Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Dec 2018) - Alchemical Onyx, Violet is Blue, Winter Weekends

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hello!
[00:01] Ho, ho, ho, ho, RuneScapers! Hasn't time flown?
[00:06] I can't believe it's been a year since I saw you last!
[00:10] Mod Santa is back!
[00:12] I've just popped over to jolly England
[00:15] to find out what all the little boys and girls at Jagex want for Christmas.
[00:20] No doubt they've got plenty planned for all of you too.
[00:24] So, put down those sweets and listen up.
[00:38] Tell me. What would you like me to bring you for Christmas?
[00:42] Well, this year I really want my present early. I'm thinking December 3rd.
[00:46] I want three special alchemical onyx items.
[00:48] The first one, I want it to be called Grace of the Elves.
[00:51] I want it to be this really cool elf necklace for skilling.
[00:54] It does loads of different things. It stores loads of signs of the porter charges.
[00:58] It can teleport you all over the place. And it reduces the Seren prayer drain rates.
[01:02] Also, it gives me extra drops on the rare drop table.
[01:05] That sounds wonderful.
[01:07] I do have some elves in the workshop and I want to...
[01:09] No, that's not all I want!
[01:11] I also want a sigil. And I want it to be called Ingenuity of Humans.
[01:15] Right, but I don't have any humans in the workshop that I...
[01:18] Yeah, but it makes your next hit guaranteed!
[01:20] That sounds a little bit violent to me.
[01:23] Yeah, that's the whole point! That's the best bit!
[01:25] I love hitting things!
[01:26] But that's not all! I also want the Passage to the Abyss.
[01:30] It's going to be this super duper pocket slot item that you really have to be a clever inventor to make.
[01:34] It stores six different teleport jewellery items on it
[01:37] and you can carry them all around with you, so you can have all your teleports in one item.
[01:42] So you mean like a sort of Swiss army knife for teleporting?
[01:46] Yeah!
[01:47] That sounds wonderful.
[01:49] Thank you very much, Santa.
[01:50] -Bye.
[01:52] All that talk of fighting and teleporting has given me a bit of a headache.
[01:57] I'll certainly need a relaxing weekend before my busy night delivering presents to you all.
[02:04] Talking of weekends, there's loads of them in RuneScape this month.
[02:08] Special Winter Weekends, each one giving special benefits to a whole sackload of different things.
[02:18] I don't believe in Santa.
[02:20] What?
[02:20] I believe in yetis.
[02:22] Yetis? What do you mean?
[02:24] Yeah, yetis. I want a special quest and I want it really early.
[02:28] Well, you're a bit needy, aren't you little boy!
[02:31] Yeah, I want it on December 17th. And I want it to last forever.
[02:35] Forever? Tell me all about it!
[02:37] It'll be about the yetis and a little girl who thinks she's a yeti but she isn't.
[02:42] And there's a special yeti festival. You have to take her there and you have to make it exciting and magical.
[02:47] And even though it is a quest for everyone, there's some special rewards for really good adventurers like me.
[02:52] Is that everything? Have you finished yet-i?
[02:59] Fine. Suit yourself. Off you go then.
[03:03] That was hard work.
[03:05] I'll tell you what, I could do with a pint.
[03:10] Wonderful.
[03:11] I'll tell you what this place needs.
[03:14] It needs one of those advent calendar things, with the little windows and the chocolate behind.
[03:20] That would certainly brighten this place up a bit.
[03:23] That's a great idea, Santa!
[03:25] I want a special advent calendar for the whole of December, and the start of January too.
[03:30] I don't think that's how they work, little boy.
[03:32] Yeah, but this one would! And it would have special prizes in every day like lamps, stars, and relics.
[03:37] And cosmetics too.
[03:39] And we could have a big Christmas cracker at the Grand Exchange.
[03:43] Yes, a Christmas cracker. I remember that.
[03:47] I'm always hanging around that place,
[03:49] watching the noobs come in trying to work out what to do with all that festive paper business.
[03:55] But it took so long last year.
[03:57] But we'll make it even quicker to open this year!
[03:59] And, if you're not on when it opens, you can still come back and get your rewards.
[04:03] Can we have some extra presents on the run-up to new year in Treasure Hunter?
[04:06] Like some special lamps that give XP in all skills, but like a special XP buff for everyone in RuneScape?
[04:13] Why not?
[04:15] Just for five days, though.
[04:18] Just to keep people jolly between Christmas and New Year.
[04:21] We don't want to get greedy, do we?
[04:24] No, Santa.
[04:25] There's certainly lots of great stuff there.
[04:28] And of course if you're looking for some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift to get,
[04:33] don't forget the Premier Club,
[04:36] which is packed full of goodies like the Valkyrie outfit,
[04:40] a new artefact, bonus keys, and all sorts of things.
[04:46] I'll tell you what. Why don't you tell me how good you've been this year?
[04:52] Just to see if you'll get all those presents you've talked about.
[04:55] Have you seen the mobile stuff? And the Mining and Smithing stuff?
[04:58] And loads of other cool updates. Everyone's been working so hard!
[05:03] Yeah, people are still giving feedback for these.
[05:05] We really want to get everything sorted for Mining and Smithing so we can launch it in the new year!
[05:09] Oh, yes.
[05:11] To be honest with you, I have been keeping an eye on you.
[05:14] I've been sending in my mince s-pies.
[05:19] I was going to feed one to my turkey, but he was already stuffed.
[05:25] All right, I'll stop.
[05:27] You've been such good little boys and girls.
[05:31] I think we'll get all of those presents ready for everyone, yes?
[05:36] Yes!
[05:38] Why don't you join me for a drink?
[05:41] Perhaps some special mulled cider or something. I bet we'll like that.
[05:46] No, no.
[05:48] This lot aren't 18 yet.
[05:49] Oh, yes. I forgot.
[05:52] It's not your 18th birthday until January 4th.
[05:57] I'm sure you've got lots of special treats planned for then.
[06:02] So, no alcohol for you till then, but me.
[06:07] I'm gonna get stuck in!
[06:08] Merry Christmas! Wooters out!
[06:22] Is that alright?
[06:23] I couldn't read it. I was just making it up.