Transcript of RuneScape Dimension of the Damned - How To Win?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] HOW TO WIN
[00:05] Hopefully by now you know the basics of how to play Dimension of the Damned.
[00:08] But how do you win, you might ask.
[00:11] There are several tiers of prizes available in this game mode,
[00:13] some for simply taking part
[00:15] and some for the more hardcore and involved players out there.
[00:18] To earn prizes, you need to complete hour-long scoring sessions.
[00:21] You can complete as many of these as you want.
[00:23] You begin each session with a points multiplier
[00:25] which decreases every time you die.
[00:27] And how do you rack up points?
[00:29] Well, you kill a ton of zombies of course.
[00:31] Your score only counts for yourself.
[00:33] So, regardless if you're in a group of players or playing solo, your score will be the same.
[00:38] Your best session will be registered in a high-scores table
[00:40] where the top 1000 players will earn the right to take part
[00:43] in a Dimension of the Damned grand finale on Saturday October 28th
[00:46] and have a chance to win some awesome prizes,
[00:48] including lifetime membership, limited edition collectables
[00:51] and all-expenses-paid trips to Jagex studios.
[00:55] The competition will be fierce so don't hold back!
[00:58] Dimension of the Damned is a free-to-play game mode,
[01:00] so you can log in right now
[01:01] to find out if you are a good enough zombie killer to top the leaderboard!
[01:05] Have fun and happy 'scaping!