Transcript of RuneScape Design Diaries #1 - Episodic Content: creating Quests, Bosses and Dungeons

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hello everybody and thank you for
[00:01] joining us and watching us taking the
[00:02] time out to come see at the first of the
[00:04] design Diaries which we're hoping will
[00:06] be kind of a run of more kind of
[00:09] detailed diving into a little bit of the
[00:11] design of some initiatives and things
[00:14] that we're doing in the you know in near
[00:16] future so um yeah the first of all we'll
[00:20] talk about who we are you might not know
[00:21] who we are
[00:21] so yeah I'm Tim Bay I'm with timber and
[00:24] yep we're in my t-shirt senior game
[00:28] designer and balance of runescape
[00:29] Matos born lead designer on runescape
[00:32] happening for 13 years so um I think in
[00:35] each of these videos and there will be
[00:36] few of them hopefully we dive into the
[00:38] kind of the riskier waters of things
[00:39] like our monetization in the future
[00:41] maybe mobile and stuff like that but for
[00:43] now we're going to be talking about
[00:44] episodic content
[00:46] [Music]
[00:56] episode of content like probably doesn't
[00:59] mean much to many people use that term
[01:01] before but if you have played quests or
[01:05] boss dungeons lair mobs some something
[01:09] more substantive content you play
[01:10] through that comes out week on week yeah
[01:12] that's what we mean by episode yeah
[01:13] that's what we're absorbing into a
[01:14] episodes episode of episodic content
[01:17] yeah indeed and and what we want to do
[01:19] is because we're now doing a number of
[01:21] team shows making a lot of changes to
[01:22] how we design things as well we want to
[01:24] take you through it and that's what
[01:25] these are about
[01:25] it's get a little bit more in depth
[01:27] about the things that we change about
[01:28] how we design the game content and why
[01:30] so you can understand why we're
[01:32] launching certain things and
[01:33] particularly in the run-up to reinforce
[01:35] when a lot of these things gonna be
[01:36] announced mm-hmm yeah okay so the first
[01:39] topic episodic content what we're gonna
[01:41] do is try to have a structure of the
[01:42] things but there are a number of things
[01:44] we're looking to solve their problems
[01:45] yeah that the games has and each of the
[01:48] things that we're changing is look to
[01:49] resolve those problems so instead of
[01:51] doing a big initiative like hey this is
[01:53] unfinished business Haley this is the
[01:54] year of plans whatever like that we just
[01:56] want to resolve a few problems we're
[01:58] gonna take that structure the first
[01:59] thing we're looking to solve is there is
[02:01] enough content in the game so that's a
[02:04] statement more than a problem
[02:05] chock-a-block yeah yeah I think that um
[02:08] it's more in the past we've got this
[02:11] idea that we are a boundless game the
[02:13] identity of runescape it particularly if
[02:15] compared to like old school is we are
[02:16] the ones that constantly adding new
[02:18] stuff the boundaries of the game moving
[02:19] out was geographically story-wise i've
[02:21] combat challenges and things instead
[02:23] what we actually have is a buckaroo
[02:25] worth of content yeah where we keep
[02:27] stacking things on top of on top of our
[02:29] poor bug yes buckaroo donkey mustard
[02:32] Uncle Buck maybe Oh world building the
[02:35] buckaroo but we keep stacking things on
[02:37] top of poor buck and you get to the
[02:39] point where we're sort of teetering and
[02:40] we were like we can still keep stacking
[02:42] content on top yeah but we're wary of of
[02:45] it all falling over this is it so it's
[02:47] not that we're not going to be adding
[02:49] more content this is just to kind of
[02:51] remove that fear but I think there's a
[02:53] bit more of an orientation towards being
[02:55] wary that the more we're stacking on or
[02:57] problems were causing for a number of
[02:58] reasons for a number different kinds of
[02:59] player and actually there is a lot of
[03:02] stuff that could benefit from being
[03:03] reworked or improved that is cool that
[03:06] people like yeah yeah it's all about
[03:09] focusing
[03:09] our content goes yeah I don't think this
[03:11] is gonna be Rev laid to eat a lot of you
[03:12] I think I've said this message
[03:13] said by a lot of people already like
[03:15] stop bringing out X Y piece of content
[03:17] when you've already got that thing that
[03:18] doesn't work so this isn't necessarily
[03:20] new but I think we've got a bit more
[03:22] braveness about how we're gonna do it I
[03:23] know I've got another kind of thing to
[03:25] solve before we get into how we're
[03:26] looking to solve it right which is also
[03:28] that the game is too confusing and
[03:30] unfeeling unfamiliar to pick up mm-hmm
[03:32] this might not be a lot because a lot of
[03:34] people are going to be watching our
[03:35] active players people you you know enjoy
[03:37] the game they might feel this but
[03:39] particular if you've mastered it you
[03:40] dropped the game yeah there's that
[03:43] feeling of like it's not confusing it's
[03:44] perfectly fine or it's or it's perfectly
[03:46] familiar what you're talking about
[03:47] but actually like if you ever watch
[03:49] somebody who's doing a let's play who
[03:51] hasn't been there for a while yeah I
[03:52] mean we see in the office right we see
[03:54] people who haven't necessarily pick that
[03:55] we're in scape from other teams for a
[03:57] while they're like oh this is cool and
[03:59] at the time is a cool piece of content
[04:00] when I come back to it and then they
[04:01] come back to log in like what was I
[04:03] doing
[04:03] where was I what even is this like how
[04:06] do I get back into x y&z yeah and
[04:08] there's so many different channels if
[04:09] this there is the I've been away for a
[04:11] while what's the content that's come out
[04:12] I don't understand then there's even
[04:14] just the inputs like how I control my
[04:15] character weight how the UI works what
[04:17] you know all these different
[04:19] customization options what is it about
[04:21] and do why is it only exactly even down
[04:23] to kind of why does it feel a little bit
[04:24] slower than it used to you latency and
