Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Feb 2019) - Elite Dungeons 3, Chef's Assistant, Double XP

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Now we've turned 18 and feel all grown up,
[00:02] it's perhaps fitting that this month we're casting our minds back right to the very beginning
[00:05] of our journey, with a sequel to RuneScape's first ever quest!
[00:09] However, that's just a taster compared to February's main course.
[00:13] Are you ready for the arrival of the third and final outing
[00:15] in our epic Elite Dungeons trilogy, The Shadow Reef?
[00:18] Also on the way this month are some great new cosmetics
[00:21] and some less obvious but actually very cool improvements to how we build quests.
[00:25] And a tiny little thing called Double XP Weekend.
[00:40] Yes, it's that time once again.
[00:41] Double XP kicks off on February 22nd and runs until February 25th
[00:45] offering delicious XP returns for RuneScape members,
[00:48] although non-members also have reason to cheer with a 20% XP boost.
[00:52] If you have not done so already, and even if you have,
[00:55] Double XP is also the perfect time to get stuck into the Mining & Smithing Rework.
[00:58] Twice the XP for every bit of ore mined and every weapon forged? Yes, please!
[01:03] The third and final entry in the epic Elite Dungeons Trilogy is nearly upon us
[01:07] and at long last it's time to face the Ambassador.
[01:09] By now you've likely conquered the sandy pillars and steps of the Temple of Aminishi
[01:13] and successfully traversed the burning depths of the Dragonkin Laboratory.
[01:17] But even if you haven't, the time has come to take the plunge
[01:20] and tackle the watery challenge of The Shadow Reef.
[01:23] This story-driven adventure takes you to the realm of the dreaded Ambassador,
[01:26] although he is just one of three bosses and loads of minibosses,
[01:29] all of whom are voiced, that players will have to face if they are to emerge triumphant.
[01:34] Also look out for the miniboss named by a charity auction winner,
[01:37] we suspect you'll know it when you see it.
[01:40] Players must descend ever deeper into this multi-levelled underwater abyss
[01:43] and prevent a ritual designed to summon an ancient evil to Gielinor.
[01:47] Successful adventurers can lay claim to a new tier 92 two-handed crossbow,
[01:51] three pets and three sigils, among other new things.
[01:54] And those who have been paying close attention
[01:56] to the narrative threads weaved through the Elite Dungeons thus far
[01:59] may find a few loose ends being tied up.
[02:01] Also keep an eye out for our special Elite Dungeons video
[02:04] releasing on YouTube on February 22nd
[02:06] which will recap all the Elite Dungeon fun so far
[02:08] and give new starters an encouraging nudge in the right direction.
[02:12] To get started on The Shadow Reef, head to the boat east of Daemonheim.
[02:15] There are no level requirements, although be warned that the combat is aimed at higher levels.
[02:19] Note that you no longer have to complete any of the Elite Dungeons to access the others,
[02:23] although there are bonuses available to those who complete each dungeon in consecutive order.
[02:27] We're also introducing a new spotlight mechanic
[02:30] that sees one of the three Elite Dungeons offering additional bonuses each day on rotation.
[02:34] The Shadow Reef launches on February 25th.
[02:39] We want to correct a very grave oversight.
[02:41] Ladies and gentlemen, we are guilty of gross negligence.
[02:43] We have knowingly created a world in which cheesecake does not exist.
[02:47] For nearly two decades the fine denizens of Gielinor have been forced to endure this injustice.
[02:52] But now our new quest, Chef's Assistant, is here to right this wrong.
[02:55] Cook's Assistant was the first ever RuneScape quest, released way back in 2001.
[03:00] Back then players were helping to make a birthday cake for Duke Horacio.
[03:03] Chef's Assistant works along the same lines,
[03:04] with players helping Head Chef to perfect a new recipe
[03:07] for a top secret dessert to show off
[03:09] at the next "Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society" meeting.
[03:12] Cheesecake!
[03:13] Chef's Assistant is relatively short and combat-free.
[03:16] One does not fight when cheesecake is involved.
[03:18] It's a free-to-play quest that's available to all players with access to the Cooks' Guild.
[03:22] Once your cheesecake skills have been mastered, you'll be able to make six different varieties,
[03:26] some of which make use of the flavoured milks from Player Owned Farm.
[03:29] They offer Prayer restore and healing effects.
[03:31] Plus there's some very cheesecakey post-quest content and a new achievement to grab.
[03:36] To get started, players must have firstly completed Cook's Assistant,
[03:39] which we presume you've already done.
[03:41] Then simply head over to the Cooks' Guild and speak to Head Chef to begin the quest.
[03:45] Chef's Assistant launches on February 11th.
[03:49] Those with a penchant for fashion will also want to keep a close eye on Treasure Hunter this month.
[03:53] Crystal Capsules will offer the first chance to get hold of the new shadow gem helmet and weapons,
[03:57] along with deathtouched darts and assorted sizable large cash prizes.
[04:01] Look out for that from the week beginning February 7th.
[04:05] Also keep your eyes peeled for Boneyard,
[04:07] which will for the first time offer both the Bone Master Outfit and the Skeletal Bear pet.
[04:12] These arrive on the week beginning February 28th.
[04:16] February also sees the introduction of several under-the-hood changes
[04:19] to how we put our quests together.
[04:21] The impact for players won't be immediate or huge,
[04:23] but it will make the lives of our developers a little easier
[04:26] and allow them to better bring their fantastic ideas to life.
[04:29] Alongside this are a few tweaks and tucks to how quests operate in game.
[04:33] Changes so far include better quest sorting, including by start area, release date,
[04:38] quest series, chronological order, and combat difficulty,
[04:41] more information on the quest overview screen,
[04:43] improvements to the While Guthix Sleeps and Children of Mah quests.
[04:47] We're over the moon about how many of you have joined this year's Premier Club.
[04:50] And we have good news for those of you yet to take the plunge.
[04:53] Due to popular demand, we have extended the opportunity
[04:55] for you to grab 2019's Gold Premier Club package.
[04:58] Bronze and Silver Premier Club packages will be unavailable from February 4th.
[05:02] Also landing shortly are the introduction of farmhands and an animal barn to Player Owned Farm.
[05:07] The former will be purchasable with beans and will help look after your pens,
[05:10] while the latter will give much-needed space to store your animals.
[05:14] That's it for this month, other than to remind you to join us
[05:16] for our Month Ahead livestream on February 5th, our Q&A livestream on February 12th
[05:20] and our Elite Dungeons story livestream on February 19th.
[05:24] You can check out all of our RuneScape livestreams on Twitch.
[05:27] And that'll do it for February.
[05:30] And much like my hair, we hope it flies by very quickly.
[05:33] Boom. There you go.
[05:35] How's that? Does that work?