Transcript of RuneScape Dev Diaries - Mining & Smithing #2: Tiers of Gear

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hello and welcome to the next in the
[00:01] series of developer Diaries this is for
[00:04] mining and smithing and we're going to
[00:05] be talking about the different tiers of
[00:06] Smith ball game
[00:15] for those of you who aren't aware
[00:17] currently the developer Diaries are
[00:18] there to talk about mining is submitting
[00:20] to bring you pine the scenes of why
[00:21] we're making certain design decisions
[00:22] and also it allow your feedback to kind
[00:24] of shift its focus now we've done one
[00:27] previously and in that one we asked the
[00:29] question of what was the purpose of
[00:31] raising smithing $2.99 and so we put it
[00:34] out there that we could go it for an
[00:36] overload method which is to give a and
[00:38] an unlockable benefit possibly
[00:39] consumable or that we could offer and GP
[00:42] generation gold generation so often got
[00:44] some feedback you were kind of been
[00:45] tracking that one better the so the
[00:48] results pretty overwhelmingly in favor
[00:50] of overloads
[00:50] but we don't movement profit as well
[00:52] yeah you know we don't have to choose
[00:54] what we definitely want over loads we
[00:55] also definitely want prom and I think I
[00:56] kind of led us to realize that we could
[00:58] actually I think so yeah
[01:00] I think we don't have to choose then yes
[01:02] it was it was part of the reason for the
[01:04] question was to people not want
[01:05] overloads and I think I found one person
[01:07] saying no I would rather it didn't work
[01:09] in that way but everyone else said yeah
[01:10] that sounds great I really won that but
[01:12] specifically it's likely to be
[01:13] consumable yes I mean we can talk about
[01:15] more other design bit later but yeah I
[01:17] consumable item of some sort that you
[01:18] make with a high level smithing that
[01:20] gives you a benefit in combat yeah I
[01:21] think is now what we're going to look at
[01:23] okay there were some questions I
[01:25] remember on the Reta feed saying that
[01:27] like why does it have to be combat I'm
[01:28] wanting it to plug into non-combat
[01:30] skills yeah it's difficult really
[01:32] because in runescape because almost
[01:33] everything can be bought and almost
[01:35] everything can be sold it's very easy to
[01:37] calculate the value of something in
[01:38] terms of how much gold is worth how much
[01:40] XP it's worth and if we give smithing a
[01:42] benefit that benefits other skills you
[01:46] can relatively easily do some maths and
[01:48] go wall it will cost me this cash to
[01:50] invest in smithing would it make me that
[01:51] much money in back maybe it would maybe
[01:53] a wooden and also if it does if it's
[01:55] great deal then there's a really real
[01:57] feeling of being pressured the level
[01:58] smithing first yes that you have to do
[02:00] that because the benefits are so great
[02:01] that there'd be a waste of time to level
[02:03] up is something we think about a lot but
[02:04] you don't often hopefully they often see
[02:06] it within the design of the game is that
[02:08] we don't create optimal parts yeah the
[02:09] skills like I have to train up through
[02:11] to invention first before I do anything
[02:13] else yeah or something too came to that
[02:14] you'll say and there's some comments on
[02:17] bug abuse I sorry yes so yes lovely
[02:19] clarifying I mentioned that the value of
[02:21] one of the rune items as a
[02:23] and several people worriedly said Oh am
[02:25] i abusing a bug if I if I outcome I
[02:26] should rephrase it that hi sorry it's
[02:29] not a bug in the sense of a horrific
[02:31] problem in the game which is causing
[02:32] damage and people are abusing it's an
[02:34] inconsistency in the way the day to work
[02:36] yeah and some rune items are profitable
[02:38] and others aren't because they're
[02:39] inconsistent Thea bad news and they
[02:40] shouldn't really have inconsistently
[02:42] decision okay so if we get on to the
[02:44] tears of Metal Gear that's what people
[02:46] have generally here for all I want to
[02:47] talk about I think there's there's not
[02:49] much controversy in bringing the
[02:52] existing tears in line with their
[02:54] defense levels and just kind of fixing
[02:56] that element so rune comes down to level
[02:58] 50 and then we add in three new tiers at