[04:26] things like that
[04:27] so as a note we are timber and I are
[04:31] actually in the episodic content team
[04:33] yes there will be other teams and we'll
[04:34] talk about the other teams in future
[04:36] videos but as that's where it kind of in
[04:38] the episodic content team and owning
[04:39] that team there are other teams that
[04:43] will be handling this more directly yes
[04:45] the idea of making that experience for a
[04:48] person coming back to the game or a new
[04:49] player a little bit better its realest
[04:51] oh yeah we've less friction but that
[04:54] doesn't stop episode of content team
[04:55] also addressing and that's where I
[04:57] wanted to move on to next which is very
[04:58] much your area because you're kind of
[04:59] owning this initiative so big headliner
[05:02] we are looking to do something called
[05:04] remasters yes and you'll see this the
[05:08] annual survey as well that should be out
[05:10] about now that there's a lot of content
[05:13] that we use that term remasters drawing
[05:14] to kind of sell it as it were
[05:16] yeah I mean I think we've also played
[05:19] Resident Evil 2 remastered yep yep but I
[05:22] think it's that level it's that level
[05:24] and that initiative of what we want to
[05:27] do with remaster is it's refreshing it's
[05:29] familiar it's exciting it's new it's
[05:32] more up-to-date it's more worthwhile
[05:34] yeah so remastering like a weapon it
[05:37] would bring up its debts we would give
[05:39] any special attack we would give it a
[05:40] niche in the game yeah
[05:41] something it's bringing content that you
[05:44] know love that you enjoyed however many
[05:47] years ago it's still in the game it's
[05:48] not as exciting as it once was
[05:50] bring it back to the forefront yeah give
[05:52] me a lick of paint giving it a new
[05:54] purpose in the game and some new
[05:56] gameplay to game ball set I mean we can
[05:57] use a case study not necessarily gonna
[06:00] happen but it is in the survey yeah
[06:01] so I'm God Wars dungeon remastered yes
[06:04] something like that might be okay so not
[06:07] so many people are doing God Wars
[06:08] dungeon 1 because in that bracket maybe
[06:10] they've graduated God Wars dungeon 2
[06:12] there are other pieces of Clinton the
[06:13] drops aren't as worthwhile it's level 70
[06:15] gear and some of the mechanics aren't as
[06:18] interesting as we once were like the
[06:20] comment systems evolved a lot for a bit
[06:21] stale but a remastered version would
[06:24] bring back your favorite lieutenants
[06:25] yeah it would bring back
[06:27] Brodeur Cree ara krill the desert test
[06:31] Juliano it would bring them back but
[06:34] make them more up-to-date make them more
[06:36] relevant make them a higher level make
[06:38] them drop
[06:39] yeah gear there's more relevant so if
[06:41] you think from the perspective of
[06:42] something that's played game for a while
[06:43] it's coming in I think great I know got
[06:44] was you know I've got it kind of not
[06:46] necessarily level playing field but I
[06:47] know enough so that we still feel the
[06:49] same the generals just they'll be
[06:50] they'll be in the same places they might
[06:51] even have some of us some or all of the
[06:53] same attacks mm-hmm but it's that idea
[06:56] of like what would you place maybe
[06:57] there's an old you know kind of elite
[06:59] dungeon yeah running through them all
[07:01] maybe there's a quest that gives some
[07:04] background to each of them Mary there's
[07:05] an additional boss that you've got to
[07:07] find and similar weights like next was
[07:08] but also there's the quality of life
[07:10] improvements graphically modernized not
[07:14] necessarily the way that we pitched
[07:15] previously if you like those oh god
[07:17] what's going on um but then it's not
[07:19] applying that to other things you know
[07:20] you've got the idea reverse City we
[07:22] mastered the rock remastered yes in this
[07:24] survey as well the idea of exploring it
[07:26] and fighting new quest and the little
[07:27] kind of Easter eggs and thing
[07:29] that a new spawn learning things from
[07:31] prifddinas where was it for adding
[07:33] skilling methods exactly Barak and and
[07:35] stations that go and do things yeah
[07:37] areas that you would go hang out in
[07:39] trying different things like we did with
[07:40] booking maybe there's a new wood cutting
[07:43] way yeah everyone used to love cutting
[07:44] cutting wood you that you would yeah
[07:47] behind the garage rock castle
[07:49] maybe there's now like a wood cutting
[07:51] guild oh absolutely
[07:52] so where previously we would have done
[07:54] something new maybe there really would
[07:57] have that greater impetus to remaster
[07:59] something we'd have people are familiar
[08:01] with that people know it's not
[08:03] necessarily complex and just boots them
[08:04] and make it make it relevant now so
[08:07] where we might have come up with you
[08:08] know a new parent farm we might look at
[08:09] managing melissap miscellanea yeah and
[08:11] look at we're doing that for example so
[08:14] remasters is a direction we really want
[08:16] to go in and we've got real kind of lean
[08:18] in that is those right I'm really
[08:20] excited to go revisit old pieces of
[08:22] content really sort of like get in there
[08:25] make them a lot meet them a much better
[08:27] make more relevant yeah but familiar you
[08:30] know I understand what they are or what
[08:32] they do i yeah as laps player I
[08:35] recognize God's dungeon miscellanea I
[08:38] don't have to navigate it and know what
[08:39] to do I know I need 70 agility to cost
[08:42] us one obstacle yeah I know they're
[08:43] going to drop God swords in three parts
[08:45] and and and and a hill but that all that
[08:49] content is now relevant to me again
[08:50] exactly it's plus there's new challenges
[08:52] that's on top so it doesn't just suppose
[08:54] that there yeah there's a quest to shout
[08:56] the story there's yes getting content
[08:58] hot mines that cards yeah yeah um just
[09:01] to kind of clear up a lot of the other
[09:02] things we're looking to do about
[09:03] confusion and I'm familiarity and you
[09:05] might hear that more more more as we as
[09:08] we go yeah we often use the term
[09:09] cognitive load yeah which i think is a
[09:11] kind of byte so very complex very
