Transcript of RuneScape Combat Showcase (from RuneFest 2016)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] hello guys and welcome to our second
[00:05] year on mainstage the combat 2016
[00:08] showcase we're gonna be covering
[00:10] everything combat got a little bit of
[00:12] PvP we've got a little bit of PBM and
[00:14] then towards the end we can have some
[00:16] 2017 reveals so get hyped I'm not Raman
[00:20] and I'm joined by my deck Mondays mod
[00:28] Harrison not ollie so we're gonna be
[00:31] kicking this off with a little bit of
[00:32] PvP so who better their mod Harrison mod
[00:35] hi i'm mod Harrison to take you through
[00:38] it I'll ever invest I'm not tired this
[00:42] is what Harrison and we're just got
[00:46] talking about PvP so our focus this year
[00:49] and the next year is to get more of you
[00:52] involved because PvP is awesome I know
[00:54] some of you don't believe me but trust
[00:56] me it is a great activity in runescape
[00:58] and we've got a couple of really cool
[01:00] things for you coming up in the next few
[01:03] weeks actually it's coming out really
[01:04] soon that we'd like to introduce you to
[01:06] one of them is deathmatch
[01:55] so what is deathmatch so what we've done
[01:58] this we've taken the crucible and we've
[02:00] thrown it away because no one uses it
[02:02] and what we've done is we've turned it
[02:05] into an arena where 30 of you go in
[02:07] every one can beat the living snot out
[02:10] of each other it's all vs all but it's
[02:13] safe death so what we're seeing is you
[02:17] go in in your best gear we're even going
[02:19] to provide you food like bandages like
[02:20] Castle Wars you're gonna beat the living
[02:23] crap out of each other have some fun if
[02:26] you're not so good at PvP then that's
[02:29] fine because actually we've got
[02:30] power-ups in there so you've got some
[02:31] armor some of my personal favorites is
[02:33] you get to summon an army of chickens to
[02:36] fight for you you get two you get to
[02:39] turn everybody else's apart from yours
[02:41] of course all of their food into
[02:42] cabbages because that's useful right and
[02:46] you go in there you have a laugh and you
[02:49] come out and then you get some cool
[02:50] rewards for it and my favorite reward I
[02:54] think is the ability to bottle up the
[02:57] new blog pulse and take them with you
[02:59] anywhere in the cool new flasks you can
[03:01] also get some untradable PAP 265 power
[03:05] gear and some untradable food too if
[03:09] you're interested in doing the more
[03:10] serious side of PvP and speaking of the
[03:13] more serious side of PvP what else do we
[03:15] have in store for them so following the
[03:18] release of deathmatch will be releasing
[03:20] bounty hunter so we talked about bounty
[03:22] hunter a lot on the forums we've a news
[03:24] post about it so we could really get
[03:25] your feedback for it
[03:26] to make sure it's going to be as good as
[03:28] it possibly can be for you people doing
[03:30] PvP so the main reason we want to do
[03:33] bounty hunter is to introduce a new form
[03:36] of money-making so it will tie into the
[03:39] shop we're deathmatch that's going to
[03:40] come out and hopefully this will be a
[03:42] good incentive to for all the hardcore
[03:44] PvP is to really go out there and try
[03:46] and kill each other because at the
[03:47] moment it seems like you just have to go
[03:48] and kill bosses in there like PvP is a
[03:50] fun minigame and it's good it should be
[03:52] making money feeling so what we'll be
[03:55] doing with bands hunter is will be
[03:56] released in two new systems with it we
[03:58] really took an emblem system and we were
[03:59] releasing a brand new eloah system so
[04:02] I'm gonna talk about the emblem system
[04:03] first and the way your work is will have
[04:05] tears of emblems and you'll start at
[04:07] level one and as you progress and kill
[04:10] your bounties you will basically be
[04:11] building up your tears of emblem you can
[04:14] trade trade these emblems in four points
[04:15] of the bouncy shop and this is what
[04:17] leads into the money-making we're
[04:18] talking about so for the elo system
[04:21] there will be 14 you tiers of elo that
