Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (August 2019) - Weapon Diversity, Summer Escapes, Clan Cup

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Unless you've been stuck in amber for 65 million years,
[00:03] you all have heard that The Land Out of Time is here.
[00:07] And while you have been tracking down dinosaurs, we've been pinning down the many exciting reveals
[00:11] you'll get to hear at RuneFest at the start of October.
[00:14] There are however several weeks before then,
[00:16] so we're going to take a moment to check out what's on the road to RuneFest.
[00:20] We're of the opinion that two betas are beta than one,
[00:23] and you can play them both right now.
[00:24] Check out new filtering options, a whopping fifteen bank tabs,
[00:27] and much more in the bank placeholders and improvements beta.
[00:30] Then head over to weapon diversity on the same beta server
[00:33] to get a first look at an exciting new combat experience.
[00:36] It's in the latter beta that we've added thirteen new weapon types
[00:39] on top of the sixteen you tested in the previous beta,
[00:41] including hastas, javelins, and shortswords.
[00:44] Now for the news hot off the press. Depending on the magnitude of the feedback,
[00:48] we're planning to launch bank placeholders in September
[00:50] and weapon diversity this month in August.
[00:52] That's 29 fabulous effects ready for you to explore this month.
[01:07] Next up, Summer Weekends are back, but this time they last a whole week.
[01:11] To avoid any confusion, they'll henceforth be known as "Summer Escapes".
[01:15] From August 5th to September 2nd,
[01:17] you can look forward to skill-specific XP boosts and enhanced drop rates.
[01:20] Keep an eye out for Player Owned Farm perks and loads of double effects at weekends.
[01:24] Also in August is a blast from the past.
[01:27] No, not a rampaging apoterrasaur. The Clan Cup is back!
[01:31] This time your clan will be competing in Big Game Hunter.
[01:34] Each clan member will have three one-hour sessions to skin as many dinosaurs as they can.
[01:39] At the end, the best session from each of the top ten clan members is tallied up.
[01:43] And the clan with the top score wins.
[01:45] Winners will receive the crystal avatar and a nifty XP boost.
[01:49] Vic the Trader will also be back in town
[01:50] and he's adding the Elite Woodcutting Outfit to his collection.
[01:53] So, chop chop! Go get!
[01:55] And speaking of shopping, why not pop into Solomon's Store and grab yourself the Splat Pack?
[02:00] The Splat Pack livens up your critical hits with a variety of colourful hitsplats.
[02:04] It's a real art attack!
[02:05] We'll also be releasing a personal highlight of the year. The annual survey.
[02:09] This is your chance to get excited or indecently outraged
[02:12] at over fifty of the updates we are pitching for next year.
[02:15] A player-owned family, anyone?
[02:16] You can also look forward to the first in a series
[02:18] of lead designer blogs featuring some big-faced loser,
[02:21] which will look at bigger plans we have for the game in great detail.
[02:24] Speaking of RuneFest, have you bought your ticket yet?
[02:27] We've just added the official RuneFest tees and hoodies to the Eventbrite page.
[02:31] And guess what?
[02:32] Personalised tees are back!
[02:34] It's a great time to grab your ticket to the biggest and best RuneScape event
[02:37] including a massive LAN party, the Golden Gnomes, and all the usual RuneFest mayhem.
[02:40] The whole shebang kicks off on October 4th with an extra-glitzy edition of the Golden Gnome Awards.
[02:45] Last but not least, don't forget that the Spectacular Summer Skill-Off is still underway.
[02:50] We're down to the final two skills. Which one will be the winner?
[02:54] There's also a couple of weeks left to grab your Umbral Pack from Twitch Prime.
[02:58] On August 20th you'll have the chance to grab 200 RuneCoins,
[03:00] 15 Treasure Hunter Keys and 40 Hearts of Ice for free.
[03:03] Simply link your RuneScape and Twitch Prime accounts to claim.
[03:07] You still have until August 4th to grab our Summer Special membership deal,
[03:10] which offers three months of RuneScape membership for the price of two,
[03:13] not to mention access to the exclusive dragonkin armour.
[03:16] We hope you're all having a roarsome summer.
[03:19] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have dinosaurs to catch.
[03:25] No, not a rampaging arpoterrasaur...
[03:27] Apoterrasaur! Apoterrasaur!
[03:29] Depending on the magnitude of the feeppack...
[03:31] Feedback.
[03:33] Feedback.
[03:35] Check out weapon diversity and bank pale...
[03:41] Last one. I'm gonna do it this time.
[03:42] I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna f*** do it.
[03:44] Do it! Do it!