Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (June 2018) - Menaphos Birthday, Hall of Memories, In-Game Calendar

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] The sun is out and the summer is well and truly here.
[00:03] So, we're going to say "sod that" and head deeper underground.
[00:06] Come with us into the dark!
[00:08] The headliner is Temple of Aminishi and the first of our elite dungeons.
[00:12] But if god juice is your brew of choice, then we'll also be heading to The Hall of Memories,
[00:16] a new training method for level 70+ Divination.
[00:19] Dungeons not dank enough for you?
[00:21] Then let us tempt you with the Menaphos birthday celebrations and an in-game calendar.
[00:36] You can't go wrong with a dungeon to explore, a group of friends to go with,
[00:40] and a hulking boss at the end of it all.
[00:42] That's what Elite Dungeons are about.
[00:44] The sheer joy of having each other's backs as you churn through mobs,
[00:47] minibosses and finally, a giant chained-up, dragon-spirit-thing called Seiryu.
[00:51] Aminishi is our first Elite Dungeon, and we want to see what you make of it,
[00:54] mainly because we're eager to bring you more in the future.
[00:57] Go solo or duo if you're daring, or jump in with two other players for the recommended experience.
[01:02] We even offer a story mode if you're more of a lorehound,
[01:05] an experience that delves into the back-history of Seiryu.
[01:07] Elite Dungeons are intended as an alternative training method for Dungeoneering,
[01:11] bringing you Dungeoneering XP, tokens and swathes of new unlocks.
[01:15] That includes tier-92 power armour, upgraded from sirenic and tectonic sets,
[01:19] Invention blueprints for untradeable versions of magic notepaper,
[01:22] and tier-88 upgrades to Player-Owned Ports weaponry.
[01:25] You won't need levels in the 90s to access the dungeon.
[01:28] A boat will be waiting for you at Port Sarim after the Impressing the Locals novice quest,
[01:33] ready to take you and your mates to Aminishi direct.
[01:35] Someone who is a bit partial to his dungeons was Guthix
[01:38] and this month we'll be revealing the entrance to one that he'd rather you didn't know about.
[01:42] Beneath the Memorial to Guthix site, south of Piscatoris, you'll find the Hall of Memories.
[01:46] Rather than being full of fluffy, happy memories of Guthix,
[01:49] this containment chamber is populated by his darkest secrets and forbidden knowledge.
[01:54] Perfect for training your Divination levels, right?
[01:57] Drop into the halls with level 70+ Divination, and you're ready to start levelling up.
[02:02] Rather than continuously running backwards and forwards to a crater,
[02:05] the Hall of Memories equips you with jars that have a greater capacity than your inventory.
[02:10] Fill up dozens of these before you dump them into the crater for windfalls of Divination XP.
[02:14] This is all livened up with boosting butterflies of recollection,
[02:17] forbidden lore to collect, new Divination perks to unlock,
[02:20] and outbursts of knowledge that turn the cave into a kind of Guthixian balloon drop.
[02:25] Can you believe it's been one year since the gates of Menaphos opened?
[02:28] Well, we can, as we've been preparing a bit of a birthday celebration for it!
[02:32] So, if you've hardened opinions against Menaphos, well, now it's the time to Sophanem.
[02:39] We're permanently adding reputation-boosting unlocks to the following Menaphos quests.
[02:43] Crocodile Tears will give you an extra 50%.
[02:44] Our Man in the North will give you an extra 75%.
[02:47] 'Phite Club will give you an extra 100%.
[02:49] We're also doubling the number of obelisk and scarab spawns throughout June,
[02:52] among a number of other fixes.
[02:54] And expect a birthday bundle of goodies if you log in within the first week.
[02:58] Talking of birthdays, we're bringing the long-awaited in-game calendar to RuneScape.
[03:02] This will be accessible from the game clock,
[03:04] and will keep track of everything that's going on in Gielinor.
[03:07] Livestreams, boss masses, temporary events,
[03:10] newsposts and more will be available for your browsing pleasure
[03:13] from this simple one-stop interface.
[03:15] We'll also be adding to his wares with three new playing-card outfits,
[03:18] including my personal favourite, the twisted jester, which has a barmy walk override,
[03:23] plus the Kings and Queens of Spades and Diamonds.
[03:26] If you're liking what you're seeing so far in this Month Ahead,
[03:29] then why not pony up for a Summer Special package?
[03:32] There are two options available to you.
[03:34] 3 months for the price of 2, or the half-year Premier Club option,
[03:37] which gives you 6 months for the price of 5, as well as a slew of Premier Club benefits.
[03:41] Finally, there's the small matter of RuneFest 2018.
[03:44] Tickets have gone on sale for this two-day event, taking place on the 5th and 6th October.
[03:47] Besides the opportunity to meet each other, high-five a JMod
[03:50] and learn more about upcoming releases, you'll get the RuneScape Live experience.
[03:54] This is a musical extravaganza performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra,
[03:58] and, honestly, we can't wait.
[04:00] That's a good note to end the Month Ahead on.
[04:02] We hope you'll join us in the deep, dark and dirty month of June,
[04:06] as we bring you the very best in our fine line of dungeons.
[04:10] Someone who liked his dungeons was Guthix and this month...