Transcript of RuneScape Double XP Tail-Off Week 2017

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] double XP weekend is almost here and
[00:01] this time we've done something
[00:02] completely new introducing the double XP
[00:05] tail off week starting 12 p.m. game time
[00:08] on Monday 2002 februari you'll have all
[00:10] the fun of a standard double XP weekend
[00:12] with an added twist rather than go back
[00:15] to normal immediately after the double
[00:17] XP weekend is over we're offering you
[00:19] extra bonus xp for the first million
[00:21] total XP games the starting a double XP
[00:25] this bonus will gradually decline back
[00:27] to normal rates as you train and have
[00:29] until Monday 28 discovery to use the
[00:31] solar on that week will also be adding
[00:33] an all new perks of each of the skill
[00:35] cape or one more reason to get your 99
[00:37] during the weekend to make full use of
[00:39] these perks during the double XP tail
[00:41] and our double XP weekend will be
[00:42] hosting a game jam where the team will
[00:44] be working on their own passion projects
[00:45] and some of the suggestions and I do you
[00:47] supplier submitted will be streaming
[00:49] some of this live so tune in from pre
[00:51] p.m. game time to switch the TV first
[00:53] runescape roughly speak on what we are
[00:55] working on and here's one quick double
[00:57] actually we can fit to lead you on and
[00:59] to train your faster skills during the
[01:00] weekend and take your slower skills the
[01:02] new tail off period and maximize your
[01:04] game that's it from us have a wonderful
[01:07] bonus xp weekend and we'll see you on
[01:09] the other guys
[01:11] you
[01:14] [Music]