[09:14] designer either yeah because um
[09:16] complexity isn't necessarily always a
[09:17] bad thing we don't to lose complexity
[09:19] certainly at the higher end but it's
[09:20] more about like cognitive load meaning
[09:23] how much you have to keep you bought you
[09:25] know if I want to optimize in this game
[09:26] if I would be the best game how many
[09:28] things are going to manage and
[09:29] understand and remember and remember
[09:30] that often that is often something we go
[09:33] overboard on
[09:34] that is a lot of the reason why we did
[09:35] the central changes job si would be
[09:37] working now but and those are some of
[09:39] the first examples we've been braver to
[09:41] change the existing game so some of the
[09:43] other things will occur to you I mean
[09:44] for one this might mean whether we
[09:46] remove things mm-hmm
[09:48] if things like if we could me master it
[09:51] but actually there's not anything in it
[09:55] that the mechanics aren't strong enough
[09:57] there's no iconic characters or elements
[09:59] to it in their head look I've never had
[10:00] that pool the first time ik yeah it
[10:01] never has that spot I don't want us to
[10:03] think that hey we should lot players
[10:05] would say don't remove it just remaster
[10:06] it but if it doesn't have anything
[10:08] that's caught poor to it that is strong
[10:10] will probably look to be brave and pull
[10:12] it out that will happen more and more
[10:13] maybe in December I mean we did do that
[10:15] with mobilizing armies you handle with
[10:16] wrap hits so I think we just identify
[10:20] more of that content and be a bit braver
[10:21] and sort of removing it rather than sort
[10:23] of laying a hang around and sort of
[10:25] personally stare the motto or mantra
[10:27] we've got as a kind of a runescape team
[10:28] now is that we want to year-on-year we
[10:32] reducing the complexity non familiarity
[10:33] in the game Barbee across all of the
[10:35] teams for episodic content because we're
[10:37] kind of bringing out new things new
[10:38] challenges I think mainly we just would
[10:40] don't want to increase it yes as a team
[10:42] we don't bring it for because we're
[10:43] there that we're the team that is more
[10:44] likely to bring out the new so just got
[10:47] to keep in mind for all right thing to
[10:49] solve three so this might be quite
[10:52] controversial I can't work it round but
[10:54] the thing to solve we're trying to do
[10:56] too much at once as a runescape team yes
[10:59] that's the pitch whenever you look at
[11:01] ready schedule the sheer number of
[11:02] things that we are bringing out in
[11:03] various different categories or content
[11:04] genres there's a lot there and um a lot
[11:09] of this is kind of behind the scenes or
[11:12] benefit to maybe something stuff that
[11:14] it's certainly benefits the team that
[11:15] you may not see necessarily yeah which
[11:17] is if we're doing so many different
[11:19] things so many different content genres
[11:21] we don't necessarily get good or get
[11:24] better at producing each of those
[11:25] individual things to give an example
[11:28] imagine that runescape only brought out
[11:30] quests hmm now obviously that's all
[11:32] going to happen but I mean it's just to
[11:34] get a good example if we only brought
[11:35] out quests we could improve the tools to
[11:37] bring the out quests we could become
[11:40] better at training and making quests
[11:42] with the kids and employ people who are
[11:44] storytellers you know
[11:45] but specialize in that then so from a
[11:47] kind of behind-the-scenes perspective
[11:49] there's so much we can do that would
[11:51] just kind of if we focus on certain
[11:53] things that we make and get good at it I
[11:55] think that also comes out in the wash
[11:58] thought is as well yeah if we end up
[12:01] focus on content that that plays that
[12:03] you guys want yeah and end up getting
[12:05] good at making the content because you
[12:07] have one then everyone wins out there
[12:09] exactly we get to make better content we
[12:11] get to understand and change things
[12:15] behind the scenes of like codebase and
[12:16] tools and things like that and training
[12:19] to get you're good at making this piece
[12:20] of content and then you guys get to
[12:22] enjoy though good because it the best
[12:24] piece of content we get to me yeah and
[12:26] this is and you may well have noticed if
[12:28] you've got you have your hands on the
[12:29] end of survey now it's being shown you
[12:31] on your survey in that there's really a
[12:33] small number of category of small
[12:35] categories of content that we have put
[12:36] in the end zone
[12:37] yeah we've got kind of run through it
[12:40] rattle mr yeah this is it so this is
[12:42] about focus so this is how we're looking
[12:44] to address it as a team this may only be
[12:46] temporary but we're looking to focus on
[12:48] effectively kind of for content genre
[12:51] types good at them and we know and we
[12:53] feel like we know and we'll survey
[12:54] hopefully we'll prove this out these are
[12:56] the things that you like and ooh yeah so
[12:58] first of all bosses yep so this kind of
[13:01] rakes down to a couple of subcategories
[13:02] we're talking it's not just challenging
[13:05] bosses like oh so lacks and raw gaze is
[13:07] also farming farmable bosses but God
[13:09] Wars generals or QbD burrows that kind
[13:12] of thing then we've got combat
[13:13] encounters yeah this isn't necessarily
[13:16] just Slayer I know we kind of
[13:18] overemphasize Slayer yes a little bit in
[13:20] terms of all the skills this is the
[13:21] dungeon work people who just like a kind
[13:23] of mindless combat challenge yeah and
[13:25] the joy of hitting something seeing what
[13:27] it drops picking it up and then using it
[13:29] then we've got the drop category want to
[13:31] cut that little bit so yeah the drop
[13:33] category is it's like an exciting new
[13:38] piece of reward content essentially so
[13:40] things like clue Scrolls the luxury work
[13:44] chemical on X okay yeah I can plan X I
[13:47] really like a hero or legendary items
[13:50] yeah hero items like hey zombies or
[13:54] got no carbs rod yeah like those are
[13:57] sort of drop content yes like it's an
[14:00] exciting new reward to go chase