[04:24] you can be placed in and these will
[04:25] update weekly basically each week for
[04:29] the first week for example you'll all be
[04:30] placed in the same one so you'll all be
[04:31] out there in bounty hunter and you will
[04:32] all be killing each other trying to
[04:33] compete to get to the best of the earth
[04:35] at rank and then each week will place
[04:37] you and it will be a viewable high-score
[04:40] module basically where you can really
[04:41] see who's the best out of your tier in
[04:44] so that about covers it really for bands
[04:47] hunter what we're going to release
[04:48] there's a allies mentioned before
[04:49] there's a full design document that
[04:51] multiplies really going to town with and
[04:52] explain everything that we're gonna be
[04:53] doing and I defied you recommend that
[04:55] you go and check out it because it
[04:56] includes a full list of rewards such as
[04:57] like the rune pouch that you've been
[04:58] going about that you really want and
[04:59] it's gonna be a really good reward and
[05:01] we hope that it's gonna be useful for
[05:03] you so that's a little bit on PvP we're
[05:08] gonna be covering a couple of the
[05:09] updates released throughout 2016 gonna
[05:11] talk a little bit about them you know
[05:13] how we came up with some of the
[05:14] characters and who better than mod Ollie
[05:17] and Mont dig Thank You Irene first so
[05:25] one of the big updates the release this
[05:28] year was something that we talked about
[05:31] in the 2015 content survey that we put
[05:35] out where you told us what you wanted to
[05:38] play in the coming year and one of the
[05:40] most popular choices was a sequel to the
[05:44] God Wars dungeon and this year we
[05:46] brought you that with the heart of
[05:48] Gillen or a return to that sort of less
[05:52] complex boss design so then you can just
[05:54] jump into and try out with your friends
[05:57] without having to spend hours
[05:59] researching guides and what gear to
[06:00] bring
[06:02] we also made an effort to create
[06:04] characters with the dungeon
[06:07] much like Grado from the original god
[06:09] wars has shown up over the years in
[06:13] quests and you've gotten to know him we
[06:17] have that opportunity with the bosses
[06:19] from the heart such as when they
[06:22] appeared in the tales of the god wars
[06:24] I'm sure we'll see more of them again
[06:27] what Ollie and I want to talk you
[06:29] through some of the things we were
[06:31] thinking about when we designed and
[06:34] developed the heart we're going to talk
[06:36] about some of the deleted scenes if you
[06:38] will from the dungeon yes so we're gonna
[06:41] start off with the twin Furies of course
[06:43] so I really want to give you guys sort
[06:45] of a peek behind the closed doors of
[06:46] Jagex
[06:47] and an idea of how we actually come up
[06:49] with these characters and with the twin
[06:52] Furies in particular I want to hear a
[06:54] quick cheer from all of you that were at
[06:56] the combat showcase last year in 2015 so
[07:00] give me a shout with you were here all
[07:03] right so yeah good number of you you
[07:04] might remember that we actually spoke
[07:06] about some personal projects and the one
[07:08] that I spoke about in particular was
[07:10] about a demon council I was developing
[07:11] in my personal time and I really wanted
[07:14] to have sort of a set of demons that
[07:15] really work against you and they work
[07:17] together and that actually came together
[07:19] in God Wars dungeon 2 when I thought
[07:20] this would be a good opportunity to get
[07:22] some that in so they ended up being
[07:23] twins of course but that was actually
[07:25] where it came from so kind of announced
[07:27] that a year ago on stage here at
[07:29] runefest know at the time I was
[07:32] developing these I actually been
[07:33] watching an anime and I'm not sure if
[07:35] any of you will realize but a few of you
[07:37] might have picked out which one that was
[07:39] the game the idea that wings don't have
[07:41] to just be for flying that wings could
[07:43] be purposed for attack and what if a
[07:45] pair of demons possess these kind of
[07:47] wings and use them to attack and pairing
