Transcript of RuneScape Keynote (RuneFest 2019) - Archaeology, Elder God Wars Dungeon, Ranch Out of Time, etc

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

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[06:46] but surely everyone
[06:48] excellent job
[06:49] [Applause]
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[06:59] say
[07:01] so have you heard about the archaeology
[07:04] skill yes you have it has been the worst
[07:09] kept secret when t 19 but the joy is
[07:12] that there's so much more that you don't
[07:15] know which is great and that's because
[07:17] there's so much is so much more than a
[07:18] skill on one hand it's a gathering skill
[07:22] like you're fishing and wood cutting
[07:24] getting your knees dirty to gather
[07:26] puzzle pieces of our parts from the god
[07:28] wars or their zero Sein Empire more but
[07:31] on the other hand archaeology is
[07:32] actually a manufacturing skill are your
[07:34] fletchings and smithing putting
[07:36] artifacts back together to create
[07:38] treasures that have so many uses okay
[07:41] we're gonna need more hands archeology
[07:43] is also five new areas waiting for you
[07:46] to delve into including subterranean
[07:49] alkyd the far-flung reaches of
[07:51] mauritania and blow the wilderness and
[07:53] archaeology is also Suede's of rewards
[07:56] we're talking about three new genres a
[07:58] reward that's going to mix up play
[08:00] particularly for high level players okay
[08:03] let's get started let's jump in to the
[08:05] gathering side of the skill excavator
[08:09] okay so unless you're a Wikipedia whiz
[08:12] or an archaeology major you don't know
[08:14] that this is a mattock which is the
[08:16] humble pickaxe if you will of
[08:17] archaeology you'll get that joy of
[08:20] progressing through the Mattocks as you
[08:22] level similar to mining note the crystal
[08:24] mattock being Kanda mattock and a
[08:27] mattock of space and times you're
[08:28] probably thinking about how you'll get
[08:29] things it's with these that you gain
[08:31] your first archaeology XP you'll find
[08:33] excavation hotspots a dig sites uncover
[08:35] and keep materials from loss ages and
[08:38] get those dusty gains how will it feel
[08:41] so there's a smidge of the mining rework
[08:43] to it there's no competition but you all
[08:46] are all in the same place as each other
[08:48] and occasionally excavation sites will
[08:50] become extra worthwhile highlighted by
[08:52] time sprites in similar ways to rocket
[08:55] una tease which is always a terrible
[08:57] name and I'm sorry for calling it there
[08:58] but while you're going to be spending a
[09:00] decent amount of time gathering the real
[09:02] can't fun comes from these and this is
[09:06] the manufacturing side artifacts
[09:09] occasionally as you excavate you will
[09:11] find damaged artifacts and what you see
[09:13] here is one-fifth
[09:15] of what you'll be able to find and these
[09:17] artifacts the real treasures of the past
[09:18] things of significance from lost ages
[09:21] they'll be broken when you find them and
[09:23] it's up to you to restore them and this
[09:25] is where the materials from the
[09:27] gathering part this skill really help
[09:28] you require certain materials for each
[09:31] artifact and they're tradable which
[09:33] makes swapping with other players for
[09:34] that last material at a dig site a real
[09:36] highlight but fixing an artifact is the
[09:38] lion's share of the XP you get a
[09:41] gigantic chunk when you're done but what
[09:43] do you do with them once they are done
[09:45] well welcome to the newly refurbished
[09:47] dig site in varrock for the second time
[09:49] this year
[09:49] well they'll make it make that choice
[09:52] regularly and this is about the skill I
[09:54] really love I really love the sorting
[09:56] element where you're trying to Sicily
[09:57] but not to keep something or contributed
[09:59] to something else because you can hand
[10:01] it to a collector perhaps including some
[10:03] of the most famous characters in the
[10:04] game wise or man bent nose in wart face
[10:07] for some of the best rewards and the
[10:08] skill or does it belong in a museum
[10:10] where they'll give you pro notes which
[10:12] are a new currency for archaeology that
[10:14] can be exchanged for kick-ass or rewards
[10:16] or do you keep the item for yourself
[10:17] particularly if it may have a future
[10:19] benefit for you and that's not even
[10:21] scratching the surface of what you can
[10:23] do here you can build a research team
[10:25] again from some well-known characters
[10:27] who will discover new ways for you to
[10:28] train you can also start getting your
[10:31] qualifications in archaeology completing
[10:33] feats from across this the skill to give
[10:35] you access to even more stuff as you
[10:37] master each of the big sites in the game
[10:39] they will come with a central mystery to
[10:41] be resolved there's a huge story
[10:43] component to archaeology dig site so
[10:47] this is where the skill really starts
[10:48] showing its teeth as much as you want
[10:51] might want to be scrubbing up bones you
[10:52] know finding a series of small walls
[10:54] with tiny brushes sometimes you just
[10:56] want to raid a tomb explore the
[10:59] uncharted or go on a Last Crusade so to
[11:02] talk about these big sites I'd like to
[11:04] bring onto this stage someone who has
[11:06] been working on this for about 18 months
[11:08] who's been pitching it closer to three
[11:09] years a part time tour guide mod Timbo
[11:21] hello everyone and welcome to Timbo's
[11:24] tours and this afternoon I'll be your
[11:27] guide on a tour of archaeology today
[11:29] you'll get the chance to see some of the
[11:31] awesome sights and a taster of what
[11:33] you'll be able to get your hands on
[11:35] let's head first to the karidian desert
[11:38] for our first stop of care adept found
[11:42] near to the jewel arena this ancient
[11:44] fortress and stronghold once housed
[11:46] houses armies and fell to the ongoing
[11:49] onslaught of zamorak in forces during
[11:51] the god wars previously thought lost to
[11:54] all zero scene allies this excavation
[11:57] sites manager a certain doctor naba nick
[11:59] knows different unlocked at level 5
[12:03] archaeology after completion of your
[12:04] first qualification this is where your
[12:07] journey begins through the skill do not
[12:09] fret however this is not an esky