[14:01] something we want to try a little bit
[14:03] more it's a case of um you know
[14:05] obviously we've only got a certain
[14:06] amount of weakness send them out of a
[14:07] development time in a given year I think
[14:09] we can do a lot more to make the rare
[14:12] drop table feel more interesting like
[14:13] boss drop tables feel more interesting
[14:15] skilling Wow moments you know I think we
[14:18] could do more without necessarily
[14:20] spending the amount of time would take
[14:21] to make a you know yeah so yeah we're
[14:26] gonna be playing around with drop
[14:27] content a little bit more um another one
[14:29] is I hope that this term is gonna seem
[14:31] even more impenetrable in cognitive load
[14:34] but asynchronous mini-games
[14:35] hmm so what we mean by that is a lot of
[14:38] stuff that she plays to some everyone
[14:40] states strengths not only because of
[14:41] mobile because it's just how some of us
[14:43] play and it's things like ports player
[14:44] and farm managing miscellanea their base
[14:47] camp in and a chronium the idea of
[14:50] things that I can set up optimized and
[14:52] then leave and they generate some kind
[14:55] of benefit for me yeah it's actually
[14:57] something a lot of people like because
[14:58] you do cool gameplay of runescape and
[15:01] you come back and check it so really yes
[15:02] I mean I love logging in and checking my
[15:05] port out seeing what the results were
[15:06] yeah optimizing my ships and making sure
[15:08] I got the right captain yeah crew and we
[15:10] send them to the refreshing or the
[15:12] voyages to make sure I'm sent the right
[15:13] dude or I'm building all the things to
[15:15] make sure I'm getting the right voyages
[15:16] I want from my from my adventurers so
[15:19] yeah it's that sort of thing it's the
[15:20] it's the optimization and management
[15:22] yeah letting it go out into the world
[15:25] and hoping that it all goes up I know
[15:28] you actually sleep on that tree oh
[15:30] that's really annoying and then come
[15:31] back and then deal with the aftermath
[15:33] the reward yeah basically like we're
[15:35] canonizing that as a kind of content we
[15:37] do yes I'm not necessarily but as
[15:39] frequently some you have a piece of
[15:40] content or something we like there's
[15:41] quests of course lesser than ever going
[15:43] to go away exactly maybe it is so so
[15:45] core to what moonscape is landmasses
[15:47] which might be an accumulation of a lot
[15:49] of these lemasters might actually bring
[15:50] any new content themselves they're just
[15:52] a container for some of the things we
[15:53] talk about here yeah but also skilling I
[15:55] will dive into each of these
[15:56] individually now
[15:58] I think one of the things that one of
[16:01] the reasons we've chosen each of these
[16:02] is these are categories of things that
[16:04] don't necessarily add to be
[16:04] unfamiliarity and complexity of the game
[16:06] I think that's worth noting some of them
[16:08] obviously do skills and we'll go into
[16:10] that a little bit later but like quests
[16:12] I think that we could add 300 quest
[16:14] tomorrow but it wouldn't necessarily
[16:18] increase the complexity too much I mean
[16:20] obviously how you get that killer
[16:21] rewarding one depends how free they
[16:25] where they weave but proportionally it's
[16:28] it's an area where yeah and it play
[16:29] isn't one question exactly
[16:31] go start there they need a certain
[16:32] number of items they need to go do
[16:33] puzzles and fight things and go through
[16:35] a storyline and then every resolution at
[16:37] the end with a reward like that's not
[16:39] unfamiliar that is absolute quarterings
[16:41] yeah and if you're Ramar stirring then
[16:42] bosses become less of a problem cause
[16:44] you're going back I mean enriching
[16:45] what's bare drops alluring across the
[16:48] entirety of game and as long as you got
[16:49] a looping to tell you that it's
[16:50] worthwhile I think a new player so gonna
[16:52] value India drop for example like new
[16:55] Slayer mobs that's finally dungeons to
[16:57] go down that's fine
[16:58] adding to our favorite asynchronous
[17:00] minigames probably fine as well so you
[17:03] can see which is curated things the proc
[17:04] the things that have been problematic in
[17:06] the past are new systems yeah you know
[17:08] they sit on the edges of things grow
[17:10] moss them to understand the game and new
[17:12] minigames like DM DS that interrupt me
[17:14] and I amaze and think it's Aria and two
[17:16] macro events in a random event things
[17:18] and back in the day they're interrupting
[17:20] me and I have to understand them
[17:21] littering the game world so those are
[17:24] things kind of pulling back on yes and
[17:25] you'll also notice that every single one
[17:27] of these content categories that we're
[17:29] talking about all permanent content yes
[17:31] so the episodic content team we want to
[17:34] say a lot of content team or the
[17:37] permanent content team and that is what
[17:38] we are making and we always want to be
[17:41] enriching the game we want to have five
[17:43] years time we look back and think
[17:44] episode of content team really added to
[17:45] the game yeah and and definitely add a
[17:47] piece of content and look back on in two
[17:49] years time we'd be like I'm still really
[17:51] proud of that con yeah so relevant
[17:53] properly yeah part of routines people
[17:55] still valued or enriched something that
[17:56] people love so yeah I've got to get stop
[17:58] saying new you because obviously a lot
[18:00] of this is gonna be enriching what's
[18:01] there does this stop innovation and new
[18:04] content that was question that the team
[18:06] had a lot of
[18:07] how do you say not for me yeah
[18:09] remastering content there's tons and
[18:12] tons of different new things you can do
[18:14] with existing rewards and existing like
[18:17] characters and places to go and do the
[18:20] content categories that we have there's
[18:22] still tons of innovation you can go do
[18:24] just because like having a little bit of
[18:26] focus is nice yeah
[18:28] rather than having a complete openness
[18:30] yeah for that I think there's still
[18:33] loads of innovation and new things we
[18:36] can do in these categories I think
[18:37] certainly the team are liking the idea
