Transcript of RuneScape JMods react to Brazilian food (10 Year Community Anniversary)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] HUE
[00:18] COXINHA
[00:23] Looks like a fuzzy little teardrop.
[00:25] Looks like a dumpling.
[00:26] I don't know how you call it in English, but it's like one of these fish and chips stuff.
[00:31] It looks like a small pear.
[00:34] It's not a pear.
[00:35] But I assume it's probably cheese.
[00:42] That's really good!
[00:45] Chicken?
[00:46] Chicken?
[00:47] Is it chicken?
[00:48] It's actually stuffed with chicken.
[00:52] -Really?
[00:53] Only chicken?
[00:55] It's good!
[00:56] Doesn't taste like chicken though, at all.
[00:58] It's nice.
[00:59] I like it. It's good.
[01:02] CHUCHU
[01:04] This is the next dish.
[01:06] Looks like a galia melon.
[01:08] Looks like some kind of fruit.
[01:10] A cross between avocado and melon or something.
[01:13] Go for it.
[01:16] Do you like it?
[01:17] Not bad actually.
[01:20] It's not bad. It's just...
[01:22] It's not what I expected.
[01:24] This is the name of what you're eating.
[01:34] This is your next dish.
[01:37] This is probably some dodgy stuff.
[01:40] Some what?
[01:41] The sinister person in me looks and goes "Are these little hearts on a skewer?".
[01:50] It has some chew to it, isn't it?
[01:56] What do you think?
[01:58] It's chicken.
[02:00] How can you tell?
[02:02] Because it has the texture of chicken, I think.
[02:05] And it tastes like chicken.
[02:07] It tastes better than what it smells like.
[02:09] Very tender meat.
[02:12] That's actually the chicken heart.
[02:17] Yes.
[02:18] Really?
[02:18] Yes.
[02:19] It's like I've just devoured the soul of my enemy.
[02:22] Like such is the usual weekend, really.
[02:25] How do you find them?
[02:27] Lovely.
[02:27] -Yeah?
[02:46] Through your nose.
[02:51] Yes. That's it.
[02:56] This is your next dish.
[03:01] Now it looks a bit like a bready dumpling.
[03:08] It looks like Windbeutel.
[03:11] Yes.
[03:13] There's a German confectionery thing that is sweet and filled with cream.
[03:18] It looks a bit like it, but probably not.
[03:20] It smells very not sweet. It smells cheesy.
[03:26] Yeah, I like these.
[03:27] Yeah, me too.
[03:31] Tastes like oil.
[03:34] Like olive oil. Is that olive bread?
[03:36] Dough balls.
[03:37] Yeah, that's very cheesy.
[03:39] I'll put it all.
[03:40] Yeah.
[03:43] Cheesy.
[03:44] Of course it's cheese! Yeah!
[03:47] What are they called?
[03:55] How do you say that?
[03:58] That's a very important word for you to get right.
[04:04] Nasal.
[04:07] I'm not going to make this word.
[04:20] Like, nasal.
[04:47] Is this the final one?
[04:49] Where's my guinea pig?
[04:51] I've been looking forward to this.
[04:54] I saw these scattered around the office earlier.
[04:57] You told me I'd eat guinea pigs.
[04:59] You are the guinea pig.
[05:00] Oh, I am the guinea pig.
[05:02] This should be some sort of chocolatey thing.
[05:05] Like some sort of nice chocolate mousse.
[05:08] It's squidgy.
[05:09] But so far I'm convinced it's not.
[05:12] You will trick us.
[05:14] I'm hoping this is like condensed milk fudge stuff.
[05:25] You're in chocolate heaven.
[05:29] I'm disappointed at the lack of churros, but apart from that...
[05:34] Churros are not Brazilian.
[05:35] What?
[05:36] It's surprisingly pleasant so I'm waiting for what the twist is.
[05:38] No. There is no twist.
[05:40] I couldn't eat a lot of them.
[05:42] But those hearts, I could eat all day long.
[05:45] It's tasty. It's just my arteries are clogging.
[05:49] Brilliant. It's just chocolate.
[05:51] Yes!
[05:52] Hi, folks. PT-BR team speaking here.
[05:54] We just wanted to thank you for all these ten years of RuneScape.
[05:58] Without you, we wouldn't be celebrating such an important milestone
[06:01] in the history of this game we love so much.
[06:03] So, from all of us...
[06:05] Thank you and here's to the next ten years!
[06:13] Watch out for Geofredo, man!
[06:16] I didn't hit him, did I?
[06:17] Don't kill the poor critter!
[06:19] Oh, baby.