Transcript of RuneScape Dev Diaries: Invention Batch 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hi, everyone.
[00:00] Welcome to this Invention Batch 2 second Dev Diary.
[00:04] I'm mod Deg.
[00:05] I'm mod Erator.
[00:06] And I'm mod Tomb.
[00:15] We want to talk to you about batch 2,
[00:17] even though a little while ago we announced the cancellation of expansions
[00:21] and that we're moving away from that model.
[00:23] Invention batch 2 is still going ahead, even though that was going to be part of one of those expansions.
[00:28] We want to let you know where we are at, our progress.
[00:30] We're still working on it.
[00:32] And talk about some of the feedback that we've taken on board from you guys
[00:36] from the previous Dev Diary.
[00:38] So, as a refresher, what are we planning for Invention batch 2?
[00:41] What are the bullet points?
[00:42] Originally we said 99 to 120 content.
[00:45] We're looking at new devices for that.
[00:46] We're also looking at introducing this idea of machines.
[00:48] And also level 10 plus benefits.
[00:50] All of those things are still happening. We haven't changed that at all.
[00:53] We're still going ahead with all of these new devices and machines and whatnot.
[00:57] Now, it's not part of an expansion.
[00:59] Are there any changes that we're making to our plans for Invention?
[01:02] Now we've got a lot more time to do Invention.
[01:04] We've addressed loads of quality of life fixes,
[01:07] based on lots of player pain points.
[01:09] We're removing inspiration and making a few devices stackable gizmos and stuff like that.
[01:14] And lots of other fixes.
[01:16] So why are we removing inspiration?
[01:18] One of the core reasons we're removing inspiration is it's quite a big player pain point.
[01:22] Whenever we'd add a new inspiration item to the game,
[01:25] the players wouldn't be allowed to get that as soon as they possibly could.
[01:28] They'd have to get the inspiration, then unlock the item.
[01:31] Not as soon as they wanted to, as it was.
[01:33] And inspiration, when the skill was first released, accomplished what it wanted to do.
[01:38] But as we got further and further on, inspiration became more of a tricky game to play
[01:44] rather than actually a fun player experience.
[01:46] Some players as well stockpiled inspiration by not unlocking other blueprints.
[01:52] Because they weren't actually at 200 mil or 120 yet, so they had that buildup. So they had it straight away,
[01:56] whereas other players that had 200 mill with no inspiration had to do that grind and it didn't seem fair.
[02:02] We don't want to incentivise people to sit there with lots of blueprints.
[02:06] Like, things they have done the work for
[02:09] but they don't want to discover something or they're even scared to discover
[02:15] because they're worried when a new piece of content is going to come out.
[02:18] I want to have all of my inspiration stockpiled in case I want that immediately.
[02:21] That's not a good feel. That's not a good experience.
[02:25] I think inspiration did its job when the skill was released because it drip-fed all the blueprints into it
[02:31] but now, as we're expanding that, it's a big limiter.
[02:34] And I feel like inspiration served its purpose in the game.
[02:38] How else have you improved my Invention experience?
[02:41] We looked at the problems with siphoning,
[02:44] when you're levelling up your items and you accidentally go beyond level 10 if you're disassembling
[02:48] or level 12 when you're siphoning things.
[02:51] And the solution we've come up with that is this idea of an autosiphon.
[02:55] Something that might be wielded in a pocket slot
[02:57] or just in your inventory, which you can store lots of siphons into,
[03:01] configure it to work on armour,
[03:05] weapons, tools, whatever you want,
[03:07] and you could set the level that you want it to autosiphon.
[03:09] And then, when your weapon actually reaches that level, let it just do the siphon for you.
[03:13] So you don't have to worry about "oh, no, I've gone to level 13 or 15 or whatever it is",
[03:18] because they'll be done for you.
[03:20] Obviously you have to keep on topping up the siphon itself with new siphons
[03:24] but it should alleviate that problem altogether.
[03:27] Another few examples of stuff we've done.
[03:29] If you mouse over your components, they'll display now what perks those components will generate.
[03:33] We made gizmo shells stackable
[03:35] so you can make up to 60 of those at once now really quickly in your inventory.
[03:38] And we've made tradeable augmentors.
[03:41] On the previous Dev Diary a couple months ago, we described invention machines
[03:46] and what their purpose was, how they were going to work.
[03:49] Sort of a general direction for them.
[03:52] And since releasing that Dev Diary, we've had dozens of pages
[03:57] of suggestions and feedback.
[04:00] How has that changed our plans for machines?
[04:02] The first thing that we noticed was that we are going along the right lines.
[04:05] A lot of the suggestions that were coming out for not just machines but devices as well were similar to the ones we had already created
[04:11] before that Dev Diary had been released.
[04:13] Which is good for us to know that we're going along that right line.
[04:17] But, on top of that as well, for the actual changes to machines,
[04:20] the big thing that came back was that they wanted to be in the guild.
[04:23] You've got this unknown area of the guild, these boarded up staircases
[04:26] which players don't know anything about.
[04:28] They want to explore that.
[04:30] Obviously this is now going to be the last big update for Invention.
[04:33] There should be no unanswered questions.
[04:36] Using that space, putting something there, makes sense.
[04:39] What was the plan before? What were we originally going to try?
[04:42] Originally, when it was coming with an expansion,
[04:46] the players would have had to have gone around to do Invention around the world.
[04:49] So there would have been, say, a few hotspots in Catherby, a few hotspots in Varrock,
[04:54] and you would have had to have gone into each of these locations to do your machine management and whatnot.
[04:59] The players really wanted it to be in the guild.
[05:02] We want to fulfill that promise and that's where it's going to be.
[05:07] What other big suggestions do we have outside of machines?
[05:10] For example, we've got the adrenaline dummy,
[05:12] which is something that you can build through Invention.
[05:15] It's similar to the other dummies you get off Treasure Hunter
[05:17] but it doesn't give you any XP and you can put it down outside of combat.
[05:21] It'll be something which you bring along with you to your boss fights, in between kills.
[05:25] You can deploy it, attack it to keep your adrenaline up high,
[05:27] and then as soon as that boss spawns, you've got an ultimate ready for you already.
[05:31] There's also a cog toggle.
[05:33] This is basically allowing players to turn on and off at their will
[05:37] all the cogs on their augmented items.
[05:40] So your abyssal whip now with all its cogs will just be a regular abyssal whip.
[05:44] It will still function as its augmented abyssal whip, with all the benefits, but visually, it won't have its cogs on.
[05:50] If you're inside a PvP zone, like the Wilderness, it will still have its cogs on,
[05:54] because there's still that PvP element to that,
[05:56] but outside of those areas, your free will of how you choose to show your augmented items is now yours.
[06:02] A lot of people didn't like that big cog on all of their equipment.
[06:06] It wasn't necessarily particularly pleasing to the eye.
[06:10] Similar to retro skillcapes,
[06:12] where you can switch between whether you use 2017 skillcapes versus 1990 skillcapes.
[06:21] So, in summary, Invention batch 2 is still coming.
[06:24] We're going to have post-99 content.
[06:27] We'll have machines.
[06:28] We're going to have item level benefits
[06:30] past ten that we spoke about more in the previous Dev Diary.
[06:34] We've got a whole load of quality of life changes.
[06:37] And we're listening to your feedback. We're taking it on board.
[06:40] We're making changes based on it. So keep it coming. We love seeing it.
[06:45] That's all. Thank you very much.