[18:39] of finding themselves in corners when
[18:41] they're right - more finding themselves
[18:42] in boxes gives if you're gonna give it a
[18:44] broad canvas is often a little bit but
[18:45] we'll drink to come up with a design is
[18:48] it something taraji could have a
[18:49] restrictions to behind and some of our
[18:51] best designs have come from restrictive
[18:53] yeah aims and things like that before
[18:55] what do you think will happen so that
[18:56] obviously there's a lot of content types
[18:57] that aren't listed here events minigames
[19:00] world events dnb's new game types it's
[19:03] like that by the way things like met is
[19:05] like collection logs and stuff like that
[19:06] I think would still exist yeah they're
[19:07] enriching stuff that was there and
[19:09] something catechal they almost all into
[19:10] the drop character yeah exactly but
[19:11] what's gonna happen to those do you
[19:13] think like I don't think I don't think
[19:15] they'll stop yeah they're they're
[19:17] definitely not focus yeah they are
[19:19] definitely in something that we would
[19:21] not be prioritizing at all we're
[19:22] definitely getting these new content
[19:23] prepare calculate instead yeah and they
[19:26] all sort of fall by the way for a little
[19:28] bit not to say they would never come out
[19:29] I think if we have a really good DND or
[19:32] a mini game what we want to do another
[19:34] world event that we feel fits in with
[19:36] our current story fits in with like our
[19:38] ideas like maybe when we do every math
[19:41] award event one so we bring in our
[19:43] remastered yeah and a world event
[19:44] together so that we have our diamonds
[19:47] Eric buying over-leveraged again or
[19:49] somewhere else why not but a remastered
[19:52] version or that potentially could work
[19:53] yeah kind of just trying to think of how
[19:56] the story would fit that in but I love
[19:57] it but yeah that's what I mean like
[19:58] they're not going away
[20:00] yeah but definitely go there are other
[20:03] teams who may pick this up if your
[20:04] events that kind of content because I
[20:06] will talk about those teams in the
[20:07] future yeah but that's definitely not
[20:08] for us oh sorry aim is to focus
[20:11] we want to get good at each of these
[20:12] things we want to be kind of launch like
[20:14] just making sure everything that we
[20:16] produce is impactful
[20:18] and also I think you mentioned
[20:19] something's worth noting is the episodic
[20:21] content team we're really in charge of
[20:22] that ongoing story we're gonna be the
[20:24] ones driving it so if you're feeling
[20:26] like there's a kind of progressing story
[20:27] now Kara pac-land out of time just like
[20:30] to see that that's that's gonna come
[20:31] from us we're gonna make sure it bleeds
[20:33] through everything so that's not noted
[20:34] here but it's something to keep in mind
[20:36] so I just want to drop into some of the
[20:37] individual categories that get bit more
[20:39] information I think for bosses I think
[20:42] the only thing I'd want to clarify is if
[20:44] there is something new it's gonna be at
[20:46] the top end I think the people who are
[20:48] looking for new challenges are gonna be
[20:50] less interested in remastered Virago say
[20:52] or hard modes they're gonna want new
[20:54] bosses and new things to try out and any
[20:56] bosses are still cool you know then you
[20:58] know we can slap the on posters and
[20:59] banners and adverts and things I think
[21:00] that's a good thing
[21:01] but certainly towards the kind of far
[21:03] more ball mass of all range welfare
[21:05] bosses what if you want to call that I
[21:07] think would work towards the remaster
[21:10] what else is there
[21:13] asynchronous minigames where this add to
[21:15] daily scape what I think we're looking
[21:18] to do is we won't be adding too many new
[21:20] versions of these no I think what you
[21:22] know my Clara farmhands has taught us I
[21:24] don't know if you know this but behind
[21:25] the scenes that was actually really
[21:26] successful a lot of people came back to
[21:28] player even though we just made a small
[21:29] delicate improvement to play on farms
[21:31] what's that talk but that's taught us is
[21:34] people value those things just enriching
[21:36] them yeah and we will see a big boost
[21:38] airports whenever you have any ports
[21:40] mention yeah I think we're more likely T
[21:42] so we have got some asynchronous mini
[21:45] game plans in the future probably hear
[21:46] about them but we're more likely to say
[21:48] rework and managing miscellanea than to
[21:50] do a whole new port Spriggs on yeah
[21:51] exactly well yeah we're probably
[21:52] remaster it yeah I can see that on the
[21:55] survey um quests
[21:57] obviously the I mean there must be
[21:59] somebody quest Society of OWSLA etc
[22:00] we're sitting there going but we're not
[22:02] getting quests right now so how can you
[22:04] say that quests are part of it I think a
[22:07] lot of the focus is so that we can do
[22:09] more of things
[22:10] mm-hmm for me personally I think that we
[22:14] still internally feel like quests have
[22:16] to be super lavish yeah and I don't
[22:17] think that's where we need to be I think
[22:19] we don't have to break that somehow
[22:20] break that mentality and we've been
[22:22] talking internally about an attempt
[22:24] called novella quests not too dissimilar
[22:25] from bought bottle quests but where the
[22:28] emphasis is on individual characters
[22:30] if we're talking a lot about dragon
[22:32] cannon moments Robert the strong upper -
[22:33] house wise old man reacting to the
[22:35] Dragon King house Raptor reacting to the
[22:37] dragon kid and just taking a little
[22:38] slice a character study perhaps of some
[22:41] iconic familiar we go back to familiar
[22:43] again those many characters or decent
[22:45] some things behind the scenes as well
[22:46] which is McCrea better quest tools do
[22:48] more upfront design or writing bit less
[22:50] writers in may be here that kind of
[22:52] thing so just so we can get to a point
[22:54] where we cannot these and get these kind
[22:55] of a novel frequently and then skills
[22:59] and this is where I want you to just go
[23:00] to town like what because skills isn't
[23:04] just kind of a new skill you know what
