Transcript of RuneScape Halloween Short Stories - Told by Jmods

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Do you also think I'm gone?
[00:02] Do not assume my reign of terror has come to an end.
[00:05] Falador was just the beginning.
[00:06] You know me best as Durial321.
[00:09] Bit of advice for Halloween.
[00:11] Bank your items.
[00:17] It was like any other day.
[00:19] Adventuring, being a hero, you know the works.
[00:23] There was a strange fellow pacing back and forth, looking bewildered.
[00:28] He asked me...
[00:30] "Can you do me one small favour?"
[00:36] The poison still burns.
[00:38] My bank, I can almost grasp the building's walls.
[00:41] My knees, they buckle. Such a burning pain!
[00:45] This breath chills the air. My last.
[00:47] Darkness. Closing eyes.
[00:50] Goodbye, my man of iron.
[00:52] Darkness.
[00:53] The drips echoing on cavern floor.
[00:55] The abyssal crevice threatens to swallow you.
[00:58] The blue lights so hauntingly beautiful.
[01:01] Your heart races.
[01:02] Glowing eyes hiss at you.
[01:04] Tell me a story.
[01:07] He'd done it.
[01:08] They said he couldn't, but it was done.
[01:11] Decayed flesh festooned the floor.
[01:15] The ungodly abomination solemnly stared straight at Fenkenstrain.
[01:20] Then Sir Owen thanked the doctor, and left.
[01:23] Varrock is in ruins.
[01:26] Falador no longer exists.
[01:28] Lumbridge Castle is in pieces.
[01:31] The townspeople are slaves.
[01:34] Ice Mountain has melted and Draynor was burned.
[01:39] Sliske has returned.
[01:41] Sliske has won.
[01:47] Darkness shrouds Gielinor.
[01:49] A cloaked figure sweeps through Draynor.
[01:51] It stops you in the village.
[01:54] "I've come for you" it says, holding out a rotting hand.
[01:58] You take it and the darkness becomes eternal.
[02:03] Everyone has skeletons in their closet, right?
[02:06] So why does it scare my friends when they see the lifeless body I have hanging in mine?
[02:11] The iridescent glow from the fire flickered as the wind blew.
[02:15] Timbo lay beneath his kingly sheets, drifting to sleep.
[02:20] With a branch screeching against his window, he wakes.
[02:23] They were coming for him.
[02:27] The last entry of a leatherbound journal.
[02:30] "So few of us left."
[02:32] "We shouldn't have taken it!"
[02:34] "They strike from the shadows!"
[02:37] I freeze as the wind of a long winter's night steals away my candle's flame.
[02:47] As they crept towards the golden chest, their hearts were filled with greed and conceit.
[02:52] What treasures lay within?
[02:55] They lifted the lid, peering inside.
[02:58] There was a note within.
[03:00] "You have been banned!"
[03:05] Something was wrong.
[03:07] I woke up and nobody recognised me anymore.
[03:11] After several hours, an adventurer approached and said "good evening".
[03:16] I was stunned and relieved.
[03:19] Then I saw the ghostspeak amulet.
[03:24] T'was the night o' hallows eve
[03:26] in a shack on stormy shore.
[03:29] Something is scraping blackboard nails on the door.
[03:33] Candles flicker, windows shatter.
[03:36] Glass and shadows on the floor.
[03:39] Quoth the darkness, "evermore".
[03:43] The internet is down.
[03:51] 01111001
[03:57] 01001111
[04:03] 01110101
[04:07] 00100000
[04:11] 01001110
[04:15] 01101111
[04:19] 01010111
[04:23] 00100000
[04:28] 01101000
[04:31] 01100001
[04:36] 01010110
[04:40] 01000101
[04:44] 00100000
[04:49] 01100001
[04:54] 00100000
[05:00] 01010110
[05:04] 01101001
[05:08] 01010010
[05:12] 01110101
[05:16] 01010011
[05:21] 001...
[05:23] 0000...
[05:28] 1
[05:32] You look so, like, unhuman.
[05:34] The eyes.
[05:37] That's my James face.