[12:11] excavation site just for interns hidden
[12:14] in the deep vaults to excavate sirot
[12:16] seen weapons opulent religious pieces
[12:18] relating to Zaros himself and unearthed
[12:21] scrolls relating to ancient magics our
[12:25] next stop takes us to the eastern coast
[12:27] of Mauritania where some of our more
[12:29] eagle-eyed tourists have already seen
[12:31] this in the volcano we now know modern
[12:35] Mauritania to be dark and full of blood
[12:37] sucking terrors but what this was once a
[12:40] sour Dornish stronghold and the jewel of
[12:42] that with the icy new settlement of ever
[12:44] light thank you at its heart was ever
[12:49] light itself a towering lighthouse which
[12:52] illuminated the coast and provided
[12:54] much-needed light to the eye scene who
[12:56] once lived here in recent times the
[12:59] light has dimmed since the settlement
[13:00] was sacked and Vanessa Kula the
[13:02] excavation site manager has tasked the
[13:04] player to extinguish it
[13:05] so the achievement so that you can get
[13:07] some more much-needed beauty sleep this
[13:10] is one of the sites which unlocks at
[13:12] level 20 and here you'll be excavating I
[13:15] scenic cultural items discovering more
[13:17] about the Dominion games and learning
[13:19] about how this once great land mass fell
[13:21] into the islands we now know next up
[13:24] deep below the wilderness under the scar
[13:27] left by the sword of edicts thrust into
[13:29] the ground by guthix lies the infernal
[13:32] source
[13:33] not much is known about the fiery rings
[13:36] of brimstone other than they will have a
[13:38] demonic connection to zamorak and it
[13:40] deserved to be struck by Gus --ax in
[13:42] order to shut it down here also starting
[13:45] at level 20 archeology
[13:47] you'll be excavating zamorak Ian's cult
[13:49] relics delving deeper into Zen route
[13:51] scope in connection with demons and
[13:52] learning more about how demons were
[13:54] brought to Gillen or now we've had a
[13:58] tour of three excavation sites of kara
[14:00] debt ever light and the infernal source
[14:02] it's time to talk about two more sites
[14:04] for which Tim motors haven't quite sent
[14:07] our expeditions to quite yet we can't
[14:09] take a look and see what's going on
[14:11] there right now but I can give you some
[14:13] quick teasers and their names storm
[14:15] guard Citadel and the war Forge now it's
[14:22] time to ditch the binoculars for
[14:23] sightseeing and head down to the real
[14:25] meat of the tour and what you all want
[14:27] to hear about their awards what treats
[14:31] lie in store for intrepid archaeologists
[14:32] to excavate and restore artifacts in the
[14:35] past you might from the past you might
[14:36] ask well let's get Spahr talking about
[14:38] ancient summoning deep in the heart of
[14:42] the infernal source are discovering the
[14:44] secrets and unearthing its treasures you
[14:46] will learn how to bind the will of
[14:47] powerful demons to you through the
[14:50] summoning skill using a binding contract
[14:53] forged with new materials found in the
[14:56] final source with your usual charms of
[14:58] course you'll be able to bind existing
[15:00] demonic Slayer creatures and some of
[15:03] them with all with their own unique
[15:04] effects I don't have the full itinerary
[15:06] written down here for the tour but I do
[15:08] have a few sneak peeks first up we have
[15:11] at the Ripa demon the Ripper demons
[15:14] passive effect will be to deal more
[15:16] damage to its target for how much health
[15:18] it has and its scroll effect we to
[15:22] replicate the Ripper demons death jump
[15:24] attack next up we have the abyssal demon
[15:28] the abyssal demon will automatic teller
[15:31] port to its target to deal damage and
[15:33] it's active scroll effect will be dis
[15:35] header block and bind of your current
[15:37] target lastly we have the Calgarian
[15:40] demon the Calgarian demon will be the
[15:43] most powerful summoning familiar and
[15:45] of combat stats up-to-date and it's
[15:48] active scroll effect are we to provide
[15:50] you itself and nearby friendly players a
[15:53] critical strike buff temporarily now we
[16:00] often look back to our history and often
[16:03] think they're not as technology advanced
[16:04] as we are right now however that is not
[16:08] the case in Gillan or by discovering the
[16:11] teachings and blueprints of Gillanders
[16:12] own DaVinci you will be able to create
[16:14] brand new devices and perks using
[16:17] materials found disassembling artifacts
[16:19] and materials excavating during
[16:21] archaeology first up we have the ancient
[16:25] gizmo covering all three different types
[16:30] of gizmos such as weapon tool and armor
[16:33] you will need to use ancient gizmos in
[16:35] order to obtain the new perks from
[16:37] archaeology materials that's not all
[16:39] however all nine slots in the ancient
[16:42] gizmo will be unlocked allowing you to
[16:44] experiment further and find perk
[16:47] combinations and ranks previously
[16:48] undiscovered next up we have the XP
[16:52] capacitor if you've ever wanted to level
[16:55] up your Augmented augmented items faster
[16:57] theater site for them or to get those
[16:59] juicy level 20 benefits then this is the
[17:01] device for you an MD XV capacitor take
[17:05] some of your item XP you would normally
[17:06] earn from your augmented items and
[17:08] instead siphons it into the capacitor
[17:10] once the device is full it can be traded
[17:13] to other players and they will earn
[17:15] double item experience until the
[17:16] capacitor runs dry
[17:18] it's like bonus xp but for your
[17:20] invention items another device unearthed
[17:23] from the past is the kinetic dynamo not
[17:26] content with just using gothics juice to
[17:28] power up your invention needs the
[17:30] committee the kinetic dynamo be able to
[17:32] create divine charges by simply running
[17:34] around or surging once you've done
[17:37] enough running around with the kinetic
[17:39] dynamo its chart will charge up spit out
[17:41] divine charges and then break the final
[17:45] thing to talk about for ancient events
[17:46] today is the ability to further enhance
[17:48] invention created tools like the Fisher
[17:51] Matic powertron and para Matic using the
[17:54] materials found from the past you've
[17:56] discovered ways to make the tools more
[17:58] efficient
[17:59] and act like level 80 tools so the level
[18:01] 72 tools they act on all right now let's