[23:07] skill content there's some different
[23:09] things wrapped up in this yeah so skills
[23:11] for us is coming up with a new skill and
[23:13] 120 plan yep
[23:15] so we're looking to really small to 120s
[23:17] going forward yep
[23:19] making sure we pick the right ones make
[23:21] sure we pick one throughout that that
[23:22] players are enjoying obviously new
[23:24] skills are still part of that fine as
[23:25] well but it's also building on the the
[23:28] five year skinning plan that we had so
[23:29] it's not just like brand-new pieces of
[23:31] content like that it's also like
[23:32] creating wild moments creating key
[23:35] milestones and certain quests we're
[23:37] working or adding skilling methods going
[23:41] forward yeah giving with the remastering
[23:43] version so looking at also getting
[23:44] content that was what's popular and we
[23:47] mastering it yeah maybe bring it up to
[23:48] date to a high level or just making it
[23:50] more relevant and at that yeah I think
[23:52] one of the pet peeves of mine has always
[23:54] been sawmill and wood cutting training
[23:56] okay a wood cutting yeah nobody does
[23:59] that anymore give remaster to make it
[24:01] more exciting and make it more relevant
[24:03] and to high level players or make it
[24:05] more relevant to the level bandits in
[24:06] yeah so yeah that's the sort of skilling
[24:08] genre you know there are so many things
[24:10] in there that one out and pick a little
[24:11] bit but unlike for example first of all
[24:13] I would like to dive into 120s because
[24:15] this might scare a few people mm-hmm
[24:16] like um runescape is often being about
[24:19] like once I've hit my 99 that's my
[24:21] achievement I am done but I think we've
[24:24] learnt a lot from the 120s that we have
[24:26] done yes recently particularly slam and
[24:27] um there are a few things that we feel
[24:30] are inherent to 120 now we know that
[24:33] there's fullness that there isn't it
[24:35] kind of players will not accept yeah I
[24:38] think in the build so I think it's worth
[24:40] mentioning that we have learnt a lot
[24:41] from you play 120 we be read through all
[24:44] the feedback
[24:44] and who said we feel like we now
[24:47] understand what I want what he needs
[24:48] yeah that release in order for it to
[24:50] feel absolutely the fuel like it's part
[24:52] of the game and a proper a proper
[24:54] extension of the skill I feel like um we
[24:57] also learned that um something has to
[24:59] change players of train train for a long
[25:00] time to get up to 99 it feels like there
[25:02] needs to be a difference in how you
[25:04] trainer or or or the metal in some way
[25:06] or how it rewards me yeah that kind of
[25:08] thing and certainly it also has to have
[25:09] those milestones there's big rewards and
[25:12] we are going to continue to have those
[25:14] in that in that content so the reason
[25:17] we're saying this is imminently
[25:19] you could probably guess when we will be
[25:22] announcing 120s yeah I want people to be
[25:24] fill I want to kind of take people long
[25:27] of why that is good because these are
[25:29] these are skills that people love I'm
[25:31] gonna give real reasons to train them
[25:32] they're going to cross over to other
[25:34] skills yeah and we really do feel that
[25:37] it's beneficial so there you go a little
[25:40] bit of an announcement this is one the
[25:41] reasons we want to do the video is that
[25:42] we will be moving to 120s
[25:43] but also we want to be brave with skills
[25:45] and their skills and new skills yeah you
[25:48] could argue if we keep on doing new
[25:50] skills that is gonna get more complex it
[25:52] is gonna get more unfamiliar yeah so how
[25:54] do you how do you project match that
[25:57] it's it I think it's the way that goes
[26:00] are designed and yet they what content
[26:03] they approach so it's it's a skill that
[26:05] yes is good that feels like it's a
[26:06] quarter runescape if we didn't have wood
[26:09] cutting in the game wood cutting with
[26:10] you a runescape skill to add yeah so
[26:13] it's going with like familiar ideas
[26:15] touching into real life so you can
[26:17] understand what you're doing with you if
[26:19] you were wood going I think that's where
[26:20] divination fell down for example like
[26:21] you can't get a sense of what it's doing
[26:23] what it's giving me it had a kind of
[26:24] real world beyond yeah I don't like I'm
[26:28] not trying to find what would with a
[26:29] divining rod in the energon I'm I'm game
[26:32] probably one thing we learned I'm
[26:34] getting gothic seduced out of the ground
[26:35] and well and then putting it back into
[26:37] the ground it's like I don't really know
[26:38] what this means and invention to some
[26:40] extent with elite skill it has a level
[26:42] eighty requirements in order to unlock
[26:43] yeah it's a bit confusing and another
[26:45] skill does that with invention I'm I'm
[26:48] I'm inventing things kind of yeah but
[26:51] also not inventing things yeah so I
[26:53] think skills going forward we've much
[26:55] more easy to understand
[26:56] and less likely to be elite skills I
[26:59] think there will be much more like
[27:01] understandable for number one but also
[27:04] have an impact on the game I think
[27:05] divination had the problem of the it
[27:08] never impacted the game bloated on the
[27:09] outside yeah it was behind it was kind
[27:12] of a partner skillful invention they
[27:13] ever came for a couple of years there
[27:15] are other paths we can take we can
[27:16] geographically locate skills somewhere
[27:18] else like you know it's more on the
[27:20] fringes of the game world so it doesn't
[27:21] impact on new starter experience or when
[27:23] people come in you could think that we
[27:24] obviously don't want necessarily to do
[27:25] that and it's also the remaster II
[27:27] approach as a new skill could
[27:29] effectively you know a good example is
[27:31] summoning obviously the idea will be to
[27:34] rework summoning but others skill could
[27:37] sit in the same slot to summoning that i
[27:38] e bringing up something that I use as a
[27:41] follow-up yeah but does something
[27:43] different what something no but so many
[27:45] familiars do so um we can do things that
[27:48] make that don't necessarily have to
