Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Nov 2017) - Combat pets, Revolution

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] It's November and a new quest, combat pets, revolution mode improvements
[00:04] and the exciting finale to the "Dimension of the Damned" event await.
[00:08] Plus a truckload of ninja fixes and additions, like the advanced gold accumulator.
[00:25] The first thing to talk about this month are the long-awaited combat pets,
[00:29] a collection of eight rare, gorgeous creatures obtainable whilst training your combat skills.
[00:35] Each pet is either inspired by or directly designed by you,
[00:39] following a player art competition.
[00:42] There's three new titles to earn for the collectors of these pets,
[00:45] including the "Master of All" title for anyone focussed enough to earn all 27 skill-related pets,
[00:52] and a special title broadcast in-game for the first players to earn them!
[00:57] Our brand-new quest this month focusses on the lovable character Evil Dave.
[01:01] Dave is a huge Zamorak fanboy
[01:04] and he's been busy creating a spell to grab the attention of his hero
[01:09] and plans to venture from his mum's basement to spread evil across the world.
[01:15] This quest is jam-packed with references and inspiration from right across Gielinor,
[01:20] and is a real trip down memory lane, focussed on the old-style RuneScape quests.
[01:25] With no Elder Gods in sight, this quest is all about laughs, puzzles, puns and white knights.
[01:31] With novice level requirements, this quest is available to almost everyone, so get involved.
[01:38] As I mentioned back at RuneFest, we've been making some improvements
[01:41] to the way that the Revolution mode in combat works.
[01:45] After the update, players using this mode will be able
[01:49] to automatically trigger threshold and ultimate abilities,
[01:53] assuming that the right amount of adrenaline has been earned.
[01:57] It's a great update for those of us that like our combat as laid-back as possible.
[02:02] You'll also be able to resize the Revolution window via the combat settings,
[02:07] so do have a play around when it comes out.
[02:09] This improvement in effectiveness means
[02:12] that legacy combat will also have its average damage increased
[02:16] and all special attacks will have their average damage increased
[02:20] to keep a balance between the different modes when fighting monsters.
[02:24] Not put off by the spooky shenanigans in the office during October,
[02:28] the Ninjas have assembled a cracking collection of updates this month.
[02:32] As always, they're focussed on improving those little things
[02:36] that make a big difference to the way we play.
[02:39] As well as adding a few more tier-92 weapons to the weapons you can dye,
[02:44] they've improved the way you train Construction
[02:46] by making it easier to add and remove things in your house,
[02:49] they've updated the luck items to make their messages more useful
[02:52] and converted more things into achievements.
[02:55] However, the big news this month is the advanced gold accumulator.
[03:01] This object, just like its predecessor, can be bought with Dungeoneering tokens
[03:05] and will automatically pick up all your gold piece loot drops.
[03:09] This object is permanent, charging you 10% of all those gold pickups
[03:14] instead of degrading over time.
[03:16] You can also unlock the right to place it in your Slayer toolbelt
[03:19] if you've got the Slayer points.
[03:21] There's plenty of other things going on in November,
[03:24] including a Christmas warm-up event
[03:26] as you recapture some missing clockwork pieces
[03:29] and search for snow implings.
[03:31] We've got all the details on 2018's Premier Club at the end of the month,
[03:35] more celebrations for the 10-year anniversary of the German servers,
[03:39] a big ninja survey and a new poll in the freshly updated poll system
[03:44] and we've got the exciting finale to the epic "Dimension of the Damned".
[03:50] Tune in from 19:45 game time on the 18th of November
[03:54] to watch our livestreams on Twitch
[03:57] and even earn yourself a "LootScape Crate" containing some suitable awesome loot
[04:03] like cash bags, lamps or even a Warborn Behemoth pet.
[04:08] These crates will be available for all our Tuesday and Friday livestreams throughout November.
[04:13] Best of luck to everyone competing in the "Dimension of the Damned" finale!
[04:18] Your epic zombie slaughtering has been quite marvellous to watch
[04:21] and no doubt the final will be even more gruesome!
[04:24] Have fun. Wooters out.
[04:26] Right, you #$%&! Run out to mummy! Daddy's here!