Transcript of RuneScape GameBlast Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] On 21st February 2014
[00:06] Jagex opened their doors to gameblast
[00:12] Hello guys, and welcome
[00:14] And 24hrs of gaming began
[00:24] How can you go wrong with Hunting and some Ice Cream?
[00:27] GameBlast!
[00:28] this is very cool
[00:30] Everyone in high spirits, we're raising money,
[00:33] we're scaping, and we're having a great time.
[00:48] there we go! 100mil!
[01:03] we just hit 12000 pounds
[01:13] DieHunted, loving those moves, this is for you!
[01:18] 14 hours in
[01:21] In an hour's time we get to have our 6 hours to go celebra..
[01:24] 6 hours sounds like an incredibly long amount of time
[01:26] pretty soon they're going to bring us some bacon sandwiches
[01:29] it's 6.43 in the morning and I have gained 16 levels!
[01:39] we've gone from super cool, well rehearsed stream
[01:42] to the low budget "yeah I'll just wander around and get you a mic somewhere" you know?
[01:55] we're into the final push!
[02:00] this is like the hottest chilli in the world. 2...3.... Go!
[02:04] it hurts so much, milk, I need some milk!
[02:08] 4...3...2...1..
[02:13] we made it
[02:19] a huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise over £48000 for Special Effect.
[02:25] You Rock!