[07:50] that with the idea the idea that they
[07:51] were sort of based around agility
[07:53] because a lot of our demons in game
[07:55] we've got big hulking demons and they
[07:57] try and smash you to pieces but we
[07:58] didn't have the kind of agile nimble
[08:00] characters that I wanted to create so
[08:02] pairing that together inspired the
[08:04] mechanics about how you would counteract
[08:05] that so mainly counteracting it with
[08:07] movement and target switching so I
[08:10] paired that together as well with the
[08:12] idea of a shared health pool which came
[08:14] from the demon council idea so you'll be
[08:16] fighting
[08:16] of them as one and they fight against
[08:18] you in unison so that's a little bit of
[08:20] an idea about how the twin Furies came
[08:22] together they won't you tell us a little
[08:24] bit about vindictive so vindictive was
[08:27] very nearly a completely different
[08:30] character the first idea we had when
[08:33] we're talking about a serous thing boss
[08:36] was CAFO nyan demon this would be a
[08:39] stark contrast to the twin Furies this
[08:42] would be a a monstrous sort of twisted
[08:46] creature and when we're talking about
[08:50] this one of our concept artists mod yang
[08:52] overheard us talking and said you've got
[08:56] to do a dragon rider and we looked at
[08:58] each other we laughed I wasn't sold a
[09:01] dragon rider those they're small they're
[09:03] not imposing that they're always kind of
[09:06] cute I don't want to fight a dragon
[09:09] rider oh I feel kind of bad I feel
[09:12] guilty and then mod yang went away and
[09:17] drew vindictive and we were sold there
[09:21] was no going back this was an imposing
[09:23] character even without the dragon I saw
[09:27] that and I understood how the Dragon
[09:29] Riders could have been such a big part
[09:31] of the zoroastrian Empire so what about
[09:36] Hell well so how where is actually my
[09:40] personal favorite but again it was
[09:42] another one that we saw of it wasn't
[09:44] exactly as we imagined it at the star
[09:46] and it was a really difficult one to
[09:47] come up with because we came up we were
[09:49] coming up with ideas like crystal golems
[09:51] or elves that sing themselves crystal
[09:53] suits or maybe elves have augmented
[09:56] themselves with crystal and things like
[09:57] that but as you can tell all of these
[10:00] related to the crystal theme and we just
[10:01] had taffy add a planet full of crystal
[10:03] and we really wanted to do something
[10:04] different with something that was still
[10:06] an elf so that was when we had sort of a
[10:08] stroke of inspiration so a little bit of
[10:10] law for toffee ad was that the hyung
[10:12] left this creature that terrorized the
[10:14] people who lived on toffee ads we
[10:17] thought what if there was an ancient elf
[10:18] who had this power to be able to slay
[10:20] that beast and steal its form and then
[10:23] we sort of we went away we saw started
[10:26] brainstorming what this creature could
[10:28] be like and a lot of the ideas we had
[10:30] sometimes in the watch we're just joking
[10:32] around and we say something like Oh what
[10:34] if this beast was an owl bear and then
[10:36] we laugh and then we're like well if it
[10:39] was an L bear and this is actually what
[10:41] mod yon came up with first when he first
[10:43] contacted hell where so we looked at it
[10:45] we thought actually that is pretty
[10:46] awesome but we think we can go further
[10:48] it doesn't look totally unique and we
[10:50] wanted to do something no one had seen
[10:51] before so we took our and we changed
[10:54] that to wolf stag and made a wolf stag
[10:58] bear and actually it turned out to look
[11:00] really awesome we thought maybe if you
[11:01] match that many creatures together it
[11:02] doesn't look good but he'll wait turned
[11:04] out to be pretty cool at the time I'd
[11:06] actually been watching a film the
[11:07] revenant and there's an awesome scene in
[11:09] that where you get to watch Leonardo
[11:10] DiCaprio get mauled by a bear and I
[11:13] thought what if we could do a boss fight
[11:15] where felt like that it felt like the
[11:17] creature that was trying to kill you was
