Transcript of RuneScape Legacy Beta Patch Notes -- 27th June 2014

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Automatic transcription

[00:10] welcome to the legacy beta patch notes
[00:12] for Friday 27th of June the combat team
[00:15] have been turning your feedback into
[00:17] reality with an action-packed batch of
[00:19] updates from nostalgic animations to lag
[00:22] reduction one of the biggest and most
[00:24] anticipated changes making its way into
[00:26] the patch are the old combat animations
[00:28] you'll be able to see examples
[00:30] throughout the video including with
[00:32] special attacks currently in a beta
[00:34] servers hits that's have a delay and
[00:36] gear switching can produce big lag
[00:38] spikes when the updates go live later
[00:40] today the game engine will also receive
[00:42] a fix which will hopefully make these
[00:43] experiences smoother than ever the game
[00:46] engine update should also hopefully fix
[00:47] on a small book so equipping an item and
[00:49] legacy mode will no longer reopen the
[00:51] chat window after you've minimized it
[00:53] world 200 will be changing to a legacy
[00:56] only members world within the EU world
[00:58] 212 are we changing to a free-to-play
[01:01] beta world after lots of feedback on the
[01:04] topic derek's has been buffed to offer a
[01:06] higher risk high reward mechanic as you
[01:08] used to previously a few pieces of armor
[01:11] had been given incorrect defensive stats
[01:13] these have been updated so the
[01:15] appropriate stat should now be shown
[01:18] concentrated blast and fury have had
[01:20] their per attack scaling increased from
[01:22] five to seven percent of weapon damage
[01:25] the wild magic ability was doing more
[01:28] damage than expected and has been fixed
[01:30] appropriately to round off today's patch
[01:33] notes the ninety percent hit chance cap
[01:36] has been fully removed directs crafting
[01:38] shop will now show the correct mini map
[01:40] icon within legacy mode and your combat
[01:42] level will now update correctly if you
[01:44] die within the wilderness the taka cal
[01:46] has had its strengths crit changed into
[01:49] a strength bonus as it was missed on the
[01:50] first pass I hope you all enjoy the
[01:53] changes that will be made to the beta
[01:55] servers later today as always feedback
[01:57] is welcomed from all avenues and happy
[02:00] escaping