Transcript of RuneScape Dimension of the Damned - How To Play?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] HOW TO PLAY
[00:05] Dimension of the Damned is an all new competitive survival mode for RuneScape,
[00:09] where the dead have risen and taken over an alternate version of Gielinor
[00:11] and it's your job to stop them.
[00:13] For this game mode we've ripped up the rulebook
[00:15] and created some all new and unique gameplay elements.
[00:18] So how does it work?
[00:20] For starters, there is no PVP in this mode,
[00:23] even in the deepest parts of the Wilderness.
[00:25] This is a pure PVM experience where your two main focuses will be killing zombies
[00:29] and staying alive long enough to rack up a mammoth score.
[00:33] Falador is the only place you'll find safe harbour
[00:35] and be able to spend your well-earned bottle corks,
[00:37] the currency used in this dimension.
[00:39] Zombies are constantly spawning around the map
[00:42] and the more players there are in any given location,
[00:44] the more "noise" you'll make and the more zombies you'll see.
[00:47] And Guthix forbid you awaken more powerful monsters.
[00:50] Fighting the undead will make you vulnerable to "zombieism",
[00:53] a disease which will temporarily weaken you until you're fully cured,
[00:56] either by waiting a set amount of time
[00:58] or by brewing special antidotes for yourself
[01:00] or for your friends, if you are feeling generous.
[01:02] In order to survive, you need to gear up.
[01:04] You start the game with some very basic equipment
[01:07] and need to look for better items as you progress.
[01:09] You can do this by killing zombies, finding supply drops,
[01:12] or the old-fashioned way by crafting and trading your own gear.
[01:15] That's it!
[01:16] That's all you need to know to get started with Dimension of the Damned.
[01:19] Have fun and best of luck!
[01:21] You're gonna need it!