[04:58] so we’ve implemented the changes you asked for and taken the opportunity to tidy up the area a bit.
[05:04] Talking of polls, we’ve also improved the poll systems by adding ingame bank locations with details of the polls,
[05:10] and removed the categories to give all decisions equal importance.
[05:16] That's it from us. Have fun. W00ters out !