Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Feb 2017) - DXP, Invention Tools, Skillcape Perks

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] we have a whole variety of things for
[00:14] you this month from game jams to double
[00:16] xp a secret quest and a new cape of
[00:19] achievement mod mark is here with all
[00:22] the details the big news this month is
[00:25] the double xp weekend which starts at
[00:27] midday on the 17th of February the
[00:30] normal double xp madness runs until
[00:33] midday on Monday the 20th but we're also
[00:35] adding some further bonuses until the
[00:38] 27th of February especially for those of
[00:40] you who have other plans that weekend
[00:42] every player will get an increased xp
[00:45] return during that following week up to
[00:47] 1 million XP s worth and this will be a
[00:50] great time to train those slower skills
[00:52] which tend to get left out over the busy
[00:54] weekend look out for a news post with
[00:57] more information and watch out for the
[00:59] time to Train event to help you get all
[01:02] the materials you need for those
[01:03] precious games during the double xp
[01:06] weekend we'll be running a runescape
[01:08] games gem in the office and you peeps
[01:10] can get involved as well we'll be
[01:12] working on small meaningful projects
[01:14] with the aim to release a bunch of them
[01:16] over the following weeks most of the
[01:18] ideas will come from suggestions on
[01:20] reddit and on the forums and over the
[01:22] Saturday and Sunday there will be
[01:23] several live streams where we will
[01:25] update you on our progress and listen to
[01:28] your feedback we will also have channels
[01:30] set up to chat to j-mods
[01:32] while we aren't streaming so why not
[01:34] chin in and get involved while grinding
[01:36] out those levels we always find time for
[01:39] J months to explore their personal
[01:41] creativity and to work on updates they
[01:43] really want to experience as players
[01:45] this month we're releasing one such
[01:48] project a secret fifth age quest that's
[01:51] part of a plotline we haven't explored
[01:53] for many years it's a project that mods
[01:55] Nexus and Helen was so passionate about
[01:57] when they told us about their idea we
[02:00] just had to give them the support to get
[02:01] it launched
[02:02] however continuing the sync recei themed
[02:05] we talked about earlier on in the year I
[02:07] won't give you more information than
[02:09] that I wonder if you can work it out
[02:11] yourselves just let me know on Twitter
[02:13] what you think it is later this month
[02:16] hence we'll finally be able to hand out
[02:18] his new veteran cape to our most loyal
[02:21] long-term players with 15 year old
[02:24] accounts it comes with a special amount
[02:26] of course and we've added a new emote to
[02:29] the 10 year cape - to celebrate it
[02:31] always amazes us how dedicated those
[02:34] long-term players are so now's your
[02:36] chance to show off your awesomeness also
[02:39] this month
[02:39] fire-making and smithing will be added
[02:42] to the set of skills supported by
[02:44] invention tools look out for new
[02:46] augmented hammers and tinderboxes
[02:49] including their crystal ones and five
[02:51] new tool perks like the prosper perk
[02:53] which allows you to gain clues Scrolls
[02:55] while skilling and the pyromaniac perk
[02:58] talking of perks the ninjas have added a
[03:01] perk to every single skill cape each of
[03:04] which offers a handy advantage when
[03:06] using that skill there's all sorts on
[03:08] offer
[03:08] like the herb-lore perk that
[03:10] automatically cleans all your bribing
[03:12] herbs or the invention perk that slows
[03:15] down your charge drain rate you'll also
[03:18] be able to choose up to three of these
[03:20] perks to use on your max or
[03:22] completionist capes if you own one and
[03:24] finally don't forget to get involved in
[03:27] this month's Valentine's event there's
[03:29] love sprites are plenty as your
[03:31] breakdown devotion rocks and fix up
[03:34] unity machines with your invention
[03:35] skills plenty of rewards await those
[03:38] with room in their hearts like new walk
[03:41] and rest animations loved-up loot beams
[03:43] and your own love sprites pet Oh have
[03:47] fun woot it out we're the RuneScape's
[03:51] first expansion coming this June the dev
[03:54] teams are hard at work on all the
[03:56] content involved in its release if you
[03:59] haven't seen it already check out the
[04:00] first installment of the 120 Slayer dev
[04:03] diary to see where those guys are at in
[04:05] its
[04:06] development and don't forget to submit
[04:08] your ideas for this year's Game Jam by
[04:11] heading over to Reddit all the runescape
[04:13] forums
[04:21] you