Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Nov 2018) - Mining & Smithing Beta, Needle Skips, Achievements Bonanza

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] With the clocks tumbling back and the nights drawing in,
[00:02] it feels like the right time to be tying up some of the threads that have been dangling loosely
[00:06] over RuneScape before the cold embrace of winter affirms its grip.
[00:20] We realise that the Mining and Smithing Rework is keenly anticipated.
[00:24] Splendid news then, that our Mining & Smithing beta is upon us
[00:27] and it will be completely open to all RuneScape members when it goes live on November 13th.
[00:32] It's a full beta too, with access to all content and no area restrictions whatsoever,
[00:36] giving you an excellent opportunity to try out all of the new mechanics we've been working on.
[00:40] And to give you an idea and a bit of a teaser,
[00:42] here's a few specific details about what to expect.
[00:45] You can expect no depletion of materials when you mine.
[00:47] The ability to mine afk. But if you do pay attention, you will get a lot more reward for it.
[00:52] There's also a new ore bank to keep all of your ores in for storage
[00:55] and four new tiers of ore spanning levels 60 to 90.
[00:59] And for Smithing, you will have the ability to smith from a new metal bank.
[01:02] Additional mechanics to those who want pay attention instead of afk-ing.
[01:05] And, of course, better XP thanks to new upgrading and burying processes.
[01:09] You can of course make masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour,
[01:12] which, if you're not aware, is the best melee armour in the game.
[01:16] As I mentioned earlier, there are four new tiers of metal. This spans level 60 to 90.
[01:19] And a quick note about PvM.
[01:21] Ores, bars and metal equipments will now be replaced on drop tables
[01:25] with new stone spirit and salvage items.
[01:27] And the spring cleaner has been improved.
[01:30] We're really keen for our players to get their hands on the beta
[01:32] and of course do let us know how you get on.
[01:34] Please share your feedback on our Discord channels, Reddit, Twitter, the forums,
[01:38] anywhere you can, from November 13th.
[01:40] And of course, as a final note, the beta will last two weeks.
[01:44] When players stumble across a tall blue woman lying dead on the floor
[01:47] with the name Megan written in blood beside her,
[01:49] they are plunged into a bizarre murder mystery unlike any other.
[01:53] Can you, using the power of an elder artefact, unravel the puzzle?
[01:56] Players will examine the scene and search for keywords using a brand new in-game mechanic
[02:00] to try and discover what happened, peeling back layers of the story in the process.
[02:04] Can you solve the murder mystery?
[02:06] The Needle Skips is a novice level quest, is fully voiced,
[02:09] and represents our 400th available quest point.
[02:12] To get started,
[02:13] players will have to investigate the Needle found on the hill west of Piscatoris.
[02:17] Tossing your food scraps down a well can't do much harm, right?
[02:20] Possibly true, provided said scraps aren't feeding a giant slime,
[02:24] which then emerges from the well and terrorises the local populace.
[02:27] We have a new community event that will run for five days.
[02:30] It will focus on the use of different skills that players must employ together
[02:33] to deal with this new slimy menace.
[02:35] Your reward? We're not going to spoil that surprise completely,
[02:38] but there will be some tiered Slime Hunter armour and a slime pet up for grabs.
[02:42] Players will be able to start the event by popping down to Rimmington,
[02:45] although we'll also be giving out daily teleport tools to take them straight there.
[02:48] Things are about to heat up on the RuneScore HiScore tables
[02:51] with the impending arrival of Achievements Bonanza.
[02:54] A while back we asked you for your ideas for achievements you'd like to see in the game.
[02:58] We were hoping to put together 100 or so, but we've actually ended up with over 130,
[03:02] spread across a wide assortment of skills.
[03:04] Well over half of these are based off your suggestions,
[03:07] so thanks ever so much to everyone who helped deluge us with so many wonderful ideas.
[03:11] The new achievements will be visible from the achievement tab in-game.
[03:15] Members may remember Postie Pete from earlier in the year.
[03:17] He's hard to miss, unless your local postie is also a skull wearing a cap
[03:21] and carrying a satchel in their mouth.
[03:22] Pete's back this month to host another round of Parcels From the Hedge,
[03:26] although this time his free parcels contain even better rewards, and they stack too.
[03:31] As well as daily parcels, players can claim more from skilling
[03:34] and keep their eye out for the occasional special package
[03:37] which will contain some very specific and guaranteed loots.
[03:40] So you want to hear all the details
[03:41] about what exactly you'll be getting as part of Premier Club this year?
[03:44] You can expect some news very shortly, so keep an eye for that one.
[03:47] It's nearly that time of the year again.
[03:49] A fantastic week of sales is on the way for Black Friday,
[03:51] with as much as 75% off some items and new offers every day,
[03:55] plus a rollicking two-day mega sale to cap it all off.
[03:58] And rounding off the month is tooltips for potions.
[04:01] As the name suggests, this comprises a significant update
[04:04] to the amount of information you can see when rolling your cursor over a potion.
[04:07] The new system is dynamic and will accurately reflect any effects
[04:10] that are interacting with a potion at any given moment.
[04:13] Magical!
[04:14] That's it for November!
[04:16] We'll see you again in December,
[04:17] when the name-dropping of certain festive events will not only be permitted,
[04:20] but also actively encouraged.
[04:22] We're not going to spoil that surprise completely, but there will be somes...
[04:27] We've got to go back to this one.
[04:31] Oh boy, that's great.
[04:34] How many different facial expressions can I make without screwing up?