Transcript of RuneScape Developer Blog: Void Knights Series

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hi i'm mod nazi I'm a runescape
[00:10] developer and I made the first quest in
[00:12] the void night series quiet before this
[00:14] one the boy night series of quests is
[00:19] about delving into the history of the
[00:20] void knights and them as a people we
[00:22] look at their ongoing battle with the
[00:24] pests and help them overcome their
[00:26] greatest fears most of the first quest
[00:30] centers on puzzles because I felt
[00:32] puzzles were a great metaphor for our
[00:34] memories and emotions our emotions quite
[00:36] often get tangled up in our memories and
[00:38] make them very difficult to understand
[00:39] especially after a traumatic event so in
[00:42] the first quest we focus a lot on
[00:43] untangling Carosi memories I like to
[00:49] think of the first quest is a lot of
[00:50] sound and fury signifying nothing
[00:51] because a lot happened from the quest
[00:54] but you don't learn very much in the
[00:56] next couple of quests will reveal a lot
[00:58] more about what's going on hi I'm a
[01:00] runescape content developer they call me
[01:02] mod multi I've been working on the
[01:04] second quest in the void in that series
[01:06] in avoid done I promise to further
[01:10] explore the nature of the pest threat
[01:11] and their behaviors where do they come
[01:14] from what are they and why are they
[01:16] attacking this tiny little island in the
[01:17] middle the ocean I've set out to do that
[01:20] in this quest and you'll be further
[01:21] getting to know the characters from the
[01:23] first void night quest
[01:24] those who survived it seems to me that
[01:28] the actions that take place in the
[01:30] second void nights of course are really
[01:32] only half the picture the other half
[01:35] being the characters that you interact
[01:36] with both allies and enemies in terms of
[01:40] gameplay I saw the first quest in the
[01:42] series is very much an investigation the
[01:45] second part is more of a search and so
[01:47] while there is still a focus on puzzles
[01:49] and one of them is somewhat tricky don't
[01:53] think that means that there'll be no
[01:54] combat
[01:58] so we hope you enjoy the second void
[02:01] Knights quest coming soon and watch out
[02:03] for the conquest activity and the third
[02:05] and final question series jus later this
[02:07] year