[18:05] move on to the real jewel of our tour
[18:07] today and what we are calling relics
[18:10] powerful items from runescape history
[18:12] have been rediscovered and it's up to
[18:14] you to find and harness their powers in
[18:17] doing so you will earn permanent
[18:20] powerful passive effects which are
[18:22] always active you'll be able to choose
[18:25] up to three of these relic powers and
[18:27] pay CRO notes in order to change and
[18:29] choose between them these relic powers
[18:32] are incredible and here are just two of
[18:34] the 20 plus effects we will have it
[18:36] release for you to get your hands on
[18:38] first up we have we are calling the
[18:41] abyssal link which allows the play which
[18:44] allows you to cast teleportation sprees
[18:46] teleportation spells without casting
[18:49] runes
[18:50] however the spells no longer give XP and
[18:52] the second one to talk about is what we
[18:55] are calling Slayer introspection when
[18:57] you assigned a Slayer task you'll be
[18:59] able to choose between either the
[19:00] maximum or minimum mana slates the
[19:03] creatures you want to kill one last
[19:06] thing during your time excavate in the
[19:09] once lost wonders of the world
[19:10] you'll come across in powerful artifact
[19:12] weapons which you can restore even
[19:14] further to become exceptional weapons if
[19:17] you look now behind me you can spot one
[19:19] of them which we are calling the spear
[19:22] of annihilation alas my section of the
[19:26] tour is over thank you for traveling on
[19:28] Timbo tours today but now it is time to
[19:30] hand back to our expedition leader
[19:31] models bomb
[19:33] [Applause]
[19:38] bless you Timbo face okay this is the
[19:40] bit where I get to completely steal all
[19:42] of the mic drops from the archeology
[19:43] team and be them myself so first off the
[19:46] bat is this an elite skill does it does
[19:48] it go up to 120 okay this is not an
[19:51] elite skill this is a skill that
[19:52] everyone can play as soon as it drops
[19:54] and I can reveal that archaeology will
[19:58] be going up to 120 on launch as you can
[20:01] see from everything we've talked about
[20:02] we've spent a large amount of time love
[20:04] sweaty buttocks and dirty Mattox and
[20:06] packing this skill to the rafters and
[20:08] more content will be dropping into the
[20:10] skill over the year and beyond it's
[20:13] worth noting there will be an embargo on
[20:15] all lamp stars bonus xp double xp and
[20:17] other skill boosts until 6 months after
[20:19] the skilled launches we also wanted to
[20:22] remove the barriers from experiencing it
[20:24] so we'll be raising the skill cap from 5
[20:26] to 20 for free-to-play giving everyone
[20:29] the carry debt big site to rummage
[20:31] around in and if this goes well then
[20:32] we'll look to do that with other skills
[20:34] oh and I wanted you all to meet the
[20:36] skilled pact ok GreenFest I would like
[20:40] you to meet I allow you to me Archie
[20:42] it's a child mummy which is odd to say
[20:45] but it can be it can be rude and
[20:47] impatient of course he will act as an
[20:52] override for your familiars which is
[20:53] when you really get to see him at his
[20:54] best
[20:55] go on Archie there we go
[20:59] looking cool now for many of you this
[21:02] will be the ultimate prize or perhaps
[21:05] you'll be shooting for the master skill
[21:06] cape beyond this will keep the perks
[21:08] under wraps for now mainly because you
[21:09] won't have the context of whether or not
[21:11] they're good but the skill icon may well
[21:13] change up to launch so please to give us
[21:14] feedback but there's something about
[21:16] that black and white that I find pretty
[21:17] slick ok and I think it will look great
[21:19] with one of these which is the
[21:22] archaeology elite skilling outfit now
[21:25] this is coming out on launch of the
[21:26] skill and it's entirely gained from
[21:28] archaeology this will use something
[21:30] other than the fragment system for you
[21:32] to and that you may be used to so you
[21:35] have to do some very specific things to
[21:36] gain it I won't tell you now but do you
[21:38] get the archaeology team drunk later to
[21:40] find out okay now for the doozy the
[21:43] release date ok you can see the
[21:45] development is hugely progressed you'll
[21:47] have played the demo in the volcano at
[21:49] least if you're here and are watching on
[21:51] the stream
[21:52] you'll be playing archaeology and all
[21:54] five of its dig sites ancient invention
[21:56] ancient summoning relics and more in
[21:59] January 2020 okay
[22:07] prepare to get a whole lot of sand in
[22:09] your crevices thank you very much
[22:12] [Applause]
[22:36] ah a nice fire pit
[22:44] time for some storytelling I think now
[22:48] all stories have villains and heroes and
[22:51] sometimes it's hard to know who's who
[22:54] but that's the joy in stories like
[22:57] sliska promising the world and capturing
[23:01] enemies defying gods but then the
[23:04] ultimate act of villainy throwing the
[23:07] world into chaos for a climactic prize
[23:10] all a smokescreen of course he sought
[23:14] the artifacts left by the mothers of
[23:16] this world that turned him from near
[23:18] mortal to near God but they weren't
[23:21] enough our hero you the world Guardian
[23:27] with a million faces voices and choices
[23:31] drove the siphon through sliska but
[23:35] there are those beyond the veil of hero
[23:37] or villain when one has achieved
[23:40] everything what is there left to do to
[23:44] create perhaps and achieve perfection
[23:46] through that creation like Jass rudely
[23:51] woken by her greatest work Gillen or
[23:55] like some sort of epic second account
[23:58] with a horrible virus and that virus is
[24:02] life because for the Elder Gods life is
[24:07] but a whimsy an unexpected twists in the
[24:11] thread in a tapestry eons in the making
[24:15] one that's easily unraveled
[24:17] so she appeared and scolded her children
[24:21] perhaps though she was hasty perhaps the
[24:25] fleas on the back of her child were
[24:27] worth more than her sisters had thoughts
[24:30] so she gave them a chance to prove
[24:32] themselves more than just a parasite but
[24:37] how could a maggot prove its worth to a
[24:40] lion
[24:40] such things are not impossible Sara knew
[24:44] the beauty of life she would stand
[24:47] against the tide because she could not
[24:49] do
[24:50] so alone and nor did she want to for she
