Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (July 2019) - Land Out of Time, Summer Skill-Off, Double XP

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] After all the build-up and boat building,
[00:20] it's time to set sail for The Land Out of Time on the 8th of July.
[00:23] There will be fresh danger (dinosaurs!), new activities (Big Game Hunter!),
[00:27] and a chunk of stuff for your favourite skills,
[00:29] including our biggest Agility course, and loads and loads more.
[00:32] We guarantee it's going to be a right Jurassic Lark.
[00:34] And, who knows, perhaps it's also the perfect time for a cheeky bonus Double XP Weekend.
[00:47] The Month Ahead
[00:50] The Land Out of Time brings a new training method for the Hunter skill
[00:53] called Big Game Hunter.
[00:55] It all focuses around nine towering, terrifying dinosaurs.
[00:59] Squaring off against these hulking monstrosities is out of the question,
[01:02] and, if you hope to get the better of them, you'll need to think on your feet.
[01:05] The aim is to take boss fight mechanics and entwine them with the DNA of non-combat.
[01:10] And besting them gives you the chance to gain essential resources
[01:13] that might make a new level 75 ranged armour set and a new melee weapon.
[01:17] And remember that alongside this new content, we're also revamping the entire Hunter skill
[01:21] and making the elite Hunter outfit earnable in-game.
[01:24] The Land Out of Time offers a more dynamic take on Agility.
[01:26] The island is encircled by an expansive Agility course
[01:29] that is not only the quickest way of traversing it,
[01:31] but can also be joined or left at regular intervals.
[01:34] A complete circuit will take roughly seven minutes,
[01:36] although there are also plenty of smaller sub-circuits to enjoy.
[01:40] Taking advantage will also put you in the running for some loot grabbing,
[01:43] including new ability codex pages that can unlock two charges for two new abilities,
[01:48] Mutated Surge and Mutated Escape.
[01:50] The Land Out of Time will add a whopping eight new Slayer creatures,
[01:53] including four dinosaurs and four fearsome carnivorous plant-themed nasties.
[01:56] Yes, that means players can now grow and cultivate their own Slayer mobs!
[02:00] Also new is the cluster task type, which is designed to give you more freedom
[02:04] to shape your Slayer tasks as you see fit.
[02:06] Assigning these new tasks is new high-level Slayer master Laniakea,
[02:10] who will also have a range of more conventional tasks to offer, but with a high-level focus.
[02:14] You can read more about all the exciting new features found on the island,
[02:17] including the new base camp, the perk-boosting totems
[02:19] and a new herblore XP activity, on our website.
[02:22] We can't wait for you to visit The Land Out of Time,
[02:24] which will be available to RuneScape members on the 8th of July.
[02:27] And speaking of which...
[02:28] There's never a better time to be a member than Double XP Weekend.
[02:32] And we're delighted to confirm there's one on the way this month.
[02:35] The fun will run from July 26th to July 29th,
[02:38] throughout which members can enjoy double XP returns on almost every skilling activity in the game,
[02:42] including those on the Land Out of Time.
[02:44] And if you're not currently a member, or even if you are, we have yet more good news.
[02:48] Summer Special.
[02:50] You have until August 4th to grab three months of RuneScape membership for the price of two.
[02:54] This stacks with any existing membership you already have.
[02:56] We've been working hard on getting you a playable beta of the bank changes to test,
[03:00] and we're excited to announce that it is planned for the back end of this month.
[03:03] Featuring a new interface, placeholders, six additional bank tabs,
[03:07] filters, and much more, it will be ideal to store all of your new Land Out of Time riches.
[03:11] The Summer Skill-Off takes place in the crater and will concentrate on six skills.
[03:15] Hunter, Cooking, Runecrafting, Agility, Dungeoneering and Herblore.
[03:19] Players will be able to gather tokens by skilling
[03:21] that can then be deposited at the corresponding station.
[03:24] Players will then receive boosted XP in the associated skill and a vote.
[03:28] At the end of each voting period, the skill station with the fewest votes is deactivated.
[03:33] The last skill standing will be declared the winner!
[03:35] Month two of RuneScape's latest Twitch Prime offer is rapidly drawing to a close
[03:39] and with it the chance to grab two guaranteed super rare prizes.
[03:42] And, remember, if you've already redeemed your free membership for month one,
[03:46] then you need to redeem again each month to get the new rewards.
[03:49] Other things to look out for this month include the new Dino Weapon Packs
[03:52] and the July Summer Sale at Solomon's General Store.
[03:55] There's also the awesome Rei Ti Ronin set you can get from the new Elemental Forge.
[03:59] And do you remember that the Mahjarrat Aura will be available for everyone to grab from July 29th
[04:03] for 3 Bonds or 1.000 Reaper Points?
[04:05] Hold on to your butts, it is going to be an awesome month.
[04:08] Rawr!