Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Dec 19) - Christmas Festivities, Wintumber Warmer, Smooth Movement & more!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hello! Santa here.
[00:06] I'm just on my way to the Jagex offices
[00:09] but I took a quick detour to London.
[00:12] Rudolph needed a break and I will get the sleigh serviced.
[00:17] What a wonderful place!
[00:19] Maybe I'll be able to pick up a few treats for the boys and girls at Jagex
[00:24] to say thank you for all their wonderful Christmas updates.
[00:28] What's that? You don't know what they are?
[00:30] Well, I'll tell you!
[00:44] The first thing you'll want to know about is the advent calendar.
[00:48] Open up a window every day that you log in to get some lovely Christmas treats,
[00:52] including Christmas jumpers, special Santa claws which are perfect
[00:57] for shredding that leftover turkey, lamps, stars, all sorts.
[01:01] There's even a special outfit for Felix the Cat and a brand new Christmas yeti pet.
[01:06] He's so cute!
[01:08] And of course I'll be making my customary appearance in digital form
[01:12] on the 16th of December around the Grand Exchange
[01:16] asking for help after I, well, digital me, has lost presents all over Gielinor.
[01:23] Find them for another Christmas jumper featuring my red-nosed friend
[01:27] and earn yourself the "merry" title.
[01:30] Would you look at the smooth movement on that ride!
[01:34] That's exactly the kind of thing I need on my sleigh runners. Yes.
[01:39] Talking of smooth movement,
[01:41] the first of those tech updates talked about at RuneFest is coming out in December.
[01:46] Getting rid of the jagged, unnatural way that both heroes and NPCs move around in RuneScape.
[01:52] This makes navigation and changes to acceleration so much nicer. Yes.
[01:59] We're also bringing back the Christmas cracker to the Grand Exchange,
[02:04] offering construction XP and even more pressies.
[02:07] Grab some Christmas wrapping paper and build the giant explosive cracker,
[02:11] and then pull it with your fellow Scapers.
[02:14] What could be more fun?
[02:15] What?
[02:17] Snowboarding?
[02:18] Yes, snowboarding would be fun.
[02:20] So, have some of that too!
[02:22] Now if you fancy some new, limited edition togs,
[02:25] why not go and see Solomon at the Solomon Store.
[02:28] Because he's got some magnificent sleigher armour.
[02:31] No, not that kind of slay! My kind of sleigh!
[02:36] My goodness! Would you look at the pauldrons on that!
[02:40] And don't forget about your festive aura, your go-to aura for all things wintery
[02:45] and all things XP basically in December.
[02:48] Oh Santa, you're confusing the boys and girls.
[02:52] Anyway, just grab it and pick it up from the shop if you've lost it.
[02:56] And, well, have fun. Yes.
[02:58] What better way to bring in the new year than going on a massive detox diet
[03:03] and staying away from the pub.
[03:05] What?
[03:06] No, that doesn't sound good at all!
[03:09] What about building a massive bonfire at the Lumbridge crater?
[03:13] That would be amazing.
[03:15] Yes, the bonfire is the winter Wintumber event and that starts on the 2nd of January.
[03:21] That's where you'll get an additional 25% XP for burning logs and bones.
[03:26] Plus, there are all sorts of free activities like poi dancing, fire breathing,
[03:30] lantern making and spirit summoning.
[03:33] You'll get lots of XP for that from minimal effort, perfect for those long winter evenings.
[03:39] There's even a 10% XP buff in the area and some new bank chests there too.
[03:45] So, it's a great place to do that bank-based training that you've been saving up.
[03:50] Anyone training in the area or interacting with any of those activities will be able
[03:55] to earn consumables that increase your activity XP even further.
[03:59] Win!
[04:01] And there's still more!
[04:02] Don't forget the anniversary cake early next year,
[04:06] the year ahead newspost where those Jagex peeps go through their plans for 2020,
[04:11] Solomon's January sales and some special videos all about Archaeology.
[04:36] And there's even more!
[04:37] If you've not sorted your membership out
[04:39] or you're looking to buy the best Christmas present known to man or beast for your loved ones,
[04:43] the Premier Club is better than ever,
[04:46] offering membership discounts,
[04:48] more bank space, special inquisitor armour,
[04:51] a baby skeletal dinosaur,
[04:52] and some special rewards on the Yak Track
[04:54] like new pets and a spooky raven outfit.
[04:57] And there's even more!
[04:59] No, there isn't. There's no more.
[05:01] Apart from to say Merry Christmas, everyone!
[05:04] Wooters out!
[05:05] Now I'm going to drink a flagon of mead.
[05:08] Bye bye!