[24:52] knew that gods should not define the
[24:55] path of mortals so she assembled a
[24:59] council each demanded to be heard
[25:02] each grew louder as they out beat each
[25:05] other as he's trying to shatter the
[25:08] hands that do them together children can
[25:11] never agree even the words of the world
[25:15] Guardian only fueled the fire so she
[25:19] failed but out of the chaos a new hero
[25:23] stepped forward drawing the crowd to a
[25:27] silence kara pack the dragon Kim thought
[25:32] though by many had a plan to extend the
[25:36] slumber of the mothers after all what
[25:40] mother doesn't want more sleep and so a
[25:44] team was built Karros the world Guardian
[25:48] Kara pack and Thok karapaks plan to
[25:54] corrupt the needle to tune it to the
[25:57] will of mortals was a strong plan but
[26:01] time plays tricks on all of us the
[26:04] needle exposed karapaks true purpose
[26:07] destruction maddened with vengeance but
[26:11] it was too late he drew the needles
[26:15] power into himself a bright boys of blue
[26:19] with wings beating the air tour around
[26:22] them and he was gone he didn't want them
[26:26] appeased he didn't want them asleep he
[26:29] wanted them dead no matter the cost and
[26:32] he flew east to an island of many many
[26:35] names and he threw it into an impassable
[26:38] storm but that's the problem with storms
[26:44] it's a real bugger to keep fires lit now
[26:50] we need stories to remind us of our past
[26:53] where we've come from and where we must
[26:56] go
[26:57] but the greatest stories are yet to be
[26:59] told
[27:02] often the first home of the dragonkin on
[27:05] Gillan or many ages ago great scientists
[27:10] they were both with runes and with metal
[27:13] huge devices they built some found new
[27:17] life not creating it but twisting it
[27:20] into their image some were built to
[27:22] attack the mothers themselves using
[27:26] forces they could not understand but
[27:29] machines cannot live forever rusted and
[27:33] seized by the rigors of time but for one
[27:36] that can control time is but a trifle to
[27:40] overcome cannabis master of dragons one
[27:46] who can speak to the reptiles the
[27:48] lizards even the ancient dinosaurs of
[27:51] this land he'll be needed to navigate
[27:54] this island to scout it out to discover
[27:57] its secrets
[27:58] now our future now ice tide by talking
[28:03] about here owns and villains and the
[28:05] thin line between them take the king
[28:08] black dragon for example is he a hero or
[28:11] a villain what do you guys think both
[28:16] well it depends right on whose eyes
[28:19] you've got villainous no doubt to those
[28:21] of us who went after a dragon medium
[28:23] helmet back in the day may only kick my
[28:26] ass so many times but a hero two
[28:29] halibuts no doubts taking him through
[28:32] the skies turning his enemies to a crisp
[28:35] perhaps these dinosaurs can be heroes
[28:38] too to look through their eyes Oh what
[28:41] sights they must have seen
[28:45] but they're armed their motivations are
[28:49] primal territorial and I'm sure they not
[28:53] that happy about their home being
[28:55] invaded hunted and flayed for the past
[28:57] few months they're bound to be trouble
[29:02] all the while Kara pack laughing deep in
[29:06] his volcano lair I mean if you had a
[29:08] fluffy cats a stroke he'd basically be a
[29:11] Bond villain plotting with his
[29:13] contractions the ones that you helped to
[29:16] get him back time to crack some eggs he
[29:20] thinks time to crack some elder eggs and
[29:25] if the mothers find out what's going on
[29:27] they will try and stop him to strike
[29:30] first and oh what a strike that would be
[29:34] to see those majestic arms rise up and
[29:38] shatter the land but mothers are not
[29:40] known for their subtlety their artifacts
[29:44] were the tools to sculpt just carve the
[29:46] mountains to shake the sky no without
[29:49] those her strike would be clumsy a
[29:51] thousand lights would blink out in an
[29:54] instant Seas would boil with blood
[29:57] catastrophe you must be her tools now
[30:02] having a time traveling device on Gillan
[30:04] or isn't a new thing if you go back to
[30:07] 2005 we made history and in 2009 we met
[30:11] history within the enchanted key but
[30:14] both of those kicking about in some
[30:16] random outpost outside of our doing and
[30:18] even that cool volcano lair that
[30:20] karapaks got well it's unlikely to be
[30:23] top of your ancient places I'd most like
[30:26] to explore lists so what would that be
[30:28] where would you guys want to go any
[30:33] ideas huh Oh classic that would be brave
[30:40] well how about some we talked about in
[30:42] the history books
[30:43] explored by the first player
[30:45] archeologists unearthing an ancient
[30:48] talisman back in 2003
[30:50] how about center stone itself the
[30:55] greatest city in Gillan or
[30:58] the jewel in therosis crown a village
[31:01] before his arrival with a thousand
[31:03] demons that is cool they could do little
[31:05] to resist him he conquered all his city
[31:09] growing in power its towering statues
[31:13] and golden streets teeming with life
[31:15] from infernal imp to dazzling dragon
[31:19] such a magnificent sights would attract
[31:22] attention though many many gods would
[31:25] seek that prize like zamorak the
[31:28] betrayer who moved in like a serpent or
[31:31] saradomin whose ambitions were so great
[31:34] he flattened the city and rebuilt it and
[31:37] moved in with his unlikely allies of
[31:40] bandhas the war monger and armadyl the
[31:43] lord of justice until all the gods were
[31:47] cast out and when they came back well it
[31:52] was hardly a jewel anymore
[31:53] they had other things to worry about
[31:55] them where to nest
[31:56] well not quite all of them now we
[32:02] started this tale with heroes villains
[32:05] and family about our children being our
[32:09] greatest treasure but children are
[32:11] ambitious Mars children more than most
[32:15] and all threads in that tapestry
[32:18] eventually lead back to him cesaro's his
[32:24] ambitions are the greatest to put camp
[32:28] to become an elder god himself because
[32:31] he sees it as his birthright but
[32:34] sometimes
[32:36] sometimes a good parent must just say no
[32:39] now I'm not really sure I've ever met a
[32:42] child who accepted that though most
[32:44] children will sneak behind their parents
[32:46] back sticking to the shadows fun at the
