Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (July 2018) - Dragonkin Laboratory, The Beach

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] It is a festival of dragons this month, on a scale that you've never encountered before.
[00:05] Expect three dragon bosses, a dungeon knee-deep with dragons and a new King Black Dragon,
[00:09] all wrapped up in our new Elite Dungeon, the Dragonkin Laboratory.
[00:13] Dragons!
[00:26] Let's get straight into the Laboratory.
[00:28] Built ages ago in the north-east Wilderness by the dragonkin,
[00:32] these are rocky ruins dripping with magma and riddled with dragons.
[00:35] The perfect place for a family day out!
[00:38] Enter and you'll face wave after wave of dragons, all eager to swallow adventurers in one.
[00:43] But survive for long enough and you'll face Astellarn, the first celestial dragon,
[00:47] and Verak Lith, the brother, a few times removed, of the King Black Dragon.
[00:51] There is more, of course, but our lips have been welded shut with dragonfire.
[00:55] We forgot to pot up, you see.
[00:57] Rewards are pretty tasty, including new and upgraded elite tectonic masks and robelegs,
[01:03] graphical updates to existing tectonic gear, as well as Dungeoneering XP and tokens.
[01:07] As with the first Elite Dungeon, Temple of Aminishi, which was launched in June,
[01:11] the Dragonkin Lab is for up to three players, and it becomes easier the more players you bring.
[01:15] It also comes with a story mode, reducing the challenge at the same time as the rewards,
[01:18] making it a fine experience for almost any player, regardless of ability.
[01:22] You will however need to have completed Temple of Aminishi once to enter the Laboratory,
[01:27] so there's no better excuse to get in-game and prepare now.
[01:30] And yes, the Dragonkin Laboratory may be in the Wilderness,
[01:33] but the Grouping System will offer free teleports if you want to dodge the PKers, you big old cowards.
[01:39] Just sneaking into the month on July 30th is The Beach.
[01:42] As with previous years, this will be a Lumbridge Crater takeover,
[01:45] with all of your traditional sunny festivities included.
[01:48] Alongside hefty scoops of XP and happy hours, the Beach will be bringing something new.
[01:53] A face-in-the-hole where you can create fantastic Photo Booth shots for your forum avatar.
[01:59] For a fortnight we'll be bringing you Ocean's Bounty,
[02:02] an event that chucks challenges your way in return for starfish points.
[02:05] Gather enough of these starfish to unlock fantastic ocean overrides and significant XP rewards,
[02:11] with up to 30 tiers of booty to collect.
[02:13] If you want even more rewards, buy a Runepass to immediately unlock a legendary pet,
[02:18] as well as a premium track that gives you better rewards for your efforts.
[02:22] This is all a bit of an experiment to see if it's a direction we want to go into in the future.
[02:27] From the 9th to 15th of July, we'll be celebrating the benefits of a safe account with Account Security Week.
[02:32] Count Check will be in Burthorpe to check your bank PIN and authenticator,
[02:36] rewarding you with XP plus two additional daily Treasure Hunter keys if they are secure.
[02:40] Importantly, he'll also offer security-themed clue scrolls,
[02:43] so take advantage and make your security as rock-hard as Elemental Workshop 3.
[02:48] If your tastes run to the cosmetic, then we have a couple of treats for you.
[02:51] Redeem a red or green gamecard and you will get the stormborn outfit.
[02:54] It'll also be added to the Premier Club token, with a new token becoming available on the 1st of July.
[02:59] Additionally, we are releasing a set of 5 new telekinetic skilling animations onto Solomon's Store,
[03:05] if you want to give your skilling a bit of a psychic kick.
[03:09] Go on, buy them! You won't regret it!
[03:13] And we couldn't go away without showcasing the wares of the skulking Ninjas.
[03:16] They're giving you clan broadcasts, to celebrate the achievements of other clan members,
[03:20] displaying summoning points out of 990 rather than 99,
[03:23] and updating Evil Dave's spellbook so it can hold up to 1,000 chipped teleport tablets.
[03:28] July truly is the Month of the Dragon,
[03:31] and there's going to be more serpents than even George R. R. Martin could kill.
[03:35] And while I remember, if you want to keep up-to-date with all things RuneScape,
[03:38] don't forget to click on the bell icon to turn on notifications.
[03:42] Have a great month, a fantastic summer,
[03:45] and remember to bring your anti-dragonfire.
[03:49] As if that will help you!
[03:55] And don't forget to buy your RuneFest tickets!