Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (June 2019) - Comp Cape Rework, Weapon Diversity, Summer Special

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Most of us are currently fixated on the mysteries awaiting us in The Land Out of Time,
[00:03] but in the meantime there's plenty happening in mainland Gielinor.
[00:07] June brings with it the anticipated Comp Cape Rework,
[00:09] while those who prefer to fight rather than pose will want to check out the Weapon Diversity Beta.
[00:15] Also on the way is the perfect opportunity
[00:17] to grab discounted membership with the Summer Special offer.
[00:21] Plus, if we're sailing off to a new land in July,
[00:23] then we're probably going to need a boat to get us there, right?
[00:37] As RuneScape has grown, the issue of the comp cape has only got more complicated.
[00:41] Ultimately, we want the path to obtaining and maintaining comp
[00:44] to be much more enjoyable and satisfying,
[00:47] while also allowing for new achievements and requirements to grow around it.
[00:50] So, what changes are we making?
[00:53] Utility benefits that are currently tied to the cape, such as teleports,
[00:56] will be changed to permanent unlocks on the player.
[00:59] And yes, that means that the stat benefits formerly tied to the comp cape will now be available
[01:04] to anyone who gains the Reaper achievements!
[01:07] A full list of all the changes that will roll out in June can be found in the Comp Cape dev blog.
[01:12] Gracefully besting an opponent with a sword should feel differently
[01:15] to sneakily shanking them with a dagger, right?
[01:18] For some time, we've been keen on the idea of making melee, magic and ranged weapons in RuneScape
[01:22] feel different from one another, so that's exactly what we're going to do.
[01:27] And you'll be able to try it out for yourself right now
[01:30] as the beta itself will offer the opportunity to play around
[01:33] with the 16 different weapon diversity effects currently in development.
[01:37] Nothing is set in stone and we'll be monitoring and responding to feedback
[01:40] and rolling out changes as the beta goes on.
[01:43] The beta will run for a month, throughout which players will have access to not only their own loot
[01:47] but also specially made high-tier weapons of those weapon types that don't currently exist.
[01:53] If we're to set sail for the newly discovered island of Anachronia,
[01:56] then we're going to need a boat to get there!
[01:58] Join other members of the RuneScape community at the visually overhauled Dig Site
[02:02] to prepare Gielinor's adventurers for a bold new adventure.
[02:05] From Monday June 17th, this two-week event offers the chance to train Construction,
[02:10] Woodcutting and Farming, and as the boat progresses we'll be adding more skills.
[02:14] There will be currency with which you can buy unique cosmetics and an XP boost every day,
[02:19] with each XP boosting item available for 45 RuneCoins.
[02:23] And why not have a quick chat with Mr Mordaut for a cheeky extra task?
[02:27] And as thanks for playing your part, contributors can look forward
[02:30] to claiming a pet, outfit, rest animation and a new title.
[02:35] The sun is finally out so that must mean it's time for the Summer Special membership offer!
[02:39] From June 10th until August 4th
[02:41] players can grab three months of RuneScape membership for the price of two.
[02:45] This stacks with any existing membership you already have on top of that as well.
[02:49] As well as full access to an exciting summer of content,
[02:52] buyers will also get a brand-new outfit for their troubles.
[02:55] The Dragonkin armour!
[02:58] Elf ears have been frequently requested by players over the years and we're pleased to announce
[03:01] that we in fact have five different types heading to Solomon's General Store on June 24th.
[03:07] All of the ears will come in a single pack and have been made to look as realistic as possible
[03:11] to meet all of your cosplay requirements.
[03:14] And tickets for RuneFest 2019 are officially on sale!
[03:17] The event itself kicks off on the evening of October 4th and runs through October 5th.
[03:21] Once again, we're heading to the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre,
[03:25] just outside London in the UK.
[03:27] Make sure you save the date
[03:29] to make sure you're part of the world's greatest RuneScape fan gathering.
[03:33] And lest you forget, Gielinor's big new explorable island, The Land Out of Time,
[03:37] will be arriving in July!
[03:40] We can't wait for you to explore this vast new continent,
[03:42] taking on ancient beasts in Big Game Hunter, navigating the island-wide Agility course,
[03:47] building a base camp and confronting a wide range of new Slayer creatures.
[03:52] And why not have a quick chat with Mr Morrick?
[03:55] Mordor?
[03:56] I need some pronunciation help from someone here.
[03:59] Mordeaux?
[04:00] Thank you.
[04:01] Damn. Bloody names.
[04:03] I'll just go with that.
[04:04] And then I'll probably get chastised for it.
[04:06] As it's the way it is.