[32:49] time but a nightmare
[32:51] if you're caught because playing with
[32:53] shadows will always come back to haunt
[32:56] you but imagine if you will creeping
[33:00] through those layers of center stone
[33:02] layers of a delicious historical
[33:05] sandwich unearthing the bounty from each
[33:08] age of occupation imagine the secrets
[33:11] that lie within and the terrors that
[33:13] were left there Surratt and with no risk
[33:16] there's no reward what's the shot heroes
[33:19] I expect so I think now my time is
[33:25] coming to an end it sounds like the
[33:29] dinos are back so I better make my exit
[33:32] I really wanted to tell you about the
[33:34] big finale the dungeon but maybe next
[33:37] time you'll tell me maybe I'll tell you
[33:40] bye hello my delicious sweet potatoes
[33:54] granny here and here to tell you about a
[33:57] marvelous new developer Mota Judy that's
[34:00] come my way see the boffins over there
[34:04] Museum have discovered this enormous
[34:06] bloody great island filled with lots and
[34:09] lots of fertile land that needs a
[34:12] grannies touch that's right my dears
[34:17] it's time for the potting turn brown to
[34:19] expand into new real estate which means
[34:23] models you and I are going to build a
[34:27] farm on this great big island yes we've
[34:36] got this lovely little Island just off
[34:39] the coast of anak ronia you've probably
[34:41] seen it it's a beautiful spot for us to
[34:43] build some paddocks on it so between us
[34:46] by which I mean mostly you bad back you
[34:49] know we are going to add five entirely
[34:54] new pens two large one medium one small
[34:58] and one carefully reinforced breeding
[35:01] pen but we're not just raising sheep and
[35:07] cows anymore
[35:08] oh no dares no we're going to expand our
[35:12] agricultural ambitions and we're going
[35:15] to focus our attention on raising great
[35:18] big reptiles with fourteen entirely new
[35:27] species to raise on the farm we've got
[35:31] frogs these poisonous blighters should
[35:35] be quite useful and we've got
[35:37] salamanders because who doesn't love a
[35:40] lizard that can spit fire and we've got
[35:44] Joe dingoes because Papa Mamba has been
[35:47] giving me some tips and we've got Apple
[35:51] pterosaurs fortunately these ones are
[35:55] quite dumb and safe not realized they
[35:57] can just fly away
[35:59] don't tell them we've got these
[36:02] absolutely units
[36:05] look at the muscles on them and we've
[36:10] got enormous bloody great death
[36:14] dinosaurs you'll be able to raise each
[36:20] of these in the new pens on dinosaur
[36:22] island only those pens mines they
[36:25] shouldn't be left around the Sheep you
[36:28] can raise them feed them breed them
[36:31] harvest them all the features of the
[36:34] farm but now with scales they'll have
[36:39] some truly unique harvestable resources
[36:41] from these beauties but wait there's
[36:44] more I obviously can't be in two places
[36:47] at once so I've sent over someone to
[36:50] help you out my own great granny or
[36:54] prehistoric pottering ttan will be there
[36:57] to help you out and she'll be joined by
[37:00] these adorable baby dinosaurs that are
[37:04] so cute you'll barely remember that
[37:07] they'll happily disembowel you and eat
[37:09] your flesh oh how sweet
[37:14] y'all need to build this farm yourself
[37:17] using the resources you've already been
[37:20] gathering on the island and you'll have
[37:22] to find the animals by hunting down the
[37:25] great big lizards catching them in traps
[37:27] and generally mass murdering their
[37:29] parents you know the usual
[37:33] all your boosts such as multiple traits
[37:37] and improved shiny chances will carry
[37:39] over from the existing farm it's going
[37:42] to be quite the opportunity days why
[37:44] with this new farm and all these lovely
[37:49] ingredients you could make some very
[37:51] special stuff I mean the possibilities
[37:55] whatever we'll be able to do with all of
[37:58] these things oh for God's sake what is
[38:04] it with you in this bloody LARPing Maude
[38:07] Raven everybody
[38:13] hi so a little while ago we mentioned
[38:17] that we would be expanding to existing
[38:19] skills to level 120
[38:21] well now that Maud Raven technically
[38:24] granny pottering ttan has introduced the
[38:27] ranch out of time
[38:29] we can probably assume that one of those
[38:32] skills is farming however we're also
[38:35] happy to reveal that alongside
[38:37] appropriately powerful rewards we'll be
[38:40] raising the hub law skill to 120 as well
[38:47] but don't worry we'll talk about that in
[38:50] a little while because farming is
[38:51] definitely not done so first of all
[38:55] we'll be converting mana farm into the
[38:58] official farming guild that will be
[39:01] released alongside reputation and
[39:03] rewards and stuff as you can probably
[39:05] imagine and we'll be adding an entirely
[39:07] new training method in which you can
[39:09] help out new farmers with their own
[39:11] small startup farms by giving them all
[39:14] of the supplies that they need they will
[39:16] come and visit you at the farming guild
[39:18] and ask all of you master farmers for
[39:20] your help and because it's the farming
[39:24] hub you're going to be able to build a
[39:25] new invention machine that lets you view
[39:27] all of your patches from the guild
[39:30] without having to use the remote farming
[39:32] spell each time for something a little
[39:34] weird a little strange but still
[39:36] extremely helpful we're going to be
[39:39] adding an unlockable bloodwood tree
[39:41] patch as well this will be at the guild
[39:44] and a much safer convenient place than
[39:48] the other bloodwood tree patches also as
[39:52] a bonus we've also added a fourth
[39:56] unlockable spirit tree patch as well
[39:59] just to enhance that teleport nate
[40:02] network okay we think it's time for some
[40:05] new crops something to grow other than
[40:08] dragons and dinosaurs so we've added
[40:11] dragon fruit with technically these are
[40:15] a type of cactus by the way so we've
[40:17] also added a additional third craftable
[40:21] constructible cactus patch on the
[40:24] vanna kronor in which you can grow them
[40:26] in that's not all in fact we've added a
[40:29] whole manner of new produce to grow for
[40:31] example these high-level mushrooms we're
[40:34] adding carambola chiku and ger Anja
[40:37] fruit trees we're adding mangoes
