Transcript of RuneScape Dev Diaries - Bank Rework #1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hello, everyone.
[00:00] Welcome to this week's Developer Diary.
[00:02] This week we'll be discussing the bank rework.
[00:12] Recently, mod Timbo posted the design on the forums for everyone to read.
[00:19] And so we're gonna be going through that today,
[00:21] answering some of the major feedback we've been receiving since posting it.
[00:26] This is kinda like our aspirational design.
[00:29] Some of this stuff may change.
[00:30] These are all our desired features,
[00:33] but we can't be sure right now if we can deliver 100% on them.
[00:36] The document is just a list of all the features that we definitely want to put into the game.
[00:40] Things that you've been requesting from Reddit threads,
[00:42] forum threads and Twitter and all of this in-game stuff we've been collecting,
[00:46] surveys and things like that.
[00:47] This is what we want to do.
[00:49] Hunter and Pi are looking into technical feasibiity,
[00:52] but hopefully we can get everything we want.
[00:54] Okay, then.
[00:55] Shall we begin first of all with the project aims?
[00:59] What are we trying to achieve?
[01:01] We don't normally talk about project aims when we make a project.
[01:05] We have them internally.
[01:06] Of course every project needs to have an aim and do something.
[01:10] What we want to do is we want to make sure that we have a modern bank.
[01:13] It's very important that we have a modern MMO bank.
[01:17] Make sure it brings up the standards of what everyone needs.
[01:20] The bank hasn't really been changed for the last eight years.
[01:23] Everyone interacts with the bank.
[01:24] Everyone uses the bank at some point in their life.
[01:27] So our project aims are to bring the bank up to a standard,
[01:30] add critical features such as bank placeholders and a new UI rework.
[01:34] Also we want to make sure that it's not different,
[01:38] that it's not a huge different experience from what it is right now.
[01:41] I think one of the biggest things we had through the entire project
[01:43] is that we want to make sure that players know what the bank is after the rework.
[01:48] It's very important that they see the bank after the rework
[01:52] and understand how everything works.
[01:54] No matter if you're someone who has engaged or if you're coming back.
[01:59] I look at my bank and I immediately know what I'm doing.
[02:01] Yes, you come back to the bank and you're like
[02:02] "Oh, Jagex updated the bank. This is really good. Thank you very much".
[02:05] So I think one of the first things I'd like to get out of the way
[02:08] is a major piece of feedback we've been receiving, which is bank space.
[02:12] People are saying "We really like what you guys have written here in the design document,
[02:17] but there's no mention of bank space.
[02:18] We would like more bank space. We're running out of it."
[02:21] But that's not actually part of this rework, is it?
[02:23] No.
[02:24] Unfortunately, apart of the design, bank space is nothing that we would think about.
[02:29] It's not part of our plan as a team.
[02:31] We're not looking to add more bank space. That's not necessarily within our remake.
[02:34] It's not something that, like, we don't need a bank rework to address bank space.
[02:40] But we do need a bank rework to be able to do bank placeholders and such.
[02:45] That's why it's not with this.
[02:47] However, because people are talking about it, it's something that we've taken note of.
[02:51] And we will discuss.
[02:53] But it is important that we don't have unlimited bank space that you can just give.
[02:57] I'm not a technical guy by any means, but every time you're opening your bank, it's running with scripts.
[03:02] And the more stuff that you have in your bank...
[03:05] The chunkier that gets. The more difficult and complicated interacting with the bank is.
[03:09] And we're at a position where we're running out of the amount of space that we can give.
[03:14] Perhaps by rewriting the codes, putting more into the engine side and stuff,
[03:18] we may be able to give ourselves a bit more room,
[03:21] but that won't be a lot. Specially how we'll be adding new features also.
[03:25] I think we need to look into the future more about tidying up your bank
[03:30] in terms of how much stuff we give out and how much you junk items and stuff.
[03:36] For example, we're not necessarily giving any bank space away with bank rework,
[03:40] but we're adding a lot of features that help you with your existing bank space as it is.
[03:44] We're adding Diango to the bank.
[03:46] You'll be able to access Diango from your bank.