[11:18] thrashing around and raking you and it
[11:20] was just completely dangerous to get
[11:21] anywhere near it so that's why I spied
[11:23] some of the mechanics but again we
[11:24] wanted to have the feeling that it was
[11:25] actually an elf you were fighting
[11:27] against so it was also a fight against
[11:29] nature he was using his magic to
[11:31] invigorate the nature the fights around
[11:33] you and that's where the mushrooms came
[11:35] from as well so if any of you have done
[11:37] challenge mode obviously the mushrooms
[11:39] are the extra mechanic in there so
[11:40] earlier Dec mentioned that we wanted to
[11:42] focus on fun in this and I thought what
[11:44] is more fun than a mushroom disco so
[11:46] basically getting all you guys to dance
[11:47] around the mushrooms they're growing and
[11:49] shrinking and avoiding them so that was
[11:51] really good fun developing that one and
[11:53] finally of course we had Grigorovich and
[11:56] he came from the idea of wanting to
[11:58] create character that was much of a
[12:00] victim of slice gaze machinations as the
[12:04] player was he was a deplorable character
[12:08] in his first life but no one really
[12:11] deserves to hunting into what he has you
[12:16] kind of get the sense that slice Ches
[12:18] pulling his strings his original design
[12:22] that we had was even more poverty and
[12:25] its kind of conferring the final version
[12:27] you'll notice when he first appears in
[12:30] his arena he's dragged from the floor as
[12:33] if by an invisible string he's really
[12:36] kind of a reflection of sliska twisted
[12:40] sense of humor
[12:42] so hopefully that's given you a little
[12:44] bit insight into all we're thinking
[12:46] about when we're praying the dungeon
[12:49] when we are first talking about it now
[12:51] we knew right from the start that we'd
[12:55] be revisiting the heart that the heart
[12:58] needed its next and that brings us to
[13:02] tell us
[13:03] so we've tell us I'm actually going to
[13:05] talk a little bit more about what we
[13:07] learned from that encounter and the
[13:09] things we were trying to do so rather
[13:10] than the theme and things like that
[13:12] I want to talk first about the fact that
[13:15] we made a boss that has no immunities so
[13:18] a lot of you guys you want to use your
[13:20] full arsenal against the boss so we
[13:21] thought actually you know what why
[13:23] didn't we allow you to do that so you
[13:24] can stun tell us and you can poison him
[13:26] and you can use everything in your
[13:27] disposal so that that introduced some
[13:30] interesting challenges for us developing
[13:32] it we knew that if you could do that to
[13:34] tell us he needed to have an answer back
[13:36] so the enrage system allowed us to
[13:38] introduce freedom once you got to high
[13:39] enrages and then freed him on a shorter
[13:42] cooldown at even higher enrages and then
[13:44] things like allowing him to have a stat
[13:46] restore if you were to hit him with the
[13:47] stat hammer and things like that so what
[13:51] we wanted to do was use the enrage
[13:53] system to allow a lot of people to get
[13:56] in at the lower end so I keep mentioning
[13:59] the enrage system because it's really
[14:00] useful for us we we started with a rack
[14:02] saw we introduced it there and then we
[14:04] built on it for Telos so at the lower
[14:07] end we can allow less mechanics we can
[14:09] get more people in more people trying to
[14:11] tell us by the higher end it allows us
[14:12] to have multiple races for world-first
[14:15] and just a continuous challenge that the
[14:17] top PMO's can keep going into and keep
[14:19] competing against each other in so
[14:22] another thing that we learned was that
[14:24] you guys constantly surprise us like the
[14:28] array jiz we've seen people doing with
[14:29] no food or with crazy strategies are
[14:32] just amazing
[14:33] but the arrange system allows us to get
[14:35] oh we're back so we actually can
[14:37] surprise you guys and one of the things
[14:38] that we really tried to do was put in
[14:40] phase 5 obviously no one knew about it
[14:43] from 0 to 100 and rage it doesn't kick
[14:45] in until you hit that 100 percent enrage
