Transcript of RuneScape Dev Diaries - Achievements System #1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Welcome, runescapers.
[00:01] Mod Ash and I are here to talk you about the achievements system and what that means to you.
[00:12] So, Ash, why are we changing the achievements?
[00:16] Or what are we doing with the achievement system?
[00:18] So, at the moment it's all kind of spread out between what the players know as "diaries".
[00:24] But then we also have things like raids, other bits and pieces that give you a nice chime
[00:29] of "oh, you've completed something!"
[00:30] What we want to do is trying to collaborate all of that so it's nice and easy for the players to find it in one place.
[00:36] So that they can look at quite quickly and find something that they want to do in a very short term game.
[00:41] How are you planning on making it easier for them to find something to do?
[00:45] It's gonna be something similar.
[00:47] We're toying with the idea of potentially putting another parent interface in
[00:50] which might actually expand the ribbon a little bit.
[00:54] So, I guess obviously if you don't want that, let us know.
[00:57] Other than that, it's looking somewhat similar to the diaries as they see it currently in game.
[01:02] We're not gonna try to stray too far from that,
[01:04] but we're gonna try to collaborate so that it's all in a nice layout.
[01:08] You've got nice categories that you can choose between.
[01:10] For instance, you've got real areas now rather than you've got a dropdown for each area.
[01:16] Now there'll be an area category.
[01:17] We'll also have the completionist capes requirements. They'll be in another category.
[01:23] D&Ds, skills and that sort of stuff.
[01:25] It'll all be nicely tied into one section and you can quickly browse through it so that you can find stuff that you need.
[01:30] Is there anything else that's coming out with the achievement system?
[01:33] We also plan to add a recommendation system.
[01:37] It will essentially show some achievements that we feel the player can achieve in a very short term game.
[01:44] These will populate. There's so many that essentially the player can do.
[01:49] You will also show the last achievement that the player has already completed
[01:53] and within that we can get a slight idea of what the player's up to,
[01:58] so we can recommend certain achievements for them to go and do,
[02:03] that we feel are very short term, it's gonna be very quick for them.
[02:06] They can pop in, do this, get back out if they want to or move on to something next.
[02:12] Essentially we'll show up for them.
[02:13] We've been talking a block in the office about the path system,
[02:16] where we can chain together a series of achievements,
[02:20] basically forge them into a path.
[02:22] So if you have, for instance, a God Wars Dungeon path, we've populated the path with a series of achievements
[02:27] that will get you to God Wars Dungeon and get you into that content and play it,
[02:32] get you up to the levels you require, any quest, things like Eadgar's Ruse and stuff like that.
[02:37] And by the end of it you've gotten to a point where you should be satisfied enough that you can take on the God Wars Dungeon.
[02:43] Obviously, new achievement system.
[02:45] You talked about converting things that exist like the tasks, raid feats and things like that.
[02:51] Are we gonna be getting new achievements?
[02:53] We're hoping that we can add a few more achievements in as we go through, time depending, as always.
[02:58] But I think what it will be is essentially more high-level achievements.
[03:02] We've got all the diaries and stuff at the moment we're converting to achievements.
[03:06] We feel that they're from the lower point when you start
[03:10] up to a reasonably good standard of quite high level.
[03:15] So I guess if we added anything new in, we would try and aim a bit more to the higher end area of our player base.
[03:21] And on that note, if you guys have any suggestions for achievements that you wanna send in,
[03:25] just get in touch with us on Twitter or Reddit or through the forums.
[03:29] Obviously, online achievements systems are pretty common.
[03:33] A lot of them come with a game score or some way of showing off to your friends how many achievements you've unlocked.
[03:39] Is there gonna be a similar sort of thing?
[03:41] We've got the full count of "you've done 50 out of X number of achievements".
[03:47] We're also toying with the idea of potentially having a score that goes with them
[03:51] and you can use that as a rate against your friends as well.
[03:55] If some of you guys would like some feedback on it, if it's worthwhile to see,
[03:59] at the bare minimal we will be sticking in.
[04:01] "You have completed X number of Y", essentially.
[04:06] So, 50 out of 100, or whatever.
[04:08] Next question I guess is, what progress have we made so far?
[04:11] We're quite early in development still.
[04:14] At the moment we've converted most of the old diaries into our new achievement system.
[04:20] We're working on the interfaces at the moment, making sure that they're crisp, clean and user-friendly.
[04:24] Then our next thing will be the recommendation system and the pathing system.
[04:29] We're trying to get that down to a very nice flow for the players.
[04:34] It's obviously very early days. We're taking the first steps into this project.
[04:38] But that means that your feedback is gonna be really useful to us right now.
[04:42] So, to summarise, we'd love to hear your thoughts on new achievements that we could implement with the release of the new system.
[04:48] Also, your thoughts on the path system and how you would use that,
[04:51] what sort of paths you'd like to see that would guide you towards content.
[04:54] And also would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not you want a full game score style system in there
[05:01] or whether "X of Y achievements unlocked" is desirable enough for you.
[05:05] Obviously any other questions or comments or feedback you've got on this, leave them in the comments section below
[05:10] or send us a message over Twitter , in Reddit or on the game forums.
[05:16] Thanks very much.