[03:49] So you no longer need to use bank spaces on things like cooking outfits,
[03:53] holiday items, and all these sorts of things that Diango can hold for you.
[03:57] Because if you ever want to get them back,
[03:58] click the Diango button, withdraw it, and you got it there.
[04:02] You don't need to have bank space.
[04:04] Not only that, there's also the Wise Old Man rework feature as well.
[04:08] If you don't know what the Wise Old Man bank cleanup is,
[04:10] the Wise Old Man will look for all quest items you no longer need in your bank.
[04:14] It frees your bank spaces up.
[04:16] When updated, that'll be more robust about it.
[04:19] So it tells you items that you may need in the future,
[04:21] items that you definitely don't need and gets rid of them for you.
[04:25] There's also some access to POH storage.
[04:28] And I think that's something we've looked to do as well. An addition to Diango.
[04:33] I think one of the things that came out of the feedback is that,
[04:35] now that we've added Diango to the bank and the Wise Old Man cleanup,
[04:39] players would like the bank to be the number one storage place.
[04:42] Like all-in-one storage.
[04:44] At the bank, anything you store anywhere in the game, is now here.
[04:46] And we want to try to add more things like definitely the POH toy chest and treasure chest.
[04:52] It's definitely that sort of things.
[04:54] Okay, cool.
[04:54] Let's move on to the next bit then.
[04:57] UI redesign. We do have a mockup.
[05:01] It's important to state, first of all, that it is a mockup.
[05:06] There's been lots of feedback.
[05:09] Not a lot of one particular thing
[05:12] but lots of people would prefer buttons to be in slightly different places and such.
[05:16] And that's something I very much feel like we have a nice mockup now
[05:21] that we think kinda looks nice but it's not until we actually get to the playtesting side
[05:24] that we actually get a proper feel and know
[05:27] where your buttons really need to be and such.
[05:29] It is definitely a feedback. This isn't the exact final implementation we want.
[05:33] We want you guys to pick holes and sort of.
[05:37] Say, I would like the deposit buttons to be at the bottom of the page
[05:39] rather than in the rows and those sorts of things.
[05:42] It's definitely not final. We're definitely looking for feedback.
[05:45] We will be hopefully releasing more of those, so rework is going forward.
[05:48] One of the concerns that people had when looking at the UI mockup
[05:52] was that there was actually twelve items in a row.
[05:56] Is that going to be an issue for those people?
[05:58] We're looking at it.
[06:00] We didn't add it to the design because the design covers a lot of the broader strokes
[06:04] of what we want in the bank rework,
[06:05] but in the customisation options you'll be able to make ten columns wide
[06:11] rather than twelve as it is right now.
[06:13] We're still discussing whether or not we shall leave it at ten in general, the default being ten.
[06:18] But, being able to resize the bank, it'd be nicer to stretch it out if you want it.
[06:23] Cool. That's great.
[06:25] On to the next section then.
[06:27] The biggie here. Bank placeholders.
[06:30] Every time I ask for top ninja fixes, through surveys or whatever else,
[06:36] bank placeholders is always number one.
[06:38] So we finally went "actually, we should just do it".
[06:41] It's going to take a huge amount of time to do this,
[06:43] but when it's the number one ninja fix request,
[06:47] as we said earlier on, every single player will interact with the bank at some point.
[06:51] So how are we going to solve bank placeholders?
[06:53] We were lucky that so many people did want this feature.
[06:57] We had so many different images, mockups and designs from players
[07:01] to drawn on, to get what everyone seems to think
[07:04] is the perfect way to do bank placeholders.
[07:08] So the way we do the bank placeholders is we have to set an item as a placeholder.
[07:11] There's no limit on the amount of placeholders that you can make.
[07:14] So you can make every item in your bank a placeholder, should you want it.
[07:17] And you'll be able to place it in multiple tabs. Each one as well.
[07:21] You can also split stacks, split placeholders.
[07:25] So that was a bit of feedback, wasn't it?
[07:26] Yeah. It's not on the design.
[07:28] You'll be able to have an item stack in multiple tabs of the same stack,
[07:32] or you'll be able to split that stack and have it separated across multiple tabs.
[07:36] So, if you have a fletching and a firemaking tab,
[07:41] you could have elder logs across both of them, the same stack in both.