[14:47] mark and it was really good watching all
[14:50] the twitch streams when suddenly tell us
[14:52] tell us falls into the water when you
[14:53] kill him and then he
[14:54] Rises back up and people just going
[14:56] mental in the chat for things like that
[14:57] and we also had some surprises a
[14:59] thousand percent in rage as well so no
[15:01] one really expected us to put some
[15:02] mechanics in there but what it
[15:04] demonstrated for us was that hiding
[15:06] things like that being able to use an
[15:08] enraged system that allows progression
[15:09] really makes some amazing twitch moments
[15:12] it gives us those races it gives us
[15:14] those surprises and we think we're going
[15:16] to do more of that stuff in the future
[15:22] yes I'm not yeah so the arrange system
[15:26] has given us all those all that
[15:28] competition and first we're going to go
[15:29] through who's got the highest enrage so
[15:32] I hope he's actually here highest enrage
[15:35] is of course you got lit up he's managed
[15:37] to accomplish an absolutely crazy one
[15:40] thousand three hundred and eight percent
[15:42] in range absolutely phenomenal and then
[15:44] next up I think we have yeah a kill
[15:46] streak so Buffy with a kill streak of
[15:49] eighty six eighty six kills in a row
[15:51] today so if you see him congratulate him
[15:54] on that he's over there good job that
[15:56] man that's it yeah okay so of course
[16:02] there's enraged their streak and then
[16:04] there's total kills so who's got the
[16:06] most kills why 3,000 Telos kills yeah
[16:11] another round of applause please it's
[16:12] amazing 3,000 on the top as well when we
[16:15] got these stats okay and then finally
[16:17] we're going to go over the boss pets
[16:18] because tell us has only dropped 596
[16:21] pets which makes it one of the most
[16:23] prestigious pets in game now I'm
[16:26] actually done so those are some of the
[16:28] PBM updates we did in 2016 but in
[16:32] regards to combat that's not really the
[16:34] only thing we've done we've really taken
[16:36] a step back this year and had a look at
[16:38] the issues left over from perhaps EEOC
[16:41] whether it's an underpowered weapon in
[16:43] PvP or a gap in weaponry tier that just
[16:47] doesn't quite fit yet you know it could
[16:50] be a bug with a boss for example posting
[16:53] spiders spawning underneath a Roxy
[16:55] allowing you not to get your kill it's
[16:57] really been the year of us wanting to
[16:59] make PVM a truly special place and
[17:01] making it absolutely perfect
[17:06] so the guys that I'd be making these
[17:09] changes or of course the combat council
[17:11] which consists of us guys here and
[17:13] there's a bunch of other us amongst the
[17:14] runescape development team so we're
[17:17] constantly trying to monitor combat
[17:18] because it's such a core part of game
[17:20] playing like combat needs to be working
[17:23] at least be a healthy part of the game
[17:25] in order to make sure that you know you
[17:26] guys are having fun the games playable
[17:28] for things like slayer bossing even puv
[17:30] like we mentioned earlier so as a combat
[17:35] council we always discuss things such as
[17:37] future updates trivial fixes like just
[17:40] changing the life points on NPC and you
[17:42] know going out of our way to completely
[17:44] develop a whole new ability all this all
[17:46] come goes through us we try and make
[17:48] sure that you know that the contents
[17:49] going to be as fun for you guys as
[17:50] possible we will make sure that it works
[17:53] it's interesting it's going to use
[17:55] there's so much I goes through it so
[17:58] besides are things like future updates
[18:00] you know there's bugs that come through
[18:02] so whether it be coming from you guys
[18:04] through your social media or from us
[18:07] guys playing it in-game we all discuss
[18:10] it as a group we make sure that the
[18:11] outcomes correct we don't over buff
[18:14] things we don't want things to be nerfed
[18:15] or you know just be wrong we want to
[18:17] make sure that PVM is it flows correctly
[18:19] so I mentioned social media we we make
[18:23] sure things where we keep an eye on