[27:49] collect your unfamiliarity um so
[27:51] obviously one the big questions like
[27:53] okay how often are we doing these things
[27:54] I new skills one twenties I think we're
[27:58] not there yet I think is one of the
[27:59] bigger yeah anyway would tell us a lot
[28:01] we've got a question in there about
[28:02] cadence yeah
[28:03] how often we do it but I think it's
[28:06] definitely more often than we did in the
[28:08] past yeah I don't touch on too many
[28:11] different toes but certainly like we
[28:14] have a manual several tell us a lot but
[28:16] we have a desired cadence for how we
[28:18] want to do it definitely a lot more yeah
[28:20] regular there has been in the past I
[28:22] said so instead of adding new systems
[28:24] different ways of achieving in the game
[28:26] which adds complexity which adds a
[28:28] little less focus then I'll focus on
[28:30] what people represent their achievement
[28:32] to the game and that's killing yeah
[28:33] skilling is runescape mean and that is
[28:36] the difference it's this kind of just
[28:38] moving the pieces about on the board so
[28:40] that this is where we are okay um and
[28:43] then the things to solve number four is
[28:46] there is too much dead content
[28:49] so when we did just kind of pull back
[28:52] the pen a little bit we do monthly
[28:53] surveys you may have received one in the
[28:55] past where we just kind of asked you how
[28:59] some of the recent content has gone what
[29:01] your opinions are on it an individual
[29:03] piece of feedback every single update we
[29:05] launched in the past 12 months it's at
[29:07] the same feedback there wasn't rewarding
[29:08] enough and that it was their content I
[29:10] mean obviously there's planet balm some
[29:13] early dungeons a lot of people thought
[29:15] it wasn't yeah but you still get that
[29:17] you never moved away from that feedback
[29:19] and we kind of dived into that obviously
[29:21] we want to make everything valid and
[29:22] everything awesome or launch otherwise
[29:24] what's the point why even update at all
[29:26] and we looked into it and our feeling
[29:28] was that actually it was because that we
[29:32] were we have such a food game has been
[29:35] updated over 18 years where every single
[29:38] piece of content is relevant even stuff
[29:40] that came out 15 years ago that we were
[29:41] just trying to slot in rewards in such a
[29:44] packed area like we start something in I
[29:45] were actually kind of the we're adding
[29:47] breath to our rewards rather than akshay
[29:49] progressing things necessarily and that
[29:51] meant that only if we were applying
[29:52] Tanisha's then only in each part the
[29:54] audience would really appreciate them
[29:55] yeah so that's where we were so we're
[29:58] gonna loosen our belts a little mm-hmm
[30:00] so yeah I think that um from what
[30:04] perspective this isn't this isn't power
[30:05] creep this isn't you know we're not
[30:07] going to accelerate this isn't a a Wild
[30:11] West of acceleration you know in terms
[30:13] of oh yeah reward their GP well I'll go
[30:16] to ten I know weapons yeah exactly but I
[30:19] think what we are going to do is say is
[30:21] okay to out mole out mode order things
[30:23] yeah I think that the biggest thing
[30:25] biggest takeaway from this is we're
[30:26] going to be start shedding our older
[30:28] yeah and not not having these spinning
[30:31] plates of rewards and trying to keep
[30:33] like dragons still viable and yeah like
[30:36] dungeoneering rewards still viable and
[30:37] all these other pieces of content that
[30:39] we've tried to like hold up even though
[30:43] it's rotting underneath yeah sort of
[30:44] like decaying away yeah and we try to
[30:46] bring any shiny thing in and sure
[30:48] anything has to sit amongst like with
[30:49] yeah content which me like no not even
[30:52] anymore
[30:53] absolutely this content is now just
[30:55] going to be categorically better than
[30:56] the content we're not going to worry
[30:58] about keeping all the pieces of content
[31:00] alive there's to be relevant for the
[31:02] level ranges like if I'm never late
[31:04] after one a chaotic but we're not no
[31:06] longer like having to keep him on life
[31:08] support yeah so obviously there's gonna
[31:10] be a lot of people screaming right now
[31:11] yes saying things like sell sell dragon
[31:13] sell sell various other things sell all
[31:15] the things that it listen yeah exactly
[31:17] but wait what I'm hoping you see is how
[31:19] this plugs into something we talked
[31:21] about earlier and that is remastering
[31:23] mmm-hmm so I think what the plan is or
[31:27] what we would really like to do is
[31:28] instead of adding things that are new
[31:29] that will replace the old is actually
[31:32] where we get into a sequence of
[31:33] remastering the old yes
[31:35] so those things that are largely Revan
[31:38] elevant are not worth using now maybe
[31:41] suddenly will be relevant again maybe
[31:43] it's worth carrying i've been using a
[31:44] god sword where it wasn't before so the
[31:47] actually is older content a usurping the
[31:51] newer content and we just get into this
[31:52] kind of sequence those iconic elements
[31:54] will start kind of leveling up and
[31:56] improving on the previous one yeah i
[31:58] mean obviously there will still be
[31:59] something new some new glittery you know
[32:01] fancy things that you'll desire but some
[32:05] lot the time will be the older exactly
[32:07] yeah and we have done this in the past
[32:09] to some extent
[32:11] yeah we definitely beginning a little
[32:12] bolder about it in future and being a
[32:15] bit more say like a little less
[32:18] careful about where whether it's a
[32:21] conference it you probably kind of
[32:23] tested this out in a few things like
[32:24] money in smithing thought right there
[32:26] let's make MGP generation from
[32:27] non-combat skilling this let's bring it
[32:29] up that's the kind of thing we're
[32:30] talking about let's um let's kind of
[32:33] take that older piece of content this
[32:34] familiar and just make it relevant again
[32:36] and see where we were at so now we can
[32:37] start talking about things like what's
[32:39] the best boss to fight this level it's
[32:40] king black dragon you know you knew
[32:42] perhaps if we did a remaster what's the
