Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Dec 2017) - winter Weekends, Festive Aura

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] Ho, ho, and ho once more!
[00:20] Santa here once again taking some important time out
[00:24] to let you know all about the wonderful content in RuneScape in December.
[00:29] Isn't that right, Rudolph? Yes!
[00:32] The Grand Exchange, Prifddinas and the Max Guild
[00:36] are all decked out with boughs of holly
[00:38] and Jagex have gift-wrapped some shiny new updates, just for you.
[00:44] So grab your scarves, gloves and festive auras,
[00:47] because the Christmas season has returned to Gielinor,
[00:51] and it's set to be a cracker!
[00:56] Shall we peek inside Santa's sack, Rudolph?
[01:01] I don't know, Mod Mark. I get Clause-trophobic.
[01:06] That's funny, Rudolph.
[01:08] I'll take that as a yes.
[01:10] First things first. The G-Nome Project.
[01:14] Back in November, Jagex asked you to scour Gielinor
[01:18] for pieces of Santa's favourite toy, the clockwork gnome.
[01:22] Well, now my big beard is back in game,
[01:26] I've decided to take the matter one step further
[01:29] and turn the clockwork gnome into a real boy.
[01:33] The problem is, now we're both missing, and so is Rudolph...
[01:38] Sorry, old pal.
[01:39] Which leaves it down to a certain adventurer to track us down and save Christmas.
[01:46] If you're itching to start, chat to the Queen of Snow
[01:50] in Varrock anytime from the 11th of December.
[01:54] She's got some important information that might prove useful.
[01:58] Perhaps she'll let it go.
[02:01] Next up, Winter Weekends.
[02:04] Gains are being super-charged every weekend up until the 8th of January,
[02:09] from mid-Friday to mid-Monday.
[02:13] As those who took part in the combat weekend will know,
[02:16] each one will be centred around a different theme.
[02:20] And here are the highlights.
[02:22] On the 8th of December we've got Menaphos and Sophanem.
[02:26] Minigames starts on the 15th
[02:28] and there's focus on gathering and support skills on the 22nd.
[02:32] On the weekend of the 29th there's clue scrolls
[02:35] and Artisan Skills on the 5th of January.
[02:37] That's not all, though, because there are also Player Owned Ports bonuses running all month long.
[02:43] These are just the highlights.
[02:45] You can find a full list in the official RuneScape forums. That's where I'll be!
[02:52] The angel on the tree is the festive aura,
[02:55] granting you a 50% XP boost
[02:59] and an icy-cool cosmetic effect for thirty minutes every day.
[03:04] Say, Rudolph, what's your biggest Christmas gripe?
[03:08] Well Santa, I just hate it when I open my advent calendar
[03:12] and it's all words and there's no carrots.
[03:14] I can't actually eat words, Santa. No.
[03:17] Right you are, Rudolph. But we're doing one better than carrots in RuneScape.
[03:22] Every day in December, you can claim one free in-game gift from the community interface.
[03:27] And don't fret about missing days! No, don't fret!
[03:32] As long as you log in before the end of the month,
[03:34] you'll still be able to pick up all your goodies.
[03:37] #BetterThanCarrots
[03:39] Yes!
[03:40] Better than carrots. But wait, there's myrrh!
[03:44] It's been a busy month for the ninjas.
[03:46] So much so that they've been bustling about like Santa's elves.
[03:50] To make your game the best it can be,
[03:53] all these fixes are now already in-game, but here's a reminder.
[03:57] Number one. Divination wisps. You can thank one of the players on Reddit for these suggestions.
[04:03] You'll see, the good little children at Jagex have recoloured all the Divination wisps
[04:08] so that they match the colour of the energies that they give you.
[04:12] Lovely.
[04:13] Number two. As voted by you. They've whipped up an all-in-one monkey greegree
[04:18] to save on bank space. Much more convenient.
[04:21] If you know what a greegree is. I don't know.
[04:24] Number three. Hefin workers and musical outfits can now be disassembled.
[04:29] That means you won't receive outfit pieces once they're stored in your Player Owned Houfe.
[04:35] Houfe? What's a houfe?
[04:37] A house! Yes!
[04:39] Number four. Player Owned Ports. The equipped part name of each ship now displays
[04:44] within the Shipyard interface instead of the section name.
[04:48] So for example, you might have a "Tengu Rudder" instead of a "Rudder" on its own.
[04:53] And last but not least, number five.
[04:57] Quest length, which you can see now in the quest overview screen
[05:02] when mousing over the quest start icon on the world map.
[05:06] For the first time in forever, Rudolph,
[05:10] will you stop looking at me like that?
[05:13] I don't have any carrots!
[05:15] While we're treating you, why not treat yourself?
[05:18] This year's Premier Club is the best deal of the year,
[05:21] offering you more for your membership with a whopping discount.
[05:26] With it, you can get some terrifying Hellion armour,
[05:30] the matching aura with four different effects,
[05:32] and access to the exclusive Premier Club Vault,
[05:35] our new, monthly D&D, plus much more.
[05:39] Gold and Silver members can also reclaim old Premier Club-exclusive armour sets.
[05:44] So, if you're mourning a gap in your collection, this is your year.
[05:49] Yes?
[05:50] What do you want, Rudolph?
[05:52] Don't forget what we agreed.
[05:54] Oh, fine, yes.
[05:55] Reindeers are better than people. Happy now?
[06:00] Well, there you are. Behind the scenes for the most festive month.
[06:03] Merry Christmas, everyone!
[06:06] Wooters out.
[06:11] #&$% hell.