[03:01] 60 so three or four new tiers at 60 70
[03:04] and 80 definitely a 90 is complicated
[03:06] and talk about that in a minute yeah but
[03:07] so at 60 70 and 80 we can add new tiers
[03:09] of gear which will sort of thematically
[03:11] correlate with the existing gear yeah in
[03:13] that tier so there's a dragon tier
[03:15] there's a barrows here and there's a
[03:17] next tier that's that important to keep
[03:19] that theme of those two do you remember
[03:21] when we first revealed them in the kind
[03:22] of live streams we're keeping the
[03:23] concepts and models originally pitch we
[03:25] do like them yeah there's no reason to
[03:27] move on from that so the idea is that
[03:29] you're making gear at that here using
[03:31] smithing which is sort of thematically
[03:33] related to the kind of gear that you
[03:34] would have previously got from drops now
[03:36] is we have a bit of terminology for that
[03:37] which is autumn drops are called an
[03:39] artifact yeah so if you hear us talking
[03:41] about artifacts that's that's those and
[03:43] that's traditionally common boxes
[03:45] sometimes from Slayer yeah so dragon is
[03:47] an artifact
[03:48] yeah out of gear and barrows is not so
[03:50] because a lot of the tension of what
[03:52] we're doing with the tiers at the moment
[03:54] is that tension between smithy bull gear
[03:56] and artifact gear up so very own
[03:57] equivalent equivalent level and our
[04:00] current model for it is that so you
[04:03] would smith something level 80 and the
[04:05] equivalent 80 artifact gear would be
[04:07] better when we've all talked about in 90
[04:08] again for the moment at 80 and below
[04:11] it's okay if the smith gear in the drop
[04:13] gear is fairly close in terms of 5 yes I
[04:16] think we'd expect the artifacts to still
[04:18] be more powerful but not by a huge
[04:19] margin because that gear has much less
[04:22] significance in the economy now than
[04:23] yeah when we go into the 90 which is a
[04:25] huge pillar of duquan
[04:27] much more complicated to deal with but
[04:29] yes I think the Asperger would stay
[04:30] better but not so much better than a
[04:33] eclipta yeah obviously this is going to
[04:34] start giving rise to issues of pvn
[04:38] profitability versus and on smithing
[04:41] profit or their profitability yeah
[04:44] that's going to come up next yes I'm
[04:46] rather that's like the next next video I
[04:48] think is we'll talk about profit and how
[04:49] how smithing is profitable whether it's
[04:51] profitable how smithing and combat
[04:52] compare that sort of thing so we're not
[04:54] looking to sidestep that that's just
[04:55] coming up yeah next one if you don't
[04:57] hold subject so it needs its own video
[04:58] yeah absolutely want to adjust this the
[05:00] really big topic and surprisingly Sarah
[05:01] is 10:19 worried yeah a point where
[05:03] we're discussing whether or not to even
[05:05] included yeah exactly she is so quite so
[05:07] problematic in the design if tr90 Smith
[05:09] gear is good then the entire combat
[05:11] section of our game who loses its reward
[05:13] yes
[05:14] and if tr90 Smith gear is bad then a
[05:17] fundamental purpose if this why were we
[05:20] even bothering to again why waste time
[05:21] yeah and I feel like particularly in the
[05:24] previous design we got feedback from
[05:25] players of saying well we we were
[05:26] proposing level 83 tank year the
[05:28] required level 92 use yes and that was
[05:31] just so bad people were saying like that
[05:33] that's at the right level for us so that
[05:35] he doesn't threaten combat yeah but
[05:37] people were saying what what's the point
[05:38] why would I ever want this this is this
[05:39] is not useful to me this is and we're
[05:41] and I'm talking about it you know it
[05:42] would have to take just as long to make
[05:43] as combat gear get to get that just
[05:46] isn't really working so we had a lot of
[05:47] places Jeb wasn't the question we asked
[05:49] last year but a lot of people gave give
[05:50] their opinions of Jenni mode which is
[05:51] really useful because it gave us the
[05:53] concrete plan that I think we were
[05:55] thinking about doing anyway which is
[05:57] that smithing and combat combined
[06:00] together to form the best gear yeah and
[06:03] we talked this through with the condo
[06:04] council who are our specialists in
[06:08] combat the people that sort of approve