[07:44] If you have 99 fletching banked and you've already done 99 firemaking,
[07:49] you can split off the stack of the number of logs you need for your 99 fletching
[07:53] and that will stay there and that will decrease.
[07:56] That sole stack will decrease on its own.
[07:59] That would also be really good for people who want to have their loot tabs as well, right?
[08:03] So, you're getting gems from whatever boss or slayer monster you're killing,
[08:08] and you've already got some in your bank, you don't really want to get rid of them,
[08:12] but you want to take note of the new ones you're getting from this.
[08:14] You can split them up and take them.
[08:17] If you have a Queen Black Dragon loot tab
[08:21] and you have a good dragon stones on a different tab,
[08:24] you'll be able to deposit them in the QBD tab and they'll go into that
[08:27] without having to worry about them being deposited into the crafting tab, for example.
[08:32] How many bank slots will these actually take in all these instances?
[08:36] Having the same stack across multiple tabs would cost one bank space.
[08:41] But if you did want to split the stack,
[08:43] you wanted to have two sets of elder logs into two different tabs
[08:47] that are separated from each other, that would take two bank spaces.
[08:50] If you have a placeholder and you've withdrawn all the items,
[08:53] so it's left there with zero, does that take the spot?
[08:56] That still counts as a bank space as well.
[08:58] Cool.
[08:59] So, on to the next feature.
[09:00] How can players better organize and sort their items?
[09:04] If you look at the bank rework mockup, we have all sorts of filter options.
[09:08] The idea of it being that you can sort your current bank tab
[09:11] based on either quantity, skill, item type,
[09:14] even potentially content release date.
[09:19] You'll be able to filter your tabs.
[09:20] So if you got tons and tons of junk in a tab and you want to filter it by quantity,
[09:24] you'll see "I've got four million thread in this tab"
[09:28] and you'll see that it goes from four million all the way down to zero.
[09:32] It should help bank tabs a lot.
[09:34] It should be able to quickly filter things.
[09:35] So if you're looking at your loot tab, you'll see how much equipment you got dropped
[09:39] with the filter in the loot tab, see how much equipment you got dropped
[09:42] and withdraw it and assemble it or something like that.
[09:45] And next up, bank tabs.
[09:47] What sort of things are we changing with bank tabs?
[09:49] Will we get more of them?
[09:51] Yeah. One of the big things we want to do is make sure you have a lot more bank tabs than you do currently.
[09:56] Of course you are very limited right now. You have a certain number of tabs.
[09:59] You can't have a tab for every single one of your skills.
[10:01] We think it's very important that you can do that.
[10:03] We are going to expand the cap of maximum tabs massively.
[10:07] We don't really want to say what it is right now.
[10:09] I think the technical guys would kill me.
[10:11] Yeah.
[10:12] But it is an amount vastly more than you currently can have.
[10:15] We think it's very important that you can have a tab for every single skill,
[10:18] a tab for every single combat style,
[10:20] loot tabs, tabs for cosmetics, tabs for holiday items.
[10:24] Those are different item groups that deserve their own tab,
[10:27] and we intend to add that.
[10:30] With an increasement of tabs, how people will be able to go between all those tabs?
[10:35] Will they all be present at once? Or how will they be able to see them?
[10:38] If you look at the bank rework, there are 2 arrows to each side of the tabs.
[10:42] The top arrow is nudging along one tab,
[10:44] the bottom arrow is nudging along each page of tabs,
[10:47] each by 9 tabs at a time.
[10:48] So you will be able to quickly go from one tab to another by using those buttons.
[10:53] There were some suggestions for things like slim tabs as well.
[10:56] We've looked into this a little bit and it seems to be something feasible.
[10:59] Yeah, it's something we want to do.
[11:01] Add it to the customisation options inside the bank edit mode.
[11:03] There will be customisation options for the bank tabs as well.
[11:07] Currently, I believe they show the first item in that tab,
[11:12] but you will be able to set whatever you want.
[11:13] Yeah. The plan is to be able to have any single item of the game
[11:18] be representative of your bank tab.
[11:20] So you can have every single one as a party hat, if you wanted to.
