Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Feb 2018) - DXP, Clue Scrolls, Bank Rework

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] February might be the shortest month, but it is by no means the smallest.
[00:14] And in many ways, it's going to be a blast.
[00:16] Here's what you can expect from the coming weeks,
[00:18] including three heavyweights, starting with the clue scroll overhaul.
[00:23] We're introducing master-tier clues, adding over sixty new rewards,
[00:27] improving clue scroll drop tables across the shop
[00:29] and making some of our existing rewards available to free players.
[00:32] There's also a new hub for all your clue scroll needs,
[00:34] a collection log if you want to collect them all,
[00:37] and a new globetrotter outfit.
[00:39] And it's this last one that'll be the real prize.
[00:41] Complete enough clues to unlock it and you'll be able to teleport to clue locations
[00:44] and swap your current clue for a different one.
[00:46] And don't forget hidey holes!
[00:48] Conveniently located hidey holes let you stash any items required for your emote clues.
[00:53] You want more? Well, you asked for quality of life fixes and we took heed.
[00:57] Meerkats will increase your scan range and an animation will let you know if you're close.
[01:01] Stackable caskets will allow you to save up your rewards and open them all in one go
[01:04] and you'll gain the ability to obtain up to 25 of each clue difficulty tier.
[01:08] Wait, you're a gold Premier Club member?
[01:10] Well, you'll benefit with a complimentary master clue scroll.
[01:13] But if not, then Premier Club closes on February 4th
[01:16] and there'll be more bonuses like this to capitalise on throughout the year.
[01:19] Now, a day doesn't go by without bank rework being mentioned,
[01:22] so this month we're delighted to bring forward some of this work with a bank rework taster.
[01:27] As part of this, you'll have access to Diango's interface and the costume room
[01:31] from a drop-down window in the bank, allowing you to withdraw or deposit without inconvenience.
[01:35] We're also turning Wise Old Man's clean-up interface into a filter.
[01:38] Further to that, presets one-through-ten will be keybindable
[01:41] and "Manage Presets" will load more quickly.
[01:43] And that's just a taster of the full bank rework.
[01:45] Midway through the month we'll be trialling some new mechanics in the Mining and Smithing beta,
[01:49] including the ore bag, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment,
[01:52] heating with the forge, non-competitive rocks and new tiers of metal.
[01:56] All of this will take place within an enclosed pocket of Gielinor
[01:59] with only the core mechanics available.
[02:01] We really do want your feedback so that we know we're delivering the update you want.
[02:04] Be sure to let us know what you think, come the time.
[02:07] Next up, everybody's favourite team: the Ninjas.
[02:10] This month, they're making it possible to recast the Crystallise spell
[02:12] on the same skilling location without having to wait for the previous cast to expire.
[02:16] They're also adding a "Don't ask me again" option for special Slayer assignments
[02:19] and allowing you to blitz through birds nests as though they were prawn balls.
[02:22] I'd also like to mention something already in your hands,
[02:24] which will no doubt prove handy for mobile.
[02:26] The ability to bind action bars to specific weapon styles.
[02:30] This means that, when you switch from your mainhand to your offhand,
[02:32] the bar will switch accordingly.
[02:33] This is already in game and you can toggle it by going to "Action Bar Settings"
[02:36] within the "Game Settings" interface.
[02:39] Now, you may know the Mimic Boss, but did you know that it was going permanent?
[02:43] Defeat the easy, medium, hard or elite Mimic Boss within the allotted time
[02:46] to win a mystery box which scales in value the more hardcore you get.
[02:50] You have until the 19th to grab a free boss token from the Mimic Chest in Burthorpe.
[02:54] After that it'll be down to you to trade tokens
[02:56] or earn them through combat and, occasionally, skilling.
[02:58] Are you ready to attend Gielinor's Zodiac Festival?
[03:01] This new project will have you completing tasks that change every three days
[03:04] in exchange for Zodiac talismans, experience, and eventually mystery boxes.
[03:08] Now, I know what you're thinking.
[03:09] Okay, we get it. But what about GameBlast?
[03:12] I'm really sorry to do this to you guys, but there has been a change of plans.
[03:16] And...
[03:17] Alright, I'm completely pulling your leg.
[03:19] It is time for GameBlast this month!
[03:21] We'll be setting up camp in the office with our friends over at Special Effect
[03:24] on the weekend of the 23rd of February for the customary 24-hour livestream,
[03:27] complete with special events, competitions and crazy challenges,
[03:30] all in the support of an amazing charity that allows the disadvantaged
[03:33] to experience the games they love. So please do donate generously.
[03:36] You'll be rewarded for your attentions with a special LootScape reward
[03:39] and, as with previous years, will be able to purchase this year's exclusive GameBlast bundle.
[03:44] And all of the money goes to Special Effect.
[03:46] Alongside GameBlast we'll also be hosting our first Double XP Weekend of the year,
[03:50] so now's the time to start prepping those resources.
[03:53] Book the dates. Double XP Weekend begins on 23rd February and ends on the 26th of February.
[03:58] So, what a month! And it's barely even begun!
[04:01] That's all from me. I hope to see you all in Gielinor!