Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (April 2018) - Line Firemaking, Safecracking, Rebuilding Edgeville

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] After the delights of Pieces of Hate, deep sea Fishing and clue scroll overhaul,
[00:03] April has something of a breather before the big-hitting month of May,
[00:06] when you'll get the double-punch of Solak and an as-yet-unannounced quest.
[00:10] But April's updates are still significant.
[00:13] They're changing up how you train.
[00:15] There's the return of line firemaking, safecracking, rebuilding Edgeville,
[00:18] a toolbelt improvement, Spring Fayre, a tribal trials task card,
[00:22] Combat Academy improvements and more.
[00:35] Let's start with something iconic to RuneScape that has fizzled out in recent years.
[00:39] Line firemaking.
[00:40] If you're like me, you reminisce about those long lines of flames, stretching across Varrock.
[00:44] Well, this month, we relight that fire!
[00:46] At level 70 Firemaking, you'll gain the ability to light fires quicker,
[00:50] but the biggest change happens after Firemaker's Curse.
[00:52] We've turned Char's weekly minigame into a repeatable training method,
[00:56] with the chance of dropping a pitch can.
[00:58] This item speeds up bonfires but, more importantly, it dramatically speeds up line firemaking,
[01:03] making the high-XP, high-intensity training method viable again.
[01:06] This pitch can is tradeable, so we expect avid firemakers
[01:09] to make a tasty return if they get their hands on one.
[01:11] So, let's make a few skillers rich!
[01:13] And it's not only Firemaking that gets some love.
[01:15] As announced at RuneFest, Thieving gets a spot of safecracking.
[01:19] It seems the Thieves' Guild have upped their game
[01:21] and are looking at bigger marks than level 1 men and women.
[01:24] They're looking greedily at the kings, queens and bigwigs of RuneScape.
[01:27] Head to various castles or keeps around the world
[01:29] and begin looting their safes to fill your lootbag.
[01:33] This is a new training method,
[01:34] unlocked after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest and related capers.
[01:38] From the safes you'll get Thieving XP, cold hard cash and reward points.
[01:43] These points can be spent on gubbins like a reward that protects you from being stunned
[01:47] and an item that allows Thieving from elf clans that are suspicious of you.
[01:51] Safecracking is a simple, slightly AFK training method
[01:54] that is best described as elder trees for Thieving.
[01:57] This month we also tackle a very different kind of unfinished business.
[02:00] A town that has been left devastated for far too long.
[02:03] After Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Edgeville took a battering.
[02:05] And this month we give you the opportunity to return it to a former glory.
[02:09] Talk to Mandrith in Edgeville and he will get you clearing rivers,
[02:12] fixing buildings and sweeping up the odd dead body.
[02:15] Get Farming, Construction, Magic, Prayer and Mining XP for your efforts.
[02:19] Gain a dragonkin lamp and unlock the chance of owning Effy,
[02:22] a floating ancient effigy pet, whenever you open dragonkin lamps and claim the final XP.
[02:26] And there's the Ninja and Growth teams, who have been also working on overdrive this month,
[02:29] producing improvements that have real impact.
[02:31] First, the toolbelt gets a makeover,
[02:34] bringing all of your unlocks onto a single, manageable screen
[02:37] and making it easier for us to add items in the future.
[02:39] And it comes with the new addition of a grappling hook.
[02:42] The Combat Academy has also been brought bang up to date
[02:44] and now teaches Revolution rather than the more advanced Manual combat mode.
[02:49] It should get more new players understanding the combat system, which can only be a good thing.
[02:53] We're bringing you the next Ninja poll with several potential fixes,
[02:56] alongside something we want to do more regularly.
[02:58] A survey that lists all of the new update ideas on our backlog,
[03:01] so we can get your opinion on whether they are worth doing.
[03:03] This will be a little window into our creative world
[03:06] and will also include ideas that have been inspired by you.
[03:08] Now, I've got a soft spot for the next one, task card events.
[03:11] And April brings a cheeky tiki one in the form of Tribal Trials.
[03:15] Complete shamanistic challenges and unlock Howie, the rather wonderful tribal pet.
[03:19] And let's not forget that Tribute to Guthix and the Spring Fayre continue to run through the month.
[03:24] If you've visited the Fayre, you'll know that it has been rebalanced
[03:26] and no longer requires any entry tokens to enjoy its quite wonderful activities.
[03:30] So, anyone for a spot of hook-a-duck?
[03:32] All that remains is to keep an eye out for a surprise or two this month.
[03:36] Do have a wonderful one. Fill the world with your glorious fire lines.
[03:40] And we'll see you next month for a spot of Solak.
[03:42] Cheers!