[11:23] But also have the ability of having other icons as well.
[11:26] So we want to have the skill icons.
[11:27] You'll be able to properly designate this is my firemaking tab.
[11:30] No longer do I have to have a fire lighter or a tinderbox
[11:33] or other things that represent firemaking.
[11:36] You will have the firemaking skill icon itself on the screen
[11:38] and some other ones like a bank icon or a cash icon, those sorts of things.
[11:44] Ok, so the next bit then that really helps with finding item is searching.
[11:49] Searching is now available on the screen.
[11:50] There is a search box right there.
[11:51] Click on that and start typing away.
[11:53] We want to improve the search results feature.
[11:56] Currently, if you interact with any of the search results feature,
[11:59] it brings you out of the search results right now.
[12:01] We want to stop that.
[12:02] So if you search for something, you can withdraw multiple items from the same search term.
[12:08] But also, we want to add the ability to have metatagging on items,
[12:11] sort of associating an item with another term.
[12:14] So if you search for food right now in your bank,
[12:17] you will probably be getting very little in your search results, except maybe a food hamper.
[12:21] But what you really want is you want food to eat.
[12:24] You are quickly looking for something to eat.
[12:26] With metatagging, you will be able to search for food and get everything that heals you when you eat it.
[12:31] That would be Saradomin brews, cooked food, all sorts of sweets,
[12:35] anything that restores health will now come into food.
[12:38] And if you search for equipment, you will get all your equipment.
[12:40] Because you are in melee equipment, you get all your melee equipment.
[12:43] If you search for woodcutting, you will get logs or hatchets.
[12:46] We think it's very important that searching is the easiest way to get things out of your bank.
[12:50] And we want to make sure that that experience is clean and frictionless.
[12:55] Okay, so on to the next thing now.
[12:57] Something that was added in the last few years is presets,
[13:01] being able to set up a preset of stuff so that with one button you can withdraw a load of items
[13:07] into your inventory and equip them all in one go.
[13:10] Are we going to take a look at this or improve this in any way?
[13:14] I think one of the major features we have on the mockup of the bank rework right now
[13:18] is to be able to quickload any of your presets right now.
[13:22] Currently there are only two, isn't it?
[13:23] Yeah, you have to select 1 or 2 of your quick load presets.
[13:27] But with the new bank, you'll be able to quickload any of these presets,
[13:30] straight from the bank main screen.
[13:31] It's a really big feature for us right now.
[13:33] The other ways we are improving it is having the presets main window be a drop-down wall currently as the equipment tab is,
[13:41] so you no longer have to open a brand new window to access your presets, fiddle around and edit them.
[13:46] You can do that from inside the bank.
[13:48] But I think we want to take a look at the sort of technical aspects of it, the usability of it,
[13:53] get a bunch of ninja fixes, essentially ninja fixes on presets,
[13:58] so we will have more feedback threads near the time when we do it.
[14:02] But we want to have a look at it and fix it and tweak it to make it a little easier and a little better.
[14:07] The feedback that we were getting from the design doc was people asking
[14:11] to customise those buttons a bit more, and that seems all doable.
[14:14] Yeah, it seems fine. We can add the skill icons.
[14:18] People like the fact that all their presets are named
[14:20] so they are worried that if they are just simply numbered from 1 to 9,
[14:25] they will not remember where they are but we'll be able to add in some text or icons
[14:30] to help people to know what they are going for.
[14:32] Certainly if you hover over it, you will be able to see the name of the preset.
[14:36] We definitely want to add that in. It's something that helps you.
[14:39] You hover over preset 7 and you are like "oh, that's my fletching preset".
[14:42] Click that and you are ready to go.
[14:44] Great.
[14:45] Okay, next group of features to talk about is shuffling and bank options.
[14:50] We want to give you back the Old School way of shuffling around.
[14:54] Currently in the bank, if you withdraw an item, it will automatically collapse down quickly and instantly.
[15:00] In Old School, if you withdraw an item, it doesn't instantly collapse.
[15:06] It stays where it is and your bank is the same way as it was when you withdraw an item.
[15:12] We want to add that as a toggle.
[15:14] People might like the current options,
[15:16] so it will go into the brand new bank options section of the Options tab.
