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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hi guys thanks for joining us we're here
[00:02] today to talk about 120 Slayer and how
[00:04] that relates to the manifest update
[00:06] coming later this year the start things
[00:15] off we should introduce ourselves we are
[00:17] a brand new team that has been formed
[00:19] from the other dev team we are the
[00:20] Titans I'm macho next to me we've got
[00:22] mod days and mod manche so flight 120 is
[00:26] Evernote we announced that last year at
[00:28] runefest
[00:28] we're all very excited about it we've
[00:30] done a couple of things recently and
[00:31] this is why we thought we'd get together
[00:33] basically catch up everyone on where we
[00:35] count me out so in this video we want to
[00:37] talk about three things
[00:38] first of all one of the things we did
[00:40] recently with supply serving we'd like
[00:42] to talk to you some of the results we
[00:44] also did a dev blog on the forums and on
[00:46] reddit we'll cover some of the details
[00:48] there and also we'll give you an update
[00:49] on exactly where we are and our
[00:51] intentions for how we're going to
[00:53] deliver flight fundraisers so slider 124
[00:55] between highly anticipated with a few
[00:57] questions as well loss people in the
[00:58] community are very vocal about it what
[01:00] we wanted to do is reach out and do a
[01:02] poll and so more days has put them
[01:05] together one of the biggest things we
[01:06] know from past surveys is it always
[01:08] rates really highly but we want to know
[01:10] how that broke down among whole
[01:12] community what we know is that was that
[01:14] there's a really large group of people
[01:17] that really love the idea of one
[01:19] translator but then there was a group on
[01:21] the other side that really didn't like
[01:22] the idea of in community game so we want
[01:24] to drill down and find out what people
[01:26] liked by it and what people didn't like
[01:28] so the people that were worried about
[01:30] 120 player a lot of the worries came
[01:32] from the grind to 120 that's 90 million
[01:36] actually more that they have to get they
[01:38] were worried about losing their comp
[01:39] take you know this is something that
[01:41] people have worked really hard to unlock
[01:43] and we're going to be taken away not
[01:44] free I think that's another thing that's
[01:46] worth also mentioning is the concept of
[01:49] expansions where there's lots and lots
[01:50] of things to do
[01:51] on launch we wanted to make sure that
[01:53] there was an amnesty and something we
[01:54] can cover later but it feels like you
[01:57] definitely be wanting to add at least
[01:58] the three most I mention accommodate so
[02:01] that on launch you've got lots of new
[02:02] content / but you're not pressured to do
[02:05] it immediately and we're not taking
[02:06] content away people it's just sad on the
[02:08] night of amnesty a loss layers actually
[02:10] say they don't want an amnesty someone's
[02:13] already gotten 120 player why would
[02:15] there be an amnesty that we are trying
[02:18] to cater to a very specific group of
[02:20] flesh and was the best have some truths
[02:23] then extent the actual reason why ban
[02:25] this view says because we are releasing
[02:27] new content there's going to be new
[02:29] rewards there's going to be new
[02:31] experience and just those things
[02:34] themselves if players had no amnesty
[02:36] they would just try and get it done
[02:38] before it was even released they would
[02:40] never give the new content a chance and
[02:41] even if the content was released and
[02:45] there was no amnesty they would just go
[02:48] and do the most efficient thing which
[02:49] wouldn't necessarily be fun they would
[02:51] try to do it as quickly as possible so
[02:53] you do want to give them a chance of
[02:54] actually just going there and enjoying
[02:56] the content over a period of time rather
[02:58] than trying to get it done as soon as
[03:00] possible and even though players are
[03:03] racing past ninety nine and I see lots
[03:05] of people already very very high level
[03:07] what should we be saying to them in
[03:08] terms of how we would change the XP