[32:44] best weapon to use this level while work
[32:46] is actually you know the dragon dragon
[32:49] dagger yeah why not why not and so we'll
[32:51] be approaching in that way mm-hm
[32:53] so don't necessarily sell everything
[32:55] correct you know he's an office Lee with
[32:58] things like kind of weapon diversity
[32:59] like blaring on the top of that you know
[33:01] like it feels like we're enriching that
[33:03] game that is there rather than just
[33:05] bolting on yeah okay looking in what
[33:09] question is about this so is the movies
[33:13] being older content just dies have comes
[33:14] irrelevant I think we've got that and
[33:15] won't this add to confusion and their
[33:17] lack of simplicity I I think we'd be
[33:20] lying if we said that this was a silver
[33:22] bullet for solving oh yeah everything
[33:24] but one of the biggest things that we're
[33:26] gonna have to be aware of is somebody
[33:27] comes back to the game for example and
[33:29] wants a familiar game experience or they
[33:31] have in their bank is gonna feel very
[33:33] different like what is valuable or good
[33:35] now but I think if we get to a place
[33:37] where the question is quite simple the
[33:39] questions are simple like you know how
[33:41] do I get good at combat
[33:42] what dagger should I be using rather
[33:45] than things like what even is the right
[33:48] weapon to be using right now we've got
[33:49] new weapon types etcetera etcetera but
[33:51] that was the direction we were going in
[33:53] we want to make sure the questions is
[33:55] simple and people can just the systems
[33:56] are there to help and the answers as
[33:58] simple as well yeah so the idea is
[33:59] saying how do you how to do combat I
[34:01] know okay well we just recently met
[34:03] remastered gobbles engine go do gobbles
[34:05] dungeon content because that is now the
[34:07] best place to go to in combat you gonna
[34:09] get good good drops and yes good and you
[34:11] might get some upgrades and things so
[34:12] it's like what's go straight a good to
[34:14] know should be going to the new skill
[34:15] right now because the new skill is good
[34:16] good money or is like you can get this
[34:20] really cool reward from doing it
[34:21] so the idea is to keep the question
[34:23] simples but the answer simple as well
[34:24] yeah so it shouldn't it shouldn't be a
[34:27] complicated web of of mess yeah so
[34:31] understand how to do compact now it
[34:32] should be oh I go do this yeah III
[34:35] supply I immediate and how to answer
[34:38] that question but also how to go and do
[34:41] that piece of content yeah I think we
[34:42] always we often talk about this I we
[34:44] went to the pub and we chatted as
[34:45] designers about how we want to do lazy
[34:47] kind of this yeah exactly but you get so
[34:49] many better ideas when it's over a
[34:50] double burger but only the we imagined a
[34:54] kind of featured content pain yes you
[34:56] know sorry like an interface that was
[34:58] presented to any kind of person coming
[35:00] back or playing the game and each of
[35:02] those within that is each of the
[35:03] categories that we just talked about in
[35:04] the focus section but within those you
[35:06] look at them what's the latest landmass
[35:08] oh it's land of home and handheld time
[35:11] okay dinosaurs how that was relatively
[35:12] new but then you move to other things
[35:14] and then you've got what's the latest
[35:16] slam op maybe it's a new Dark Beast so
[35:18] it's familiar its we mastered maybe if
[35:20] you look at the latest addition to an
[35:22] asynchronous mini game it's there's a
[35:24] new ports expansion if you go to a
[35:26] combat experience it's God Wars and
[35:27] remastered or barrows remastered or kbd
[35:29] remastered it feels so green scape and
[35:32] that's what we want we want to kind of
[35:34] curated modernized relevant fun
[35:37] runescape and that can still be
[35:40] different from old-school where things
[35:42] in stasis
[35:43] it can feel still kind of broad and I
[35:45] there's something new coming every week
[35:47] we'd still have that excitement yeah but
[35:50] we're kind of keeping the feel of what
[35:52] runescape is and not adding to something
[35:53] that people feel is getting bloated yes
[35:56] absolutely okay all right
[35:58] so only undoubtedly you have dozens of
[36:02] questions about this more than dozen
[36:04] yeah we are we got a hugely active
[36:06] there's gonna be um we're gonna have
[36:08] live stream on to discuss a lot of these
[36:10] weight a lot the questions that you
[36:12] raise in the in-between time will be
[36:13] answered
[36:14] we active on social media but we both be
[36:16] on reddit yeah there are some designers
[36:18] will be on Reddit and Twitter Facebook
[36:20] so please do talk to us and hopefully we
[36:24] can bring you a little on site at least
[36:26] before runefest when a lot of the kind
[36:28] of categories that we can talk about
[36:29] will be filled out and then the updates
[36:30] that going in them will be a little bit
[36:32] clearer you can see a bit more of our
[36:33] vision of
[36:34] oh yeah all these things happening
[36:36] because a lot of the content and a lot
[36:37] of the focus content will be and now it
[36:39] still be about things of those announced
[36:41] yeah exactly you sort of see what sort
[36:43] of Carentan so they're cool exciting
[36:45] things are talking about yeah I'll be a
[36:46] bit more solid so hopefully I'll be
[36:48] exciting um in the coming weeks and
[36:50] months we're hoping to be more of these
[36:52] the chance to dive in in depth like we
[36:55] have just now I'm sorry with a different
[36:56] partner probably next time I apologize
[36:58] coming you cheat on me
[37:01] I don't want to bear it's gotta be done
[37:02] we dive into other caps please as I said
[37:05] things like monetization things like
[37:06] some of the modernization stuff you were
[37:08] talking about and how we can remove
[37:10] complexity and um familiarity and
[37:12] improve the feel of game there'll be
[37:14] another topic so we're dive into these
[37:16] in the futures future but for now thank
[37:18] you so much for your patience in this
[37:20] thing to us and hopefully there's that
[37:22] exciting elements that also start to
[37:23] talk about yeah yeah so thank you very
[37:26] much and we'll see you next time kids