Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (May 2019) - A New Quest, Song of Seren, and the BIG Summer Update

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] you know that claim when you fought
[00:01] someone in the maze in present and
[00:02] you're dying to tell them but you can't
[00:03] that's kind of where we're at this month
[00:05] there's a storm on the horizon and
[00:07] Gielinor and what burst in to spill the
[00:09] beans but for the time being you're
[00:11] gonna have to put up with us being all
[00:12] caught sorry
[00:13] wait what so there's not much content
[00:17] this month to talk about no and then I'm
[00:19] having this
[00:20] [Music]
[00:34] [Music]
[01:01] we can say is the may brings with it the
[01:04] start of big things and also offers up
[01:06] the opportunity to grab some sneaky
[01:08] extra XP as the voice of sarin spreads
[01:10] across the entire game world let the
[01:12] saga come in the desperate times Quest
[01:15] is the bold next step in the epic Elder
[01:18] Gods storyline players will be invited
[01:20] to attend sarin's Council to find a way
[01:22] of appeasing the older gods and saving
[01:24] all of life on Gillan or but don't
[01:26] expect things to be easy the demands are
[01:28] large and the races of Gillan aww are
[01:30] not United and one individual has a very
[01:33] different proposal team up with Doc and
[01:36] Kara back to visit the needle self
[01:38] strange puzzles and discover key moments
[01:40] in runescape streaks in history this new
[01:42] quest is the first in a brand new
[01:44] storyline that will change the face of
[01:45] Gillan or itself but despite its epic
[01:48] status desperate times its relatively
[01:50] mid-level requiring 50 mining 50
[01:52] smithing or 50 divination as well as the
[01:54] novice quest you are it and the needle
[01:56] skips don't worry if you're not familiar
[01:57] with the story thus far we've done all
[01:59] we can to make things welcoming to
[02:01] newcomers Saren is forming an army and a
[02:04] song is an ideal opportunity for you to
[02:06] prepare for battle song if Saren is
[02:08] similar to voice of Sara except this
[02:10] time the effects are not limited to the
[02:12] great elf city of breath in us players
[02:14] will have the chance to earn 1.5 x XP
[02:16] all weekend it's a fantastic skilling
[02:18] boost ahead of the challenges that are
[02:19] to come
[02:20] so from May 10th to make 13th the songs
[02:22] sarin will call out across the entire
[02:23] game world each song will help a focus
[02:26] on one of four sets of skills and once
[02:28] all players will have two hours to make
[02:30] the most extra XP generated skills then
[02:33] after two hours sarin song changes and
[02:36] new skills come into play simply log on
[02:38] any time during the event and click on
[02:40] the Saren head to take part and running
[02:42] alongside song of sarin would be a
[02:44] treasure hunter event the office the
[02:45] chance to grab specific rewards
[02:46] applicable to which ever set of skills
[02:48] is active at the time just jumping to
[02:50] treasure hunter at any stage through our
[02:52] song of sarin and an overlay will show
[02:54] you which skills are active and the
[02:55] items will have a chance of unlocking
[02:57] your keys to do remember the song and
[02:59] selection of items will change every two
[03:01] hours so check back off and once the
[03:04] dust has settled on the events of
[03:05] desperate times we will be announcing
[03:07] what happens next not least the big
[03:10] summer update of 2019 so if you want to
[03:12] find out what you'll be playing over the
[03:14] coming months and how we got there then
[03:16] this new quest is very much the place to
[03:18] start and who knows perhaps things will
[03:21] escalate before the announcement
[03:24] I'll be running around the office trying
[03:26] to find that content you doing this now
[03:27] come come Shaunie we all know your
[03:30] history of leaks so can you just shoot
[03:31] please shoot okay and we will see you
[03:35] next month
[03:36] oh wait
[03:43] oh my god