Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (March 2018) - Pieces of Hate, Deep Sea Fishing, Unspeakable Horrors

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Ahoy, me harties!
[00:01] We hope you've got your sea legs
[00:03] because this month we're taking to the ocean with Deep Sea Fishing,
[00:05] the finale to the Fifth Age pirate quest series,
[00:07] new horror creatures to defeat, the Spring Fayre,
[00:10] and we'll be having a whale of a time at Solomon's General Store.
[00:24] For the first update of the month, grab your waterproofs and gumboots
[00:27] because we're about to introduce you to our Deep Sea Fishing update.
[00:30] A quick chat with Goomah at the Fishing guild at the north of Ardougne
[00:33] will direct you to the Deep Sea Fishing Platform,
[00:35] a floating offshore walkway where you can train and chat with other players.
[00:38] From pelicans to sea monsters, this hotspot's teeming with random encounters
[00:42] that you can choose to engage with for extra rewards, big and small.
[00:45] Some may take teamwork, but that's no hassle when everyone's on the platform.
[00:49] So, who's up for a spot of whale watching?
[00:51] Our new place to be also comes with a diverse range of fishing methods.
[00:54] The stackable magnetic minnows at level 68,
[00:56] a fishing spot that gives you random fish according to your level,
[00:59] jellyfish that heal without reducing adrenaline,
[01:01] and our new catch of the day, the sailfish.
[01:04] It's our new best fish for healing.
[01:06] Just boil it into sailfish soup to heal wounds in a pinch during combat.
[01:10] Speaking of bests, how'd you fancy Fishing Frenzy?
[01:13] At level 94, this hands-on method produces some of the highest Fishing gains in all of RuneScape.
[01:18] What do you mean you "don't know" because you "haven't tried it yet"?
[01:21] Get your raincoats, scapers! You're about to pull in a whopper!
[01:24] Towards the end of the month, shiver me timbers, Mos Le'Harmless is under attack!
[01:28] From what, ye ask?
[01:30] From zombie pirates, more sea monsters and everything else we convinced Davy Jones' Locker to spew up
[01:35] for the Fifth Age pirate quest finale, Pieces of Hate.
[01:38] And if those scallywags aren't the death of ye, Mod Raven and Mod Rowley's puns sure will be.
[01:43] Are you hooked yet? Well, Postie Pete's your man.
[01:46] You can find him by the Player Owned House portal to get started.
[01:49] You'll also need these requirements... Ready?
[01:51] 81 Construction, 82 Firemaking, 83 Agility, 85 Thieving, 110 Combat recommended,
[01:57] completion of Gertrude's Cat and A Clockwork Syringe.
[01:59] But as you know, creatures from the depths aren't the only threats lurking around Mos Le'Harmless.
[02:04] Wait, what was that?
[02:06] Sounded like it came from the caves. Sounded like...
[02:08] No, it can't be!
[02:09] We've never seen a horror so bloodied, so red of eye.
[02:12] That must mean...
[02:13] We've introduced a new type of cave horror. Unspeakable horrors.
[02:16] Legend tells that killing one has a chance to drop a lore book, Scare Tactics,
[02:20] which contains four new basic and threshold abilities for Magic and Ranged,
[02:23] in a similar vein to melee's Kick and Stomp.
[02:25] What's more, Scare Tactics is tradeable and therefore can be acquired by free players.
[02:29] Who knows? Perhaps you'll find other things on your adventures.
[02:32] And although we've updated the drop tables and graphics for all horrors,
[02:36] the chance for the black mask remains the same as ever.
[02:38] These horrors really do have an eerie new aspect that'll chill you to the bone.
[02:43] How about we lighten the mood? It's time for the Spring Fayre!
[02:47] It's back, bigger, better and without the need for entry tokens, which is important to note.
[02:52] This means there are no requirements, not even the gold in your holds.
[02:55] Just turn up to Lumbridge Crater and have fun racking up some of our new rewards,
[02:58] including face paints, fish in bags, the new Easter pet and more.
[03:02] We've got the same stalls as last year and all of the awesome and then some.
[03:05] Speaking of spring, keep your eyes out for some Guthixian butterflies.
[03:09] They'll be fluttering around Gielinor for two weeks,
[03:11] and we hear that they grant XP to your lowest skill upon capture.
[03:14] If you want to look your best for the fayre,
[03:16] March is the perfect time to pay a visit to Solomon's Store.
[03:19] Your favourite genie will be hosting all the shadow items for one week only.
[03:22] There's also something new.
[03:23] For those of you who enjoyed the King and Queen of Hearts outfits,
[03:26] we're now introducing the King and Queen of Spades.
[03:28] Fashionscape never looked this ace.
[03:30] That's an exciting month, eh?
[03:32] Make sure you tune in to March's livestream Q&A on Twitch
[03:35] on Tuesday 6 March at 17:00 game time and get an all-new LootScape item.
[03:39] There you have it!
[03:40] Something fishy is definitely happening this March.
[03:44] Mod Ramen, Ramen, Ramen. He loves his ramen, ramen, ramen.
[03:49] Okay. What do you want to do?
[03:53] I definitely just rhymed ramen with ramen, which is not happening.