[03:10] curve in terms of how long we would
[03:12] expect to play to get to 120 after our
[03:15] attention can well this was partially
[03:17] covered in the developer blogs every
[03:20] threatens a short one of course all of
[03:22] the numbers even see now all of the
[03:25] numbers they're still very placeholders
[03:26] but we do need to be do one to confirm
[03:30] that the Xperia T will be increasing
[03:32] there will be more rewarding it doesn't
[03:34] necessarily mean that something
[03:36] currently were 260,000 experienced hours
[03:39] for even the higher level Slayer
[03:41] monsters which are
[03:42] 600-700 if you are trying really hard it
[03:46] wouldn't necessarily be the average or
[03:48] you wouldn't be expecting someone to
[03:50] just go click on something and wait for
[03:53] half an hour and still come out with
[03:56] 600,000 XP far less an average but if
[03:59] you would actually be throwing
[04:00] everything you
[04:01] be able to achieve the trait and of
[04:03] course natural progression average would
[04:05] increase for an equivalent of something
[04:08] like southeast at the moment which give
[04:11] about 350,000 XE clerks be power
[04:15] equivalent of those would be giving a
[04:17] little bit more once mana forces release
[04:18] but it doesn't necessarily mean that
[04:20] they would be easier or more accessible
[04:22] and something like darkbeast are at the
[04:24] moment I wonder if we can talk about
[04:27] mechanic very briefly in terms of some
[04:29] place I've seen as potentially expecting
[04:31] by level mobs like with a diamond style
[04:33] mechanics because we would have to be
[04:35] better than these what's your feeling on
[04:36] how difficult our new preacher should be
[04:39] I think the important thing is to we
[04:42] reflect on what player feedback cost
[04:43] after high-level monsters they there was
[04:46] a split in the community there's again
[04:47] there's the community that really wanted
[04:49] it and then the other people that just
[04:50] wipe the knife easy to grind creatures
[04:53] like dark be so they just want five over
[04:55] and the answer is in this dungeon we're
[04:57] going to try and give a mix of both of
[04:59] them you know if you want that afk
[05:01] experience you'll be able to find a
[05:02] monster for that but if you want to put
[05:04] the extra effort in and get higher
[05:05] expiry then we're going to offer that
[05:08] for you as well and at the end of the
[05:10] dungeon there's going to be a boss and
[05:11] that's going to be one of the most
[05:13] rewarding mechanics but it's also going
[05:15] to require you to find keys to enter
[05:17] this boss it's going to require gear or
[05:19] to bring all your food your potions but
[05:22] at the same time it's going to give the
[05:24] highest layer experiencing game at the
[05:25] same time a lot of low salaries no
[05:27] concern that only players just be easy
[05:30] so until a NPC we do keep on bringing up
[05:34] start be so they're worth more than that
[05:36] they start leesport being so abyssal
[05:38] demons those are the three that I can
[05:40] think off the top of my head and they
[05:42] are saying they are too easy and they
[05:44] are too rewarding we are aware of that
[05:46] and this is not a confirmation but we
[05:48] are actually thinking of not nursing
[05:51] them as you would receive but the
[05:55] problem with them is they have few
[05:57] little Life Points compared to what kind
[05:59] of experience so imagine something what
[06:01] happened to Aqua nights they were very
[06:03] easy they were giving a lot of XP they
[06:05] are still pretty easy they just take a
[06:08] little bit longer skills we are
[06:09] concerned something similar for you know
[06:12] the easier Slayer monsters it doesn't
[06:14] mean
[06:14] the XP house be completely diminished
[06:16] they would still be lucrative you know
[06:19] we might see a 10% executor officious
[06:22] that the task could potentially take
[06:24] longer but at the same time due to
[06:26] increase in stats we might as well
[06:28] actually start getting even more XP not
[06:30] necessarily on average but in general
[06:32] but I feel we are definitely committing
[06:34] through a range of new NPCs that we
