Transcript of RuneScape Game Jam - Coming this Weekend!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] I models and this game jam I have the
[00:03] pleasure of showing you all everybody
[00:04] project live alongside mod show me in
[00:07] your feedback live on camera and then
[00:09] maybe you know I'm disk on afterwards we
[00:10] know a little bit chat about what you
[00:11] saw hello I'm models born and I will be
[00:14] working on a quest during the game jam
[00:16] we've got Krishna pretty excited about
[00:18] it focus on a loved character from you
[00:20] get will give us we're going to kill
[00:22] them and have a murder mystery around
[00:24] solving their murder but it's gonna have
[00:25] a little twist many things may not be
[00:27] what you think this isn't necessarily
[00:29] about following the story from the
[00:31] beginning through the middle to the end
[00:32] various kind of you know traditional arc
[00:34] we're actually trying something very
[00:36] very different and that you can actually
[00:38] play the quest in multiple you can
[00:40] actually fit straight to the end of you
[00:42] they're trying something a little bit
[00:43] more challenging with quest making what
[00:46] I really love is the best to stay a bit
[00:49] of a surprise that at some point in the
[00:51] next few months you can put this out if
[00:52] it's really successful and let people
[00:54] work their way through it with only the
[00:56] information pretty much I've given in
[00:58] this video hello I'm one simple and only
[01:01] working on a luxury work for the game
[01:03] game this weekend the reason why I want
[01:05] to do that because the ring wellsburg
[01:06] and so I want to do is I want to
[01:08] introduce a new low level way of getting
[01:10] luck and a new high level of getting
[01:11] work so no matter what I boss you're
[01:13] feeling you'll always get a really good
[01:14] drop the idea behind that we work is to
[01:16] add new levels of new kids of luck so
[01:19] the ring of wealth when I was from the
[01:20] making of luck and have a low levels
[01:22] here at a high level here of luck you'll
[01:24] be able to create new rings as a part of
[01:26] this update and there'll also be a new
[01:28] gym which is very exciting we have
[01:31] loaded some ideas which we go forward on
[01:33] the stream hopefully I'll be able to
[01:35] show you some of the new creation
[01:36] processes the new gem and also to show
[01:39] you what it working on buttons like tell
[01:41] us a name of death hi guys I'm one day
[01:44] again for the game jam I'm gonna be
[01:45] working with moderated and will be
[01:47] working on penguins in very the musical
[01:51] rating experience the update we know
[01:53] you've all been dying for we're seeing
[01:55] on forums on the reddit every single one
[01:58] of you is closed i'm going through the
[01:59] subject oh god wait we're doing a
[02:01] musical race partially after a forum
[02:04] thread cutter I
[02:05] placing a lotta game in which i
[02:07] disgusted players by the idea of a
[02:09] raiding structures a little less
[02:10] hardcore ppm the more posts around just
[02:14] having fun and we wanted to create
[02:16] something unique in MMOs I don't think
[02:21] I've heard of a single other musical
[02:23] raid in MLS we're going to be trying to
[02:25] create a couple of boxes basically
[02:28] relying with terrible pun most of the
[02:30] times it's a colleague and we spent on
[02:33] those funds will check in over the
[02:35] course that we can in the live stream to
[02:37] the status of beats master llamo aru
[02:42] maybe we've come with more jokes by then
[02:44] that would be really great