Transcript of RuneScape Halloween Skits

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Carrie you're in here trick-or-treating
[00:11] not change my mind
[00:13] you don't listen to God like what do you
[00:14] mean your period is the same as being a
[00:16] new good around the streets asking for
[00:18] free stuff no I'll be back in five
[00:21] minutes if you're not ready
[00:23] I'm unfollowing you on Twitter okay okay
[00:25] just chill out dude I can't go back to
[00:27] single digits I'm back the hell are you
[00:31] supposed to be me I'm slender the
[00:33] thought we agreed on Celestia Luna god
[00:36] dammit see this is why you go answer my
[00:38] skype calls are you I'm going without
[00:41] you
[01:09] yes
[01:10] trick-or-treat is something wrong no
[01:13] it's just what is it nothing don't worry
[01:16] all right I'll go get some candy for
[01:19] it's for moonstone nice costume man does
[01:22] June yeah your wolf costume what are you
[01:25] talking about your wolf is trying to
[01:32] kill me no must be more
[01:40] trick-or-treaters oh wow
[01:43] that's an awesome Slenderman costume one
[01:45] sec I'll get you some calm
[02:20] what damn it
[02:24] la la la la la la la
[02:27] trick-or-treat Oh Santana carrot costume
[02:33] no ma'am I'm a big scary zombie
[02:36] I love cozy are here sweetie have some
[02:39] candy thank you ma'am
[02:41] oh my gosh that guy gets everything yeah
[02:44] how does he do it must be some kind of a
[02:47] secret tree what does he have that we
[02:50] don't friends what what no we're friends
[02:53] we're super popular but what about that
[02:55] one time yeah yeah Shh now let's go
[02:57] drink oh geez