Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (May 2018) - Solak, Overgrown Idols, Parcels from the Hedge

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Sharpen your hatchets, because May is all about fighting humanity's greatest enemy.
[00:04] Plants.
[00:06] You've probably twigged that means Solak, our newest boss,
[00:09] whose bark is just as bad as his overbite.
[00:12] But it also means an Overgrown Idols woodcutting update,
[00:15] a mysterious quest that has its roots in the earth,
[00:18] Parcels from the Hedge delivered every day,
[00:20] and cherry blossom outfits.
[00:22] And who better to help take us through the updates than the old oak himself,
[00:25] Mod Mark.
[00:38] Let's start with Solak.
[00:40] The hulking shrubbery is a deathtrap.
[00:42] A true masterclass in RuneScape boss design.
[00:45] I highly doubt anyone will be defeating him for some time.
[00:48] Go on, change my mind. I dare you.
[00:51] There are two ways to take on Solak.
[00:53] There's the duo-mode Solak,
[00:54] which is aimed at being the most brutal combat challenge in the game.
[00:58] Then there's the seven-player mode which we hesitate to call accessible,
[01:02] but is less likely to send you directly to Death's office without passing Go.
[01:06] Solak has made his home in the Lost Grove,
[01:09] in the large arena at its centre.
[01:11] Here, you'll find Merethiel, an ancient elf whose story entwines with Solak's.
[01:17] Over the course of the fight, you'll be battling alongside her,
[01:20] working to free Solak from the grip of her brother, Erethdor.
[01:24] For those who topple the tree, rewards will blossom,
[01:27] the greatest of which being the Blightbound Crossbow.
[01:30] Go on, be the first to get one.
[01:32] There are no requirements to attempt Solak, emphasis on "attempt",
[01:35] and all you need is a team or partner you can trust,
[01:37] as well as the ability to work together.
[01:39] Then we move onto Overgrown Idols, which isn't a talent show for hairy people.
[01:44] It's a new woodcutting training method at level 81,
[01:47] and it's a welcome alternative for those who need a break from Choking Ivy.
[01:51] Travel to Karamja, where idols to the lost Karamjan Gods are in ruin,
[01:55] overgrown with the plants of the forest.
[01:57] Chopping them down will reveal the idols underneath,
[02:00] which you can touch to receive boosts to your Woodcutting abilities.
[02:03] And then it's up to you. You can take those boosts to other Woodcutting methods,
[02:07] or benefit from them at the Idols.
[02:09] Our next update is a bottle quest that we have kept a little mysterious.
[02:14] As mentioned earlier, it does have its roots...
[02:19] Oh, dear.
[02:20] Have I interrupted your precious Month Ahead?
[02:24] How will you ever forgive me?
[02:27] Well, know this, video watcher.
[02:29] In May, you are mine.
[02:31] You are in debt and I will come to collect.
[02:34] You can do what all adventurers do and try to talk, puzzle or fight your way out of it.
[02:39] But this little quest is different.
[02:41] It's not someone else who is in trouble.
[02:43] In this quest, you are the one in distress.
[02:46] You are it.
[02:50] Hopefully that gives you at least a smidgeon of an idea of what to expect.
[02:53] Sounds good, right?
[02:54] Still vaguely in the plant theme is Parcels from the Hedge, because, you know, hedges.
[02:59] We'll be bringing you a little gift each day of May,
[03:01] delivering a package from well-known characters of RuneScape, direct to your backpack.
[03:06] If you're lucky, you'll receive something highly desirable from your favourite quest characters.
[03:10] This is an event in the vein of an advent calendar, for those who like a daily treat.
[03:15] Let's take you to Ninja country for a moment.
[03:17] After the Ninja in-game poll, May sees the release of some of the winning options.
[03:22] This includes a Waterfall Fishing teleport crystal, and an all-in-one God Wars soulstone
[03:27] that allows you to store killcounts to access boss rooms of your choice.
[03:32] Perhaps Tears of Guthix is more your jam.
[03:34] Similar to the improvements that our Old School teammates have made,
[03:37] we're planning to make streams last longer
[03:39] and to have fewer delays when you move from one to another.
[03:43] Add in some corrupted slayer helm improvements to make them the item for catching souls,
[03:47] and you have a top-notch Ninja month.
[03:49] Let's pick up that tree theme again.
[03:51] Players purchasing RuneCoin bundles from 21st May will receive cherry blossom items.
[03:57] Four items will be available via these bundles,
[03:59] including a fabulous cherry blossom parasol,
[04:01] while a Daruma pet will be added to Solomon General Store, purchasable via RuneCoins.
[04:06] Next up is something we feel passionately about.
[04:09] Mental Health Awareness Week.
[04:10] Running from the 14th to the 20th May,
[04:12] we'll be bringing you an event similar to the previous Gielinorian Givings,
[04:15] in which you can gain goodies like a Yeti pet and new weapon overrides,
[04:19] with all proceeds going to CPSL Mind, Prince's Trust and YMCA.
[04:24] Finally, Solomon will be holding a four-week summer sale,
[04:27] with new items being added every week.
[04:29] We've come to the end of the Month Ahead,
[04:31] and I think we've been pretty restrained on the tree puns.
[04:33] Regardless, we think alder updates will be hugely poplar,
[04:37] and beech one has plenty to pine for.
[04:40] We'll see yew in June for Elite Dungeons.
[04:42] We will not let you down.
[04:44] Wooters out.
[04:45] Delivering a package from well-known characters of RuneScape.
[04:48] RuneScape.
[04:54] Bloody Rick.
[04:55] Where's that Rick bloke?
[04:57] Stepping in.
[04:58] Causing me trouble.
[05:00] Ready?
[05:02] Yeah.
[05:03] Screw you, Rick.