Transcript of RuneScape Gods Exposed - Episode 10

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] well well look who we have
[00:03] nothing's and drums
[00:06] who once turned me into a spade that was
[00:10] long ago prepare to die
[00:12] oh come on seriously you're dumb and
[00:17] stupid chiken don't get any ideas
[00:24] Oh mr. clean God are you there
[00:32] hello zombie get the hell off of me huh
[00:41] I've never seen a talking high before
[00:45] well that's because I'm a magical pie
[00:48] didn't you just get killed by a sexy man
[00:51] with a sword and large muscles yeah but
[00:55] I was already dead hmm well as a magical
[01:03] pie
[01:03] I command you to get revenge on this man
[01:06] and it just so happens that his two
[01:08] friends are in that farm right now you
[01:12] should go eat their brains they'll never
[01:14] see it coming
[01:15] well I guess I could try just like you
[01:30] very much
[01:31] he's stupid fair
[01:39] okay I did it Wow
[01:55] escape calls exposed is brunch by the
[01:58] general store you know they never
[02:01] semester is a far subside they sell lots
[02:04] of things that makes it for everyone to
[02:06] have oh my god just look at this stuff
[02:09] at the general store third if it better
[02:13] better fruit scape God's exposed brought
[02:17] to you by the general store whatever you
[02:19] plan on doing this season the general
[02:21] store is here for you remember nothing
[02:24] says I love you like a newcomer Gerald
[02:27] oh hey man what you looking at
[02:55] I like all different kinds of all paper
[03:01] how could you let him get away like that
[03:03] my ankle really stings I think I might
[03:06] have sprained it I didn't want to put
[03:08] too much pressure on Tyra dohman is very
[03:10] unplaced with you back to the great one
[03:12] he is so emplaced that he has actually
[03:14] thought about sacrificing your left ear
[03:17] do you like your left ear
[03:18] yeah you're stuck with it well if you
[03:21] want to keep your ear then you better
[03:23] find your stupid friend before he causes
[03:25] any trouble one of you has to stay with
[03:28] him and make sure the job is complete
[03:31] okay oh my god I'll do anything but
[03:36] sometimes I'm right is enough do rock
[03:40] paper scissors
[03:41] best out of three that screw that that's
[03:44] three out of five rock paper scissors oh
[03:48] my god what is up homie you remember me
[03:52] oh god no well time no see buddy
[03:55] what's crack-a-lackin' this is not a
[03:57] good time for this I call the radio
[04:00] there is no reading yeah there's no
[04:02] Regis until you find your friend all
[04:05] boats arriving and leaving the island
[04:08] I've been put on hold
[04:10] he's somewhere out there and you will
[04:12] find him if you don't your ear will be
[04:15] removed peace out
[04:22] so what brings you to the island bro um
[04:25] well after being chased by Celtics and
[04:28] dropping sui thought it would be a good
[04:29] idea to ride a ship to a happy little
[04:31] saradomin worshiping island and traina
[04:33] little did we know everyone here is
[04:35] brainwashed on cabbage and now so
[04:37] saradomin he's brainwashing to
[04:38] worshiping himself what the hell are you
[04:40] doing here
[04:41] what am I doing here this my home dog I
[04:44] was born raised on these streets well do
[04:47] you know if there's any way off this
[04:48] stupid island now I don't dog but I know
[04:51] someone who does mommy will you shut up
[04:59] crying is for people who aren't manly
[05:02] like me you want to be like me don't you
[05:04] yes mister talking pie good then it is
[05:08] time for your next assignment I need you
[05:10] go get your friend with the spiky hair
[05:12] okay mr. pie okay how's it going oh
[05:20] that's a nice rush I dog were here I
[05:34] hope you're good at climbing
[05:35] what do you mean have to be good at
[05:36] climbing I'm not good at climbing what I
[05:38] have to be good at climbing you need to
[05:39] relax man
[05:41] cuz I got this all right it's your turn
[05:48] now okay we have a bit of the dilemma
[05:51] because I don't really want to die oh no
[05:55] Todd hey bro how's it going oh I'm doing
[06:01] just fine isn't everyone looking for you
[06:04] right now
[06:04] oh no no I don't I don't think so no I
[06:08] could have sworn I heard something about
[06:10] that oh well would you like some cabbage
[06:13] oh no thanks no I actually just finished
[06:16] a bunch of that good stuff
[06:18] YUM just makes me want to bow to the
[06:21] great one ah what a great feeling well
[06:27] I'll see you later friend good boy
[06:30] bye Todd damn I'm good because I thought
[06:39] Buster Paul excellent topic at work I
[06:42] always do no way obviously you wanna see
[06:44] Rhonda do you wonder really tyree
[06:46] burrows polluting environment where a
[06:47] pitcher when I'm guiding was it
[06:49] you should relays now any noise go round
[06:51] miss why the hell is Bill's
[06:54] girlfriend here this is my friend Brenda
[06:56] with the spiky hair
[06:58] you brought Bill's girlfriend I'm sorry
[07:02] but your uh screw up this time Tommy has
[07:04] anyone ever told you you look delicious
[07:07] zombie go find gothics and please get
[07:10] the pills girlfriend away from me so why
[07:14] are we down here again
[07:16] oh snap Vendetta don't you ever speak
[07:21] about my bananas whoa let's dog does him
[07:26] looks good mr. monkey I was up wondering
[07:29] if you could help my friend here get off
[07:31] in training please bro
[07:36] what do you think Rosco should we help
[07:40] Little Red Riding Hood no wait you just
[07:44] talk to a banana
[07:45] don't worry Home Slice he can be a bit
[07:47] strange sometimes but he's a smart
[07:49] monkey I know Oh Rosco mean Rosco made
[08:00] our decision we agree to help you
[08:04] not so fast losers sirrah
[08:08] finally I've got you you're coming with
[08:11] me Sarah
[08:12] you got to snap out of it man they gave
[08:14] you cabbage jelly for your panic
[08:25] are you guys seeing this with your
[08:27] eyeballs I can't believe it and you
[08:37] thought you could escape the greater Dex
[08:40] No oh god that was sick
[08:46] go fix oh I love you man I always knew
[08:50] you were smart guy I'm gonna go eat
[08:53] mustard oh my god that was awesome I was
[09:00] crapped you're freaking weirdo what is
[09:07] going on oh wait what are you guys doing
[09:11] what are you going
[09:16] so I get durian a human oh it feels
[09:20] great to be back thank you so much
[09:22] garlic's your I can my name is Randy oh
[09:28] god that is gross ooh I told you
[09:35] zombie gautham good well that's
[09:37] disgusting but you know what guys I'm
[09:40] just glad to be home for Christmas you
[09:43] guys are like my family cheers to that
[09:45] my friend I like everyone I just I love
[09:50] you guys so much
[09:50] I bow to the great one gosh funny is his
[10:06] girlfriend
[10:21] you
[10:32] you