Transcript of RuneScape Mining & Smithing Rework - What's new?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] In January we'll be releasing the finished rework to the Mining and Smithing skills.
[00:13] If you haven't heard about this project before, then good news,
[00:15] you have a lot to look forward to.
[00:17] We're completely reworking both skills so that they're useful and profitable,
[00:20] and much more interesting to have and to level.
[00:23] If that sounds intimidating, then don't worry.
[00:25] Mining is still Mining and Smithing is still Smithing.
[00:28] If you want to know more about what's changed and why you should try it out for yourself,
[00:31] then you're in luck, because we made this whole video about it.
[00:57] The first thing you need to know about both skills is that we've fixed all the level requirements
[01:02] so they make sense.
[01:04] You know how right now you need 85 Smithing to make rune equipment
[01:07] which requires level 50 combat to use?
[01:10] We're fixing that so rune equipment only requires level 50 Smithing to make.
[01:14] Of course, that means all the existing content stops at 50,
[01:18] so we've also added in four new tiers of metal at 60, 70, 80 and 90.
[01:23] Each new tier of metal has a new set of armour and weapons you can smith out of it.
[01:28] The process of smithing has also changed quite a bit.
[01:31] Items take longer to smith, which makes them more valuable,
[01:34] but the XP per item is far more than it was before.
[01:38] To make the skill a bit more interesting and realistic, you can heat up your items
[01:43] in the new forges we've put next to every anvil in the game,
[01:46] so you finish the item faster and you get faster XP.
[01:50] This lets you choose how active you want the skill to be,
[01:53] from completely afk to very frequent clicks.
[01:57] That's not all.
[01:58] Smithed items can now be upgraded, which makes them better in combat,
[02:02] and gives faster XP than just making the base items.
[02:05] This means that smithed items are useful to smiths as a source of XP,
[02:10] so you can sell the items you've made to other players
[02:13] or buy more yourself for faster XP.
[02:16] Items which have been fully upgraded can also be taken to the artisan's workshop in Falador
[02:20] and given to the dwarves in a special burial ceremony.
[02:23] This ceremony destroys the item but gives the fastest Smithing XP per hour.
[02:28] We've added regular anvils to the artisan's workshop
[02:31] and it's also the best place to do regular Smithing.
[02:34] You'll earn respect points for all Smithing done in the artisans workshop
[02:37] and there are group buffs you can share.
[02:44] When you reach 99 Smithing you'll earn the ability to make a powerful new set of masterwork armour.
[02:50] This is tier 90 power armour which degrades to broken and can be augmented.
[02:56] Masterwork armour can be made with just the mining and smithing skills.
[03:00] It's a great way for ironmen and non-bossers to get hold of endgame armour.
[03:05] A full set of masterwork takes 600 bars of each core metal to make,
[03:10] so you'd better get saving.
[03:12] If you're already rocking malevolent though, you can combine your masterwork set
[03:16] with a full set's worth of malevolent and a full set's worth of torva to trim it.
[03:20] Trimmed masterwork armour is tier 92 power armour
[03:23] with a set effect that makes melee combat safer against difficult bosses.
[03:27] In addition, you can custom-fit a complete set of trimmed masterwork armour
[03:32] so that it degrades and loses charge slower, making it more economical to use.
[03:37] Custom-fitted armour also never degrades when fighting your slayer or reaper targets.
[03:43] Masterwork and trimmed masterwork are fully tradeable,
[03:46] so even if you're not a smith you'll be able to buy them.
[03:50] Smiths get one untradeable combat benefit though, which are armour spikes.
[03:54] Armour spikes are equipped in your ammo slot
[03:57] and damage anything that hits you in melee as long as you're wearing melee armour.
[04:26] So you're probably wondering how are you going to get the ore to make all of this?
[04:30] We've also made improvements to the mining skill.
[04:33] Get your pickaxe and head to a mining node, click on it
[04:36] and you'll find you get XP and ore much the same as before.
[04:39] For the best rates you'll want to make sure you're using a pickaxe
[04:42] that is at least as high level as the rock you're mining.
[04:44] So if you want to jump straight onto the new level 90 rocks,
[04:47] you'll need to get one of the new level 90 pickaxes.