[15:20] So on top of that is the bank options.
[15:22] So you want to have a section of the Options menu dedicated to the bank.
[15:25] That will have lots of different toggles and options and things
[15:30] that you might want to change, such as the shuffling options.
[15:34] But also we want to have a bank edit mode.
[15:36] With placeholders and changing tabs and presets,
[15:40] there is an opportunity for you to lose items accidentally,
[15:44] accidentally drag out your noxious scythe while you are trying a placeholder and things like that.
[15:49] So we'll have an edit mode where you can do all that safely.
[15:52] There you will be able to recolour your tabs,
[15:55] change your icons, put placeholders and all sorts of customisation stuff.
[16:00] Some of the feedback we are getting was asking for a feature
[16:05] that actually exists in the Old School bank, which is filler items.
[16:10] These are just blank filler items so that you can basically put a space in between your items.
[16:17] That's something we feel like we can also bring into this.
[16:21] Yeah, definitely. It's working in Old School and RS3 players want it, so we'll add it to the game.
[16:25] We've been getting people asking for sub-tabs,
[16:27] and initially you would hear sub-tabs, we were like we already got all those other features and sub-tabs felt like...
[16:34] We didn't really like the idea too much.
[16:37] But upon thinking on it further and thinking about the filler items,
[16:41] we also were thinking about filler items, which is actually like a linebreak.
[16:45] So that essentially you can put several linebreaks into your bank and that will allow you to...
[16:52] If you just want to have a combat gear tab but you want to break up your mage, your range and your melee,
[16:58] you can put a break in between those.
[17:01] And that essentially solves the sub-tabs issue that people were requesting.
[17:06] And the final bit that we'll talk about for now is further customisations of the bank.
[17:13] I touched on it briefly but we want you to be able to colour your tabs,
[17:17] to be able to associate a tab with a certain colour.
[17:20] If you have your own sub-tabs of woodcutting, you can colour them differently,
[17:24] so that there is a red woodcutting tab with all your high-level items,
[17:26] a yellow woodcutting tab with all your mid-level items,
[17:30] a low-level one which is green.
[17:32] Being able to do that. Being able to resize the bank.
[17:36] Being able to collapse hopefully the right hand side section so you have more bank.
[17:39] Those sort of customisations we are looking for.
[17:42] So someone who is playing on a larger monitor, they can have their bank fill more of the screen.
[17:47] Yeah, if they want their bank to be humongous then they are able to.
[17:50] If they want to display their entire bank tabs in one go, with 40 items, then they should go for it.
[17:56] And then there are some people saying that they would like to change the background colour
[18:00] because they find that currently it's a black background in the existing bank
[18:04] and all the dark-coloured items, like leather boots and stuff, get lost in that background so they want to change that.
[18:12] So that's something we can do as well.
[18:13] Yeah, one of the most common features we saw about the bank colour
[18:16] was going back to the Old School colour of your bank.
[18:21] People say it's a lot clearer to see items.
[18:23] They are visually distinct and we certainly want to bring that back as an option onto the bank.
[18:30] If you currently like the same bank, it will be like the way it is,
[18:33] and if you like the Old School contrast, the sort of grey brown, we can have that as well.
[18:39] Cool.
[18:40] Thank you very much for going through the design document and answering some of the feedback.
[18:45] Thank you for all the feedback.
[18:46] It probably isn't the first and last one of these videos.
[18:50] We'll probably over time do a few more.
[18:52] Another bit of feedback was "can we get that soon?" and asking for ETAs.
[18:57] The thing is, with this one, it's very much done when it's done sort of thing.
[19:01] I would not expect it any time before summer.
[19:04] And, even then, you really don't know at this sort of stage.
[19:08] Our plans are to do a beta once we are done, to check.
[19:13] It is such a big thing. If something goes wrong with this project,
[19:16] the potential is that things could go very very bad. You could start losing items and such.
[19:23] We need to be very careful. We would like to do betas.
[19:27] Throughout the year, we'll be releasing some more stuff and discussing it some more,
[19:30] showing you when we hit milestones, I imagine.
[19:33] Until then.
[19:36] Have a good time.
[19:37] Bye.