[40:40] avocados and likee fruit bushes as well
[40:44] and if that wasn't enough you'll be able
[40:47] to plant a money tree in the farming
[40:49] guild that's if you're lucky enough to
[40:51] find the seeds by the way all right
[40:54] obviously we're adding a new remote and
[40:56] to impactful master farming perks these
[40:59] help you with growing crops and help you
[41:01] raise the animals and dinosaurs on your
[41:04] farm all of this means that we're adding
[41:07] a ton of farming produce as well as
[41:10] having recently added the are buck herb
[41:11] with the Anna crony update so let's talk
[41:14] herblore all of the stuff that you'll be
[41:17] farming will be used to make this new
[41:19] base ingredient called primal extract
[41:23] this opens the door to some of Gillan
[41:25] ores pretty powerful and potent potion
[41:28] recipes let's take a quick look at them
[41:30] obviously we've added a new tier of
[41:33] weapon poison we've combined prayer and
[41:37] summoning pots into one there we go
[41:44] and this next one is a player suggestion
[41:48] after we reached out on Twitter a little
[41:49] while ago it's called the charming
[41:51] potion while active you can gather
[41:54] summoning charms at double the rate that
[41:56] you normally would through both combat
[41:58] and skilling okay next let's introduce
[42:03] you to the potion of harvest this is a
[42:07] weird one this while under the effects
[42:09] of this potion your regular allotment
[42:11] produce will mutate into mega awesome
[42:14] crops we're talking golden watermelons
[42:18] rainbow sweet corn and cannonball
[42:21] cabbages these mega crops alongside all
[42:25] of the meat from big-game hunter you
[42:26] probably have quite a lot of now can be
[42:28] used as ingredients to make the new
[42:30] ultimate best in slot food the primal
[42:33] feast
[42:35] this can be unpacked into multiple
[42:37] portions in your inventory whenever you
[42:39] wish which means that it's healing
[42:41] potential per inventory slot is
[42:43] absolutely huge right
[42:46] now that we've covered food how about
[42:48] prayer well obviously we're going to be
[42:51] making extreme prayer potions duh
[42:54] however there's also this little thing
[42:57] the blessed flask this flask is quite
[43:01] time consuming to make think master work
[43:03] but once you have one you'll be able to
[43:05] charge it with tons of extreme prayer
[43:07] potions bring it with you and you'll
[43:09] have prayer points for days okay a quick
[43:12] curveball now this is an adrenalin
[43:14] crystal this is right it's not but we'll
[43:19] be adding drops to PVM and slayer drop
[43:23] tables which you can convert into
[43:25] adrenaline crystals if you have a high
[43:27] enough herb low level I can tell a few
[43:30] of you will be happy about that okay so
[43:32] far I hope this hasn't been information
[43:35] overload
[43:41] introducing the elder overload this
[43:45] boost your combat stats by 17% +5 as you
[43:49] probably expected and finally we have
[43:53] two entirely new genres of potion first
[43:58] up we have power bursts they can double
[44:01] your health pool they can make you
[44:03] extremely fast with unlimited surge
[44:06] charges basically they give you crazy
[44:09] powerful effects for a short burst of
[44:12] time and something we're particularly
[44:15] excited about craftable bombs okay
[44:20] these are entirely new content combat
[44:25] mechanic you'll be able to launch poison
[44:27] bombs sticky bombs and vulnerability
[44:31] bombs
[44:32] whichever unfortunate victims and areas
[44:35] you choose these area effects linger for
[44:38] a short while so any unfortunate enemies
[44:40] that fall prey to them will be affected
[44:42] by the effect while they're active okay
[44:45] here's the master herblore perk which
[44:48] directly assists the production of
[44:50] overloads
[44:53] right why farming and herb law you might
[44:58] be thinking both skills have a
[45:00] significant amount of content from 1 to
[45:02] 99 and herb law is in fact completely
[45:05] stacked at the higher levels but also
[45:07] farming is one of our most popular
[45:09] skills especially with the introduction
[45:11] of player owned farm last year but more
[45:15] importantly these two skills enhance and
[45:17] supplement each other as a pair which
[45:20] means that it's much smoother for us to
[45:22] design a fulfilling experience for you
[45:24] as a development team we feel that a
[45:28] number of criteria really needed to be
[45:30] met before that we were comfortable
[45:32] updating those two skills to 120 so I
[45:35] mean just real these off we think it's
[45:38] important to have valuable content and
[45:39] unlocks at every new level we also want
[45:45] worthwhile goals and milestones to aim
[45:47] for obviously we want the journey to not
[45:51] feel like a complete grind which means
[45:53] fair
[45:54] P rates and a variety of training
[45:56] methods and mechanics and finally is
[46:00] extremely important to add a complete
[46:01] chunker of a grace period for comp and
[46:04] trim players something like six or nine
[46:07] months what's what's all this smoke
[46:09] what oh god okay I need to get off the
[46:14] stage the creators you know them as the
[46:30] elder guys you may think them united but
[46:36] they are not you may think they speak
[46:39] with one voice but they did not at the
[46:44] dawn of this universe there was no life
[46:47] save for them but there was still
[46:51] conflict
[46:53] that conflict will come again
[47:22] alas we are approaching the end
[47:25] hopefully there's been something
[47:26] revealed so far that is wet your whistle
[47:28] a wee bit but let's have a quick recap
[47:30] so you can have a bit of context yeah
[47:32] have a quick context of when things are
[47:35] coming out and what to expect
[47:36] previously on rune first well we have
[47:40] the archaeology skill coming in January
[47:43] 2020 which gives us a nice little point
[47:45] for all the other updates to cuddle
[47:46] around ok next we can put the Mega
[47:50] Trinity of updates that all coming on
[47:52] the same day in November raunch out of
[47:55] time farming to 120 and herb-lore to 120
[47:58] these are three large updates that all
[48:01] feed each other the ranch pushing
[48:03] farming to 120 alongside new patches and
[48:05] then the ranch handing is primal extract
[48:07] a resource of essential for all the new
[48:09] potions bombs power burst and more that
[48:12] fill up her blots once went in in summer
