Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (March 2019) - Firemaking, Bounty Hunter Removal, Elite Dungeon Quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] March is here!
[00:01] This month our attentions turn to Firemaking.
[00:04] Until now there's not really been a huge incentive to train the skill
[00:08] and that's something we want to change.
[00:11] Bounty Hunter is being retired and its rewards redistributed throughout the game.
[00:16] Plus, we've revisited the fiddly transmog system
[00:19] and changed the over-competed abyssal demons
[00:21] and dark beasts systems with a new Slayer dungeon.
[00:24] On top of that we have the arrival of our SGS competition winner items
[00:28] and, as you may have already seen, a nice little Elite Dungeon surprise.
[00:45] We've been aware for a long time that Firemaking wasn't quite where it needed to be in RuneScape.
[00:50] Luckily our Incense Burner and Firemaking Week is designed
[00:54] to kickstart a new era of combustible fun.
[00:58] Central to the Firemaking rethink are the new incense burners,
[01:01] eighteen new potion-like incense sticks that are made with Firemaking.
[01:06] They combine the use of various logs, herbs, and impious, accursed or infernal ashes.
[01:11] There are also lots of different effects you can achieve,
[01:14] many of which are increased with higher potencies.
[01:17] As well as the incense burners, we are also introducing changes to fire spirits,
[01:21] which now give an XP buff for log burning.
[01:24] They also move to your backpack when clicked to be opened in your own time.
[01:28] In addition, the fire spirits' drop tables have been spruced up a little
[01:32] and you can now strike gnomish firelighters to give you a five minute boost,
[01:37] extendable to sixty minutes if more are used.
[01:40] During this time, fire spirits will be automatically collected
[01:43] and the quantity of their rewards boosted.
[01:45] The changes to Firemaking will arrive in game on March 18th.
[01:49] We can safely say that we had the very best intentions with Bounty Hunter,
[01:53] but sadly over time it stopped being fun or viable.
[01:56] As a result, Bounty Hunter will close this month.
[01:59] However, the good news is that all the content that used to be locked away behind it
[02:03] will be redistributed throughout the game on March 11th.
[02:06] The biggest change comes in the form of a new Slayer master, Mandrith.
[02:09] With Bounty Hunter now gone, he was looking for a new job,
[02:11] and we felt he's earned this promotion.
[02:14] Mandrith will now hand out Wilderness tasks and Slayer challenges.
[02:18] Rewards, including bounty emblems, can then be claimed from his new shop in Edgeville bank.
[02:24] Players will need to be level 85 Slayer to engage with Mandrith.
[02:27] If you're PKed while holding a bounty emblem, it will tier down and the killer,
[02:32] should they also be holding one, will siphon half of the points that the tier was worth.
[02:37] And because Mandrith only has a few Wilderness denizens as tasks,
[02:41] you won't be able to use your block and prefer lists with him.
[02:44] Attention, slayers!
[02:46] March 25th sees the introduction of a new Slayer resource dungeon
[02:51] that's filled with abyssal demons and dark beasts,
[02:54] which, as you all know, are two of the most competitive slayer mobs.
[02:58] This will give players additional options.
[03:00] The dungeon will be available to those with level 100 Dungeoneering.
[03:05] Another big feature is the introduction of three new Raid practise modes
[03:10] for The Liberation of Mazcab.
[03:12] These will allow players to repeatedly fight Beastmaster Durzag
[03:15] or either of Yakamaru's main phases.
[03:18] Note that, as it's a practice mode, no killcounts or loot will be awarded for successful runs.
[03:24] Also incoming are some bugfixes for Nex Angel of Death including various quality of life fixes.
[03:30] Examples include everyone rolling on a rare item each fight, minions shouting when they die,
[03:34] and changes to phase three's icicle mechanic, which should now be less annoying.
[03:39] With over forty transmogs in the game, we're aware they take up a lot of bank space,
[03:43] and all too often you don't have the one you want to hand.
[03:46] As a result, we've made some changes.
[03:48] For instance, all transmog items have been moved
[03:50] into a dedicated separate tab on the emotes interface.
[03:54] Plus, items will be automatically added when they are unlocked.
[03:57] There's a brand new Treasure Hunter promo on the way this month
[04:00] that offers both a new type of lamp and some brand new cosmetics.
[04:03] What's so special about these lamps?
[04:05] As the name might suggest,
[04:06] Phoenix Lamps have a chance of being saved upon use, meaning they live to be used once again.
[04:12] Like smouldering lamps, if a skill is chosen that has bonus experience,
[04:15] up to the same amount of bonus experience is converted into normal experience as well.
[04:19] At long last the winning SGS carnival competition submissions are coming to life.
[04:25] From March 4th players will be able to pick up the winning wyvern cape
[04:29] and the runners-up duo of the fairy drake and night fairy drake from Solomon's General Store.
[04:34] Many congrats to Claire (Best Pud Pud) and Nadia (Dalia).
[04:39] Both will of course get their winning creations for free.
[04:42] As many of you will have already seen, alongside the final Elite Dungeon, Shadow Reef,
[04:48] we also released a surprise new quest that ties the storyline of all three Elite Dungeons together.
[04:53] Throughout the quest you'll encounter old friends and new allies,
[04:57] and engage in puzzles and exploration, learning more about the Ambassador's storyline
[05:01] and the connections to the other characters on the way.
[05:04] To get started simply speak to Bryll outside Daemonheim.
[05:07] Players require 12 Agility and 34 Woodcutting to play the quest,
[05:11] and of course you will need to be able to complete the Elite Dungeons to progress.
[05:14] If you've already completed the Elite Dungeons, even if only in story mode,
[05:17] you are given the option to skip those parts of the quest.
[05:20] Rewards include 10% damage reduction on all three of the Elite Dungeons,
[05:24] stacking with story mode damage reduction, as well as some lamps.
[05:28] Until next time, chums.
[05:31] It starts with players identifying a cult and ends in confronting...
[05:35] What?
[05:36] No, I f***** up again.
[05:38] Sorry, my bad. This is one I should get right. It's my f****** content.