[04:58] You can make a level 90 pickaxe using the new level 90 metal we've added
[05:02] or you can get an augmentable one by combining a crystal pickaxe,
[05:06] imcando pickaxe and a blast fusion hammer.
[05:09] If you're currently using a crystal pick or dragon pick,
[05:12] you should look to upgrade before you try mining the level 90 rocks
[05:15] or you'll find your XP and ore rates aren't that great.
[05:19] When you're mining you'll see that every swing gives XP and fills up part of a progress bar.
[05:25] When the progress bar fills up, you'll get an ore.
[05:28] Using better pickaxes and being higher level fills the bar faster and gives you ore more often.
[05:35] You may also notice that mining rocks don't deplete anymore.
[05:37] That means three things.
[05:39] First, rather than fleeing to another world when you see another player,
[05:41] you can mine together in peace.
[05:45] Second, you can mine valuable high-level ores now without them vanishing and never being seen again.
[05:50] Third, you can mine completely afk if you want to.
[06:07] The XP and ore you get while you're completely afk aren't that great though.
[06:11] So, if you want more, you'll have to work for it.
[06:14] Occasionally another rock will sparkle nearby you.
[06:17] And if you move to that one, you'll get an instant boost of XP and ore progress
[06:21] which makes it well worth moving if you're paying attention.
[06:24] There's also a mechanic to reward clicking every 4 ticks on the rock that you're mining.
[06:30] But the bonus is only small. So, if that idea horrifies you, you don't need to do it.
[06:37] We've added a new container for your inventory called an ore box.
[06:41] You make and upgrade this using smithing
[06:42] and it can store 100 of every ore up to the level you upgraded it to.
[06:46] The ore box means that you can stay at the mining spot for longer
[06:49] before you need to go back and bank.
[06:51] So, you can actually keep mining the ore that you're mining rather than dropping it.
[06:55] When you do head back, you don't need to put the ore in your bank.
[06:58] We've added a new metal bank which you can access
[07:00] at any forge, furnace or anvil to store your ore.
[07:03] The metal bank stores two billion of every ore and bar
[07:06] and you can access it directly while smelting and smithing
[07:09] so you don't need to run to and from the bank.
[07:11] This should save you some bank space.
[07:20] So that's the core of the rework.
[07:21] Because rune is getting moved completely to level 50,
[07:24] we've had to lower its alch value or it would be ridiculous gold per hour.
[07:28] This would ruin a lot of drop tables, so we've gone through
[07:31] and replaced all smithable items with new items called "salvage"
[07:34] which have the same alch value as the items they replaced had pre-rework.
[07:38] For example, rune platebodies are replaced with huge plated rune salvage which alchs for 40K.
[07:44] Salvage can be traded, disassembled for components
[07:46] and we've added new modes to the spring cleaner
[07:49] which can auto-alch or auto-disassemble your salvage drops.
[07:52] The last thing we've done is go through and fix every reward and piece of content
[07:56] which ties in to Mining or Smithing and updated it to fit the new mechanics.
[08:00] As much as possible we've tried to retain the existing benefit.
[08:04] For example, the scroll of efficiency still refunds a few bars when smithing,
[08:07] but some rewards have changed.
[08:13] Remember. Whenever we make big changes to game systems,
[08:16] that will make the price of some items rise and the price of others fall.
[08:20] If you want to make some money with the launch,
[08:21] then expect the prices of the old and new metals
[08:24] to be at their highest right after the update launches and then drop afterwards.
[08:28] If you want to read more about the update,
[08:30] then you can find links to the complete design documentation,
[08:32] including exactly what every reward does, on the RuneScape website.
[08:37] As an extra bonus, we're going to be giving all members access
[08:40] to the full ingame features of RuneMetrics for a month following the launch of the rework.
[08:45] So make sure you join us on January 7th for the Mining and Smithing rework.
[08:49] It's going to rock!
[08:50] You know, because, mining rocks?
[08:58] No one appreciates my jokes.
[09:06] It's a hill!
[09:11] I told you!
[09:12] I told you!
[09:15] I literally told you!