Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (April 2017) - Easter Event

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] Let's start by talking about dragons!
[00:14] Following in the scaly footprints of the chromatic and metallic dragons,
[00:19] in April we're launching a brand new type of firebreathing foe,
[00:23] the gem dragon.
[00:25] Initially there will be three new sorts of gem dragons hitting the shores of RuneScape,
[00:29] the dragonstone, onyx and hydrix dragons.
[00:33] Each has a fearsome special attack themed after their associated gem
[00:38] and they are all designed to be very high-level Slayer targets,
[00:41] with the hydrix requiring level 101 Slayer to fight.
[00:45] Obviously, this is the first significant launch
[00:49] on the way to the proper level 120 Slayer update later in the year.
[00:53] But for now you'll need to use the new "wilder pie" to boost your Slayer level up,
[00:58] which requires crushed dragonstone and an uncooked wild pie,
[01:02] and level 90 cooking to make. Crunchy!
[01:06] These reptilian reprobates will be dropping pieces of the new gemstone armour,
[01:11] which should be of particular interest to any hybrid fighters out there.
[01:15] Coming in at level 80, it can be attuned to one of the enchanted effects
[01:19] from the dragonstone, onyx or hydrix bolts.
[01:22] April also sees the first launch of our new look achievement system,
[01:26] a super convenient way of looking at all the tasks, feats,
[01:30] diaries and other things similar in the game.
[01:34] It's a great way to see what you've got left to do and what you're close to completing,
[01:38] and it can recommend different activities for you to take on
[01:41] to meet the requirements for some of the most important bits of content in the game,
[01:45] like boss fighting and the Elf City.
[01:48] It's also a great tool to use when you're bank standing
[01:51] and looking for something quick to fill a spare chunk of time.
[01:54] This is just the first stage of the new achievements system.
[01:57] There's plenty of new tasks and upgrades to the system planned for the future,
[02:02] and we'll be waiting to hear your feedback on how it might be improved once you start using it.
[02:07] Check out the dev diaries on the achievement system for more information.
[02:10] Look out also for the return of Guthixian butterflies in April,
[02:14] a great way to grab some XP for your lowest skills as we give tribute to Guthix.
[02:19] And there's some secret Easter shenanigans.
[02:21] But the main event this month is the Spring Fayre,
[02:24] a four-week event that takes place in the lush new Lumbridge crater.
[02:29] There's carnival rides like a helter skelter, there's an agility course,
[02:33] dances, booths, and a bunch of prizes to win too.
[02:37] Work continues on the huge Menaphos and Shattered Worlds updates planned later in the year,
[02:42] with another team of playtesters from the community coming into the office this month
[02:46] to check them out and give us even more feedback.
[02:49] And they're going to hear more about some of the updates
[02:52] that we're already planning for later in the year.
[02:54] Finally, we're also releasing the RuneScape documentary,
[02:58] celebrating the 15-year anniversary.
[03:01] It's an incredibly honest account of the amazing journey we've all taken,
[03:06] with interviews from fans, founders, old faces and new,
[03:10] looking into the great times, the key moments, the challenges along the way,
[03:14] and why we've got the most amazing community in games.
[03:18] Find out about our humble beginnings, the birth of RuneFest and Old School,
[03:22] Wilderness woes, and even hear from the most famous player of all time.
[03:28] We'll be releasing the documentary on Sunday, April 9th from 6.30 pm.
[03:33] Do make sure you tune in for a special livestream that accompanies the launch.
[03:38] Have fun and have a great Easter break.
[03:40] Wooters out.