[06:36] would be delivering so there's going to
[06:37] be more choice of the players on launch
[06:39] in terms of level bandings
[06:41] we talked briefly about where we're
[06:43] starting on Rangeley yeah obviously this
[06:46] is early days InDesign but probably the
[06:49] start the dungeon will be around mid 80s
[06:52] and that will go all the way up to the
[06:55] 115 to 120 range something that came
[06:58] about with Reventon is people didn't
[07:00] like the idea is like the skills felt
[07:02] unfinished like we don't want that to
[07:04] feel the case with one French player we
[07:06] want that 99 to one twenty level bank to
[07:08] feel for we wanted to feel busy we want
[07:11] you to get regular unlocks it should
[07:13] feel rewarding another reason for why we
[07:15] are definitely want them to be player 1
[07:16] xx because this is a brand new election
[07:19] that we've got you know the new
[07:21] expansions which will come later in year
[07:22] it's another space for any team across
[07:25] the department to plug into in terms of
[07:26] you know Slayer can become more of a
[07:28] thing we can add more creatures to it
[07:29] over the whole year and it gives us
[07:31] bigger reward space for the future to
[07:33] play with which i think is a good thing
[07:34] definitely yeah it's not necessarily
[07:37] only chess article itself it brings a
[07:39] lot of different types of players
[07:40] together not necessarily together but it
[07:43] involves many different types of players
[07:45] killers they still go and be Slayer
[07:47] Julianna's they enjoy some Slayers world
[07:50] for example we've got a high-level
[07:52] monsters which are specifically catered
[07:54] for high reward high intensity all
[07:57] different kinds of flows engage with it
[07:59] and it is one of the reasons why we
[08:01] chose player because it is something
[08:03] everyone enjoys it came on top and with
[08:06] Jorah key of service so yes there are
[08:08] groups of players who don't actually one
[08:11] player but they are trying to you know
[08:14] ease those concerns with something like
[08:16] that experience
[08:17] tell me why you think there should be an
[08:19] amnesty in the first place from a
[08:20] player's point of view for example I am
[08:22] a player
[08:23] I've achieved my true plication escape
[08:24] it is the constant feel of I lost it I
[08:27] have to work back towards it it is far
[08:29] from the end of the world but at the
[08:31] same time it is slightly demonic you
[08:33] know sometimes I'll be honest it makes
[08:34] me brush through the contents which I've
[08:36] nothing to my enjoyment I just do the
[08:39] same thing over and over again as
[08:40] quickly as possible for as long as
[08:42] thoughtful decide to get it back instead
[08:44] of just forcing everyone to do it as
[08:46] quickly as possible as efficiently as
[08:47] possible it is best to actually just
[08:50] give a certain amount of time which will
[08:52] be at least three months in which case
[08:54] everyone can enjoy it while not feeling
[08:58] forced actually having to review the
[09:00] most efficient thing to get it done I
[09:03] think this is really important as well
[09:05] for our first expansion like we've gone
[09:07] to this model where we're not going to
[09:09] tell you guys players everything that
[09:12] we're releasing on launch we don't want
[09:14] you to rush for it we want you to take
[09:15] that time to explore to go around and
[09:17] find all the little bits of content all
[09:19] the secrets that we've hidden and if
[09:21] you're just going after a comp
[09:22] requirement from day one we're going to
[09:25] lose that so this gives players more
[09:27] room to go and have that time as a
[09:29] player and a developer having people
[09:31] rush through our content it's not how
[09:32] it's not how we sort of designed it to
[09:35] be and when we did the memorials to
[09:38] graphics I thought that was an
[09:39] interesting project because we didn't
[09:40] communicate to the players anything
[09:42] about it and it was then there's a
[09:43] surprise to pick illegals come and
[09:45] explore and wander around the area and
[09:48] that's something that I would really
[09:49] love to capture for doing menopause but
[09:51] obviously this game is going to be much
