Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Nov 19) - Farming & Herblore 120, Double XP Weekend, RS Mobile Early Access

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Autumn is descending. It's getting cold
[00:03] and we're finally having to admit that, yes, we shall have to turn on the heating in the office.
[00:09] In today's episode we'll be looking at Farming and Herblore to 120,
[00:12] a competition to get your own pet creation in-game,
[00:14] early access on RuneScape Mobile,
[00:16] a quick look at Archaeology Stormguard, and more.
[00:20] And when you're done kicking up the leaves and playing conkers together,
[00:23] jump on board one last time with me, mod Shauny, as I'll take you behind the scenes at Jagex
[00:28] and we regale you with tales of Novembery content.
[00:31] Are you sitting comfortably?
[00:32] Let's begin!
[00:57] The first of our RuneFest announcements is crawling,
[01:00] hopping, and stomping its way towards Anachronia.
[01:03] Soon you'll be able to join great-granny Potterington and her loyal dog Sam
[01:07] on The Ranch Out of Time, where you'll be raising an army of roarsome reptiles.
[01:11] In the weeks since RuneFest, we've been adding everything you'd expect
[01:14] from a Player Owned Farm update, from unique perks for every animal on the ranch
[01:18] to special dino-specific traits.
[01:20] You can already start building your critter collection
[01:22] by taking part in activities around Anachronia,
[01:25] including jadinko hunting, big game Hunter, and the Agility course.
[01:28] Little critters have been captured en masse by granny and her crack team of hunters,
[01:33] and will be available in the PoF store on The Ranch Out of Time.
[01:37] Back in Ardougne, Manor Farm is being transformed into the prestigious Farming Guild,
[01:41] where beginner farmers from all over Gielinor have you do their Farming requests.
[01:46] The more supplies you provide for them, the greater your reputation will be,
[01:49] and in turn the more requests you'll receive.
[01:52] As you work towards 120 Farming, you'll unlock new content at every single level along the way.
[01:57] So what are you going to do with all those exciting new ingredients you'll be growing?
[02:02] Why not crush them up and make them into potions, of course!
[02:05] Elder Overload, anyone? A sip of Extreme Prayer potion, perhaps?
[02:08] If you have enough veggies to spare you might even try crafting the Potion of Harvest.
[02:13] Potions aren't the only thing you'll be brewing with your newfound abilities.
[02:16] Now, you can make bombs!
[02:17] Freeze bombs, poison bombs, vulnerability bombs... The possibilities are endless.
[02:23] We'd also like to introduce "power bursts".
[02:25] These potent potions provide an ephemeral benefit for just 4-10 seconds.
[02:30] With names like "Burst of Movement" and "Burst of HP Doubling",
[02:34] we think it's fairly obvious what they all do.
[02:36] Last but by no means least, we have the blessed flask.
[02:40] This high-level, untradeable game-changer is available to only the most devout herblorists.
[02:44] When activated, it restores an absolutely godlike 500 Prayer points.
[02:48] In our RuneFest keynote, we spoke about our plans to bring a new batch of pets to RuneScape.
[02:53] This mighty menagerie will include prestige pets for non-skill, non-boss content
[02:58] like Clue Scrolls, Challenges, Player Owned Ports, Player Owned Farm, and more.
[03:03] Now, here's where you come in.
[03:05] We'd like you to exercise those creative muscles and design a pet, or two, or three,
[03:10] for any of the above categories.
[03:11] We'll choose our favourites from the best submissions in each category
[03:14] and bring them to the polls, where the community will decide the final selection.
[03:18] Calling all Android users!
[03:20] As you no doubt already know, RuneScape Mobile Early Access is now live and playable
[03:24] for all members on compatible devices.
[03:26] Everyone who signs in on Mobile during Early Access will receive the exclusive Mobile Founder's Pack.
[03:33] Make sure to pore over our first Archaeology Journal when it goes live this month.
[03:37] It features the first of our newly-discovered sites, the Stormguard Citadel.
[03:41] Rumour has it that this floating fortress was home to a top secret aviansie lab during the God Wars.
[03:47] What forgotten technology might lie buried within its halls?
[03:50] Find out more about RuneScape's newest skill on the dedicated Archaeology page.
[03:54] It's time once again to top up your Premier Club membership
[03:57] for another year full of awesome updates, bonus loyalty points and exclusive goodies.
[04:01] From midnight game time on Friday November 22nd to 23:59 game time on Thursday December 6th,
[04:08] we'll be holding our biggest ever sale in Solomon's General Store.
[04:11] Get up to 75% off on over 100 different items
[04:13] including bank boosters, bank presets, and wardrobe items.
[04:17] We've also partnered with Twitch Prime again this month
[04:19] to bring you a whole 14 days of free membership.
[04:22] You'll be able to claim your gift from November 5th to December 10th.
[04:25] All you have to do is link your RuneScape account to Twitch Prime.
[04:29] And finally for November, double XP.
[04:31] We're doing things a little differently this time,
[04:33] so make sure you keep those eyes peeled for more details in the very near future.
[04:37] The next Month Ahead video will be the last one of this year, and you know what that means.
[04:42] It's gonna be well christmassy.
[04:44] We've been reaching out to mod Santa
[04:45] and things are looking hopeful that he'll be able to present the next video.
[04:50] And on a personal note, thank you all for watching this as always.
[04:54] Everyone here is amazing. And you're all amazing. And I've had an amazing time.
[04:58] Thank you all so much.
[05:00] Take care. Have a good one.