[48:14] summer 2020 we have the small matter of
[48:17] the elder God Wars dungeon so while it
[48:20] is admittedly a little far off we're
[48:22] about start development we've already
[48:24] had design meetings and we're all
[48:25] getting a little bit excited ok what
[48:28] next well we have the story line that
[48:30] we'll be building up towards the old of
[48:33] God Wars dungeon there'll be a number of
[48:35] quests next year but you can be sure of
[48:37] desperate measures featuring an acro Nia
[48:39] and Cara pack and a city of szent istván
[48:42] quest delivering on expectations autumn
[48:44] of szent istván quest would be like you
[48:46] can probably guess on ok let's check on
[48:49] some more let's link some more let's
[48:51] announce some more we don't want
[48:53] archaeology to be launched and for us to
[48:55] not update it further particularly as
[48:57] people approach the upper editor reaches
[48:59] of the skill we also don't want to
[49:01] forget about Anna crony ax so expect
[49:04] orphan a dig site on our charming land
[49:07] out of time focus on the top end of
[49:09] archaeology you can expect to reveal
[49:11] some lost knowledge about the 8 the art
[49:14] of ancient potion making here which will
[49:16] contribute further to herb-lore 2:120
[49:18] we're also very aware that recently we
[49:21] haven't been giving you the content
[49:23] giving you content at the rate that you
[49:25] would like so to address this the
[49:26] episodic content team are doing three
[49:28] things the refill will go a long way and
[49:30] will be take talking about them more in
[49:32] the coming weeks
[49:33] first we
[49:34] going to be expanding the team
[49:36] temporarily to take on a couple of
[49:38] updates that will allow us to get ahead
[49:40] of ourselves an anchor to add
[49:41] contingency if either updates change so
[49:44] among other updates this team will be
[49:46] working on a new pets project in the
[49:48] same vein as combat and skimming pets
[49:50] will be finishing the set with pets of
[49:52] ports farm minigames clue scrolls and
[49:55] more and like we did with combat pets we
[49:58] want to get you involved so expect a
[49:59] competition to design the look of these
[50:01] pets in the next month
[50:03] dawn Presley you can do it the second
[50:05] thing we are doing to address the number
[50:08] of updates is to create and protect two
[50:10] sub teams we have one sub team dedicated
[50:13] to making quests regularly and another
[50:17] sub team and we have another sub team
[50:22] dedicated to working on remasters to
[50:25] content that you love reworking existing
[50:28] stuff that is in the game the teams will
[50:30] begin to spin up in the coming months
[50:32] but we can state that the quest team
[50:33] will be working on and as an ad request
[50:35] after desperate measures and the
[50:40] remaster e sub team will be kicking off
[50:42] with a remaster of managing miscellanea
[50:45] making a worth doing adding further ways
[50:47] to improve your kingdom and more
[50:53] and thirdly we have a game jam kicking
[50:57] off on the 9th of October where we're
[50:58] all aiming to make stuff you want over a
[51:00] two-week period okay we're approaching
[51:05] the end but before we go there is the
[51:07] small matter of runescape mobile if you
[51:10] were part of the members beta you'll
[51:12] know that we launched a fantastic new
[51:14] build for mobile last month and if you
[51:16] weren't part of the members beta we'd
[51:18] like to announce the later this year
[51:21] any member with an Android phone will be
[51:24] able to play it without restriction
[51:25] that's right we can announce runescape
[51:28] mobile early access for everyone will be
[51:30] coming very soon and those of you on iOS
[51:33] can expect to play it later next year ok
[51:36] whoo there you have it let's bring on
[51:39] mod Tim boat mod mark mutter on and mod
[51:41] raven please do give them all around her
[51:43] promise
[51:55] we have several chambers waiting on this
[51:58] sofa
[51:58] so for frogs altar flipping finish so
[52:01] they can talk about these updates while
[52:02] a few of us will be pegging it to the
[52:04] panel room very fast for the runescape
[52:06] team a Q&A
[52:07] you might also catch this a little worse
[52:08] for wear later on today willing to
[52:10] reveal details at the after-show party
[52:12] and also like to take a moment for their
[52:14] PvP arts battle the best time of the day
[52:18] was 108 15 third place is xj mod second
[52:22] place is silver squad first place was
[52:25] mates rates if you're in those groups
[52:26] please go to the art hall now to collect
[52:28] your rewards okay but while this may
[52:30] seem like an ending from all of us it's
[52:33] by no means the end we've got something
[52:36] rather special a tech showcase hosted by
[52:40] mod pips I really really think you'll
[52:43] like this one everybody please give him
[52:44] a hand thank you guys
[52:52] I wanted to hijack the last part of this
[52:55] year's runescape reveals to share with
[52:57] you some developments in RuneScape's
[53:01] game technology in recent months we
[53:04] formed a new group within the runescape
[53:06] development team there called core
[53:08] experience and therein they are focused
[53:11] on improving the look of the game and
[53:13] especially the feel of the gameplay now
[53:18] their main project at the moment is
[53:19] runescape mobile but they've been
[53:21] exploring a bunch of things that we
[53:23] think can improve the game for all
[53:25] players on all platforms now as a
[53:29] by-product of Rhian scape mobile sorry
[53:32] as a by-product of the NXT client being
[53:35] the basis for runescape mobile the
[53:37] optimizations we need to perform to run
[53:40] on all these different mobile devices
[53:41] those improvements go into the core
[53:44] client so let's watch an example of that
[53:49] this is the this is a load game load up
[53:53] before and after those optimizations you
[53:56] can see there's a really big difference
[53:58] and if you look closely you'll see that
[54:01] these are captured on mobile devices but
[54:04] these optimizations are going to be
[54:06] coming into the PC build very soon now
[54:11] loading speed is just one aspect of the
[54:13] optimizations that we've been doing in
[54:15] fact we're pretty happy with how the NXT
[54:18] client has matured by now and what we
[54:21] want to do now is really push it forward