[09:53] much larger you know at the same time we
[09:55] keep on putting emphasis and completions
[09:57] Kate said not necessarily the case
[09:59] I mean none of us is going to be you
[10:02] know launched this year and not everyone
[10:05] to completion is some players will just
[10:07] only be hitting level 99 player by the
[10:09] time they hit menopause and the sense of
[10:12] achievement from a flare I've been
[10:14] working towards this 99 I've nearly got
[10:17] in it and manifested
[10:20] suddenly the top and I was about to
[10:22] achieve has increased nearly ten times
[10:25] inside so by giving an amnesty period
[10:29] the newer players or the lower level
[10:31] players they will also benefit from the
[10:32] suits because they will still be able to
[10:35] get their levels and they won't leave
[10:37] out a max case or anything like that oh
[10:40] yeah we feel a 3-month honesty is
[10:42] definitely right oh yes so we announce
[10:45] 120 so last year some people have
[10:46] already actually achieved it what can we
[10:49] do to allay that fear that they're
[10:51] gargantuan effort hadn't been for
[10:53] nothing
[10:54] it is pretty much the same situation
[10:56] when I will be introducing these killing
[10:58] methods in general I mean near expiry
[11:01] coming to the game high experience more
[11:04] efficient ways of training and players
[11:06] feel I've done this before it took me
[11:08] five hours now I can do this instead of
[11:11] going to take me three hours sighs
[11:12] you're like my opinion to see value so
[11:15] it's actually not true because you've
[11:17] already achieved it from beneath their
[11:19] company so you'll already be able to go
[11:21] take part in all the content that we're
[11:23] introducing from day one food i wouldn't
[11:26] necessarily agree though it's devaluing
[11:28] any form of an achievement yet it is
[11:30] true that the experience will increase
[11:32] so there's what you would expect from
[11:34] higher levels I mean you expect to gain
[11:36] more exp at level 90 competitive level
[11:39] 70 it will be the same case for level 99
[11:42] versus level 115 level 120 of course
[11:46] we're developing logs it did mention
[11:47] pretty extreme experience and I just
[11:50] wanted to clarify that that's not
[11:51] necessarily going to be the case at all
[11:53] I mentioned something about an average
[11:55] of 800 kg an hour's level 120 yes a very
[11:59] efficient players we will do them
[12:00] highest intensity NPC and just add
[12:04] through max gear all potion
[12:06] might be able to achieve something like
[12:08] that but it will require a full
[12:10] dedication or someone who's
[12:12] pre casual oh we won't be seeing such
[12:16] graphic experience it was just more to
[12:19] see what players actually felt and the
[12:22] majority of feedback was please don't
[12:24] increase it as much like you say I think
[12:25] it's really important that while we take
[12:27] those concerns on board we are
[12:29] increasing the skill to 120 it has to
[12:31] reflect that light before
[12:33] or get into 120 was a choice like you
[12:36] could go for it but you didn't have to
[12:38] do to unlock anything in the game now
[12:39] we're saying this is a requirement to
[12:41] complete the game so to speak to get
[12:43] your completion escape so we need to
[12:45] make sure that the XP rates are balanced
[12:47] for that is like if we released
[12:48] engineering to 120 but stop exp rates
[12:51] and 99 it just wouldn't feel satisfied
[12:53] we need to make sure that same as a
[12:54] whole has a satisfying curve from the
[12:56] start all the way to the finish so
[12:58] that's a recap of where we currently are
[13:00] with 120 still early data is still doing
[13:02] a lot of design and building of the
[13:04] expansion you can definitely expect to
[13:06] see slide 120 our demenna for launching
[13:09] in early June we're always interested in
[13:11] place feedback we read reddit posts
[13:13] through the forum post read the comments
[13:15] on YouTube if you want to give us input
[13:16] if you want to give us feedback please
[13:17] add a comment and a member of the team
[13:20] who is actually going to be developing
[13:22] flight 124 B reason thanks for watching
[13:33] you