[06:09] and check to make sure that things make
[06:10] sense for combat and they're tentatively
[06:12] happy with that model so so the new
[06:14] combat drops would require smithing to
[06:17] work yeah and the smithing armor would
[06:19] require combat drops to function and
[06:21] that way both both of those have value
[06:25] both of those are absolutely crucial to
[06:26] the economy of useful combat drops
[06:28] rather than one making the other
[06:30] redundant yeah that's not a promise that
[06:33] we're going to do it that way because
[06:34] they might they might turn out to be
[06:35] some horrible problem or you know having
[06:37] said it we might get a load of feedback
[06:38] saying please please please please don't
[06:39] do that but that seems
[06:40] a good solution to that problem the way
[06:42] I think that's effectively where we are
[06:44] with this we are composing this as how
[06:46] we are going to resolve the tr90 issue
[06:48] yeah
[06:48] that idea of I would generate in on two
[06:51] gear which would have some form of kit
[06:53] or some front and ornamentation that
[06:55] comes from ppm yeah at 10:19 and you
[06:58] combine the two together PBM could drop
[06:59] a rare or yeah which is needed to Smith
[07:02] the item or it could be that smithing
[07:03] basically makes the armor and then PBM
[07:05] just plugs a thing into it yes we have
[07:07] the exact detail of how that works we
[07:09] don't have a concrete design for that at
[07:11] the moment because we want to discuss
[07:12] that but but basically the idea is that
[07:15] boats would be important um both of you
[07:16] relevant so that's effectively little
[07:17] bit of the biggest question is coming
[07:18] out of this video is what do you what do
[07:21] you think is a proposal I mean we it's
[07:22] probably worth running through some of
[07:24] the other possibilities because yes and
[07:26] sometimes it can feel like we're just
[07:27] delivering an answer to you without
[07:29] having thought out the other options but
[07:31] some came up from feedback yeah yeah a
[07:33] few great ability oh yeah so or super
[07:36] degradable yeah almost a very very
[07:38] strong armor which is degrades very
[07:40] quickly came up yeah almost like armor
[07:41] as a power up yeah sort of
[07:43] or the complete opposite which is
[07:45] relatively weak armor which doesn't
[07:47] degrade at all yeah could be a purpose
[07:48] of smithing a couple of other ideas came
[07:51] up were purpose specific armor so
[07:53] armored are specialized only worked in
[07:55] Slayer only works for bosses only works
[07:57] in particular areas of the world that
[07:58] kind of thing these ideas came up as
[08:00] well we don't think they're as strong we
[08:03] don't think they'll add value to
[08:04] smithing in the same way yes because
[08:06] again with all the time you're having to
[08:07] compare is it better than combat is it
[08:09] worse than combat is it threatening the
[08:11] value of combat drops is it threatening
[08:13] the value of smithing drops yes
[08:14] they're always adversarial exactly and
[08:16] the fact that the idea of getting them
[08:18] both working together so that they
[08:19] complement each other
[08:20] yarn baton Smiths it seems to us like it
[08:22] solves that problem there was also the
[08:24] option on that I saw repeatedly which is
[08:26] go super expensive it costs a lot to do
[08:28] it or also to it takes a huge amount of
[08:30] time takes yeah powerful gear that's
[08:33] really expensive in real time against to
[08:34] make to to make it compare with the
[08:36] combat Palmer which is also expensive
[08:38] and takes a long time yeah it's very
[08:39] and the problem with that is that we
[08:42] simply don't have the control over the
[08:43] economy necessary to make that happen we
[08:46] shouldn't have that control because it's
[08:47] a player driven economy and they
[08:49] determine the prices of things we can't
[08:51] control how long it takes to kill a boss
[08:52] we can influence it we can make it
[08:54] harder we can make it easier but we
[08:55] don't ultimately control that we don't
[08:57] control the prices of all and ultimately
[08:59] one of those two things would end up yet
[09:01] more useful or more valuable than the
[09:02] other one and the other one wouldn't
[09:03] compete yeah and would be perceived as a
[09:05] waste of time I mean you also have to