[54:23] and advance it with new features so at
[54:26] the development team we've been very
[54:28] lucky to just receive a new material
[54:30] rendering system this allows our
[54:32] graphics teams to do 3d art with more
[54:35] detail and more depth and it allows us
[54:39] to do more with surfaces and lighting so
[54:42] as you can heat see here there's some
[54:44] new metal effects we think this is going
[54:45] to be really cool for weapons and armor
[54:47] in the game and we've also seen the
[54:50] selection of items from the general game
[54:52] world that are going through an upgrade
[54:54] to use this system as well next let's
[54:59] see how we're using some visual effects
[55:00] to improve the game's usability
[55:04] this is an effect where the tree
[55:07] canopies are faded out if they block the
[55:09] view of your player-character we think
[55:13] this makes running around we think this
[55:16] makes running around forests more
[55:18] convenient and means you don't have to
[55:23] manipulate the cameras you're moving
[55:24] around as much next let's look at a
[55:26] variation on this theme which is as your
[55:30] character view is blocked by scenery you
[55:32] can see the silhouette so you always
[55:34] know where you are even in a really
[55:36] densely populated area also means you
[55:39] can turn roofs back on this tech in the
[55:44] next video also shows that we're
[55:47] experimenting with different types of
[55:49] character highlights so what we're
[55:51] trying here is as you put your mouse
[55:52] over different objects or characters
[55:54] they kind of indicate what your your
[55:57] click will do so if it's green it's
[55:59] friendly like talking to an NPC then
[56:01] obviously red is dangerous combat for
[56:04] monsters and blue more utility things
[56:06] like picking up objects we think this
[56:10] will help new players as they're
[56:11] learning the game but when we've been
[56:12] trying it we've also found that it's
[56:14] great if you play with a really zoomed
[56:15] out camera also if you're playing with a
[56:18] small screen next we've also been
[56:22] looking at ways to improve the feel of
[56:24] the game especially your movement around
[56:26] the game world this is a prototype with
[56:29] improved pathfinding it has the players
[56:32] movement being smoothed out it's quite
[56:35] subtle so in the next video we can look
[56:37] closer this is the game as it is now
[56:42] before these changes you can see the
[56:44] player character moving around corners
[56:46] the motion can be a bit jagged there
[56:49] turns a bit sharp it's what we've all
[56:51] got used to so if we have the version
[56:53] with smoothing on you'll be able to see
[56:58] the turning is more gentle more fluid it
[57:01] looks more natural
[57:07] it makes the game feel just that little
[57:08] bit more immersive now for the final two
[57:15] tech prototypes I need to put a warning
[57:18] up first these are going to be very
[57:21] early experimental prototypes unlike the
[57:24] great content we saw earlier in the
[57:26] keynote for these not only do we not
[57:29] have release dates we do not know if
[57:31] they will ever have release dates okay
[57:33] so just bear that in mind but with that
[57:36] said you've told us one of the biggest
[57:38] things we can do to improve gameplay is
[57:40] to make it a lot more responsive so we
[57:44] are taking up that challenge we are
[57:46] exploring ways to eliminate lag from
[57:48] runescape so this prototype here the
[57:54] instant you click on the ground your
[57:56] character starts to move there is no
[57:59] delay there's no waiting for a message
[58:02] to go from your game client to the
[58:03] server and back and that's because this
[58:05] system is predicting your path moving
[58:08] you instantly and the server and client
[58:10] synchronizing as they go now if you look
[58:14] at the debug on the screen you can see
[58:16] these green boxes the one that's under
[58:18] the player character represents where
[58:20] the client has your position the one
[58:24] that's trailing is where the server says
[58:26] you are and the gap between these two
[58:28] green boxes represents the lag that
[58:31] comes from your internet connection and
[58:33] the speed of the game server tick and
[58:36] that is the gap that systems like this
[58:39] are aiming to close so the last
[58:44] prototype is arguably a quest for our
[58:48] quest for the Holy Grail
[58:49] a faster server tick rate this as you're
[58:53] saying here is the game as it is now
[58:55] server tick running at 600 milliseconds
[58:57] and this means that sometimes there's a
[58:59] slight delay between your input and then
[59:02] the action in the game so if we move to
[59:05] see the prototype we have added a second
[59:09] faster server tick system it's actually
[59:12] six times faster you can see the debug
[59:14] graphics representing that what we've
[59:17] done in this prototype is port the Corps
[59:19] combat code
[59:20] to run in this faster system it means
[59:23] your actions are much quicker and
[59:24] they're more consistent and potentially
[59:28] this sort of system could mean we could
[59:30] make responsiveness improvements across
[59:33] many actions in the game now we are
[59:37] thank you we are incredibly sight
[59:42] excited about these things on the one
[59:44] hand but on the other as we've said as
[59:47] that that warning what we're showing you
[59:49] here in these prototypes is the 1% of
[59:51] the game we've got working and not the
[59:53] 99% that these experiments break but
[59:57] really the important thing we're trying
[59:58] to share with you is our ambition for
[01:00:00] runescape and it's game technology we're
[01:00:03] now really having a crack at these
[01:00:05] challenges we are exploring ways to make
[01:00:08] RuneScape's
[01:00:08] core experience look better feel
[01:00:11] smoother and be much more responsive
[01:00:15] this is just a taste of the things in
[01:00:18] our minds for the future of RuneScape's
[01:00:20] game technology and I think they also
[01:00:21] represent the things that are now
[01:00:24] possible when we're really focusing on
[01:00:26] the NXT game client and advancing it
[01:00:29] with new features ok that brings us to
[01:00:33] the end of the runescape reveals keynote
[01:00:35] thank you so much for joining us
[01:00:40] we are incredibly excited for
[01:00:42] RuneScape's future and we will see you
[01:00:45] there thank you
[01:00:48] [Music]
[01:00:59] you