Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Aug 2017) - Unfinished Business

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] There's plenty of sandy shenanigans throughout August
[00:14] as the beach returns to the Lumbridge crater area.
[00:17] It's a great way to level up your skills in completely different ways to normal,
[00:21] all with a tropical twist.
[00:23] Take on the lobster-like boss monster Clawdia,
[00:26] try your hand at the coconut shy, or treasure hunts,
[00:29] sandcastle building, battleships, rockpools,
[00:32] beach ball rolling, hook a duck, weightlifting, or barbeques.
[00:36] With handy portals to your favourite distractions
[00:39] and a brand new Terrorbird racing course.
[00:42] And if all that sounds far too hectic,
[00:45] it's also a great place to relax under a palm tree with a cocktail.
[00:49] As well as lots of existing beach-based belongings,
[00:52] plenty of new, unique rewards have been added this year,
[00:55] like the new hammock rest animation or the sandcastle companion pet.
[01:00] Part two of our new-look achievement system also hits the game this month,
[01:03] bringing some new features and interface improvements based on your continued suggestions.
[01:08] We've got a player-inspect feature where you can see other players' achievements
[01:12] and measure yourself against them in side-by-side comparisons,
[01:16] even comparing the new achievement score we've added,
[01:19] granting different points for every achievement you've earned, based on its difficulty.
[01:24] We've also added a bunch of new ones too about random fun stuff,
[01:28] minigames and several relating to PvM encounters.
[01:33] A new type of Hunter foe has appeared north of the Tyras camp.
[01:37] It's the elusive crystal skillchompa.
[01:40] Just like the other skillchompas,
[01:42] it's a wieldable critter that massively increases your efficiency in XP training
[01:47] at those top levels for Divination, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting.
[01:52] You'll need a whopping level 90 Hunter to try and catch them,
[01:55] but they function just like crystal tools
[01:57] and offer a fantastic rate of Hunter XP when you do.
[02:01] We've also added a new bonus to all skillchompa hunting,
[02:05] where high levels of agility now allow multiple skillchompas to be caught in the same trap.
[02:11] There's plenty of other things going live in August too,
[02:13] like improved ways of earning skilling outfits ingame and timed high scores
[02:18] as the Ninja team double in size and take on your most wanted improvements.
[02:22] Live streams will be busy too, as we talk at length about our unfinished business
[02:27] and, as promised, in a team dev blog that's out now.
[02:31] Finally, I thought I'd let you know about some planned changes
[02:35] to some of the ways you pay for RuneScape.
[02:37] The new payment page on the website is being updated to be a better, slicker system
[02:43] allowing you to spend less time paying and more time playing.
[02:47] So don't be freaked out if you see some changes.
[02:50] Have fun in the sun.
[02:52] Wooters out.