[09:07] think slightly about launch as well and
[09:08] those people who have a huge amount of
[09:10] wealth spying their way through all of
[09:12] the yeah immediately on access okay so
[09:15] just to kind of reiterate we have our
[09:17] best solution that we feel that we want
[09:19] to kind of propose to you that is dish
[09:21] working hand in hand with combat yeah so
[09:23] that you'll be smithing 1090 gear but
[09:27] there'll be some form of component
[09:28] whether that's in the smithing process
[09:29] whether that's an attachment afterwards
[09:31] that would make your tenant again yeah
[09:33] and that would come from PV embossing
[09:35] select apps
[09:36] it's also worth talking about the
[09:37] overload designs yeah on the previous
[09:39] video there was a lot of kind of
[09:42] appreciation for the idea that the
[09:43] reason to level to 99 in smithing is to
[09:46] unlock some form of overload style
[09:48] benefits something called most combat oh
[09:50] yeah combat bonus we've talked to the
[09:51] comic council about this tentatively
[09:53] again there are nervous more they're
[09:56] happy with the idea they're happy with
[09:57] with with including that has a benefit
[09:59] from smithing we think it probably needs
[10:01] to be a consumable so it's see something
[10:04] that you make that gets used up but it
[10:06] wouldn't be expensive it's not it's not
[10:08] like it is going to be overwhelmingly
[10:09] expensive and difficult to use because
[10:10] that would defeat the point because the
[10:12] whole point is that you get a huge
[10:13] benefit for having smithing probably
[10:15] you'll be able to scale up on making
[10:17] these items and therefore as it hasn't
[10:18] said overloads are sort of free because
[10:20] yes you make them to get to the level to
[10:22] use them
[10:24] well you make the components to get the
[10:25] little to use them and the same thing
[10:27] would probably be true of smithing it
[10:29] would be cost effective to use these to
[10:30] get rather than something we always have
[10:31] to say is it worth it is it worth me
[10:34] using up these expensive materials but
[10:35] it wouldn't be some sort of permanent
[10:36] benefit a lot of people suggested you
[10:38] know all the benefit of smithing should
[10:39] be a very powerful untradable armor
[10:41] that'd be a good benefit but that has
[10:43] the same problem that it conflicts with
[10:44] combat and if it's if it's consumable
[10:46] then it's great because it uses up
[10:47] materials and it drives the economy it
[10:49] gives value to mining it's also a lot of
[10:51] product and it's likely that I mean we
[10:53] looked at like kind of increasing life
[10:54] points and things like this but it's
[10:55] probably going to be in the damage boost
[10:57] thing probably needs to be damage
[10:58] boosting to be perceived as valuable
[10:59] yeah there are there are circumstances
[11:01] where having more life points is great
[11:03] yeah but there are very few
[11:04] circumstances where having more damage
[11:05] isn't great yeah so that proper
[11:07] technical reason I think this is the
[11:09] area another area where you know we are
[11:11] open to your ideas if you have any kind
[11:13] of concepts of consumable top-end
[11:15] smithing items that you can make with
[11:17] nine ten o'clock towards ninety nine
[11:19] then please do let us know okay I think
[11:21] that's everything I think we've covered
[11:23] it all to do with their tiers of gear so
[11:25] there are two things that we really like
[11:26] you to get involved with one of which is
[11:28] we got proposal for what we want to do
[11:30] with tr90
[11:31] which is have this kind of collaboration
[11:33] with PBM that you'll get on some form of
[11:36] component from PBM that you'll kind of
[11:37] attached in the smithing process or
[11:39] after the smithing process to create
[11:41] tr90 gear but also we want your ideas
[11:43] for consumable benefit for smithing at
[11:45] ninety nine I kind of overload style
[11:47] items so if you have any suggestions do
[11:49] please post them on kind of Reddit and
[11:51] YouTube comments on the forums and we'll
[11:54] kind of harvest those and tell you what
[11:55] our thoughts are in the next video and
[11:57] that next video is about profit and
[11:59] whether or not - making should be
[12:01] profitable so it's going to be quite the
[12:02] topic I think so thank you very much for
[12:04] watching
[12:13] you