[18:26] reddit Twitter forums we're always
[18:28] taking feedback from you guys we want to
[18:30] make sure you know like I said before we
[18:31] it has to be good so one of the examples
[18:34] of things that you mentioned that wasn't
[18:37] really you know step up to par with what
[18:39] you wanted was the Telos salute system
[18:41] you said it took too long to get your
[18:43] Lou claimed you Lou and then continue
[18:44] through the kill so we discussed what we
[18:46] could do and we streamlined the whole
[18:48] process of it you know you click the
[18:50] loop the loops there for you and you can
[18:51] continue your Street or you can claim
[18:53] your loop straight away that goes to
[18:54] Street your bank however obviously with
[18:58] all these changes comes a knock-on
[19:00] effect to other plots of gingery one of
[19:03] these things in particular there we want
[19:05] to touch on there things like boss kill
[19:06] timers and mod ramens going to cover
[19:07] what we want to play do with those next
[19:09] year so in 2017 we're going to be
[19:12] resetting all your kill timers I know
[19:15] some of you are like oh my god my eight
[19:17] second rod okay
[19:18] or my 12 minute for I'll go duo or in
[19:20] some cases my 15 minutes I am okay wait
[19:23] a minute
[19:23] agarose look we're not discussing that
[19:26] one here so currently it's just a number
[19:29] that sits in an interface can't quick
[19:31] chat it you can't really do anything
[19:33] with it so when we do reset we're going
[19:37] to be introducing a high score system
[19:39] and season so when you do all your
[19:41] amazing amazing kill times you'll be
[19:44] able you'll be pitted against your
[19:46] friends you'll be able to see how you
[19:47] ranked yeah we you'll be able to see how
[19:49] you rank globally I am so excited to see
[19:53] people getting back into speedrunning
[19:54] kills I myself will be headed back to
[19:57] NEX you know it so moving on from bosses
[20:02] for a moment we're gonna move on to
[20:04] Slayer
[20:04] so the first thing we want to look at is
[20:06] low-level Slayer it might not be
[20:08] glamorous to a lot of people in the room
[20:09] but it's something that we need to
[20:10] address it's the entry point to combat
[20:12] in our game so we're gonna try and even
[20:14] that out and make it a nice smooth curve
[20:16] the other thing that probably interests
[20:18] you a lot more is we're going to take a
[20:20] look at the high level say lobs we
[20:22] released four new mobs last year and
[20:25] we're not afraid they didn't go down
[20:27] that well who's a fan of rift demons in
[20:29] here two people okay yes there we go
[20:33] so yet we try to do a high-intensity
[20:35] high-risk fight with big rewards but it
[20:37] just didn't work you said that's not
[20:39] what you want from Slayer so what we're
[20:42] gonna do is win a rebalance them we're
[20:45] gonna pull back on some of the
[20:46] difficulty so rather than it being a
[20:48] one-hit ko maybe it's just a high
[20:50] dimensional type or we give you a bit
[20:52] more time to anticipate the attack
[20:54] before it hits so hopefully after the
[20:56] changes we make there will be less
[20:58] skipper demons and more Netflix and kill
[21:04] go I'll give him a round of applause
[21:12] with telus we released a new weapon tier
[21:17] 2 92 and 92 is bit of a weird number
[21:23] isn't it when we were discussing what we
[21:28] want to do for the rewards for the boss
[21:30] 95 seems like the obvious choice but we
[21:36] start discussing it and we hit what
[21:39] we're gonna call the Telus problem you
[21:43] might have concluded that we didn't do
[21:45] this because we are concerned about
[21:47] reaching level 99 with our equipment too
[21:50] quickly but as far as we're concerned 99
[21:55] isn't the end it is the end four-wheeled
[21:58] requirements but 5 years from now you're
[22:01] gonna be wielding tier 105 weapons
[22:04] there's a really really early reveal for
[22:07] you there so what was the reason we
[22:11] didn't do this what was the problem and
[22:13] how do we fix it we had a big talk about
[22:16] this and I'm just gonna come out and say
[22:18] it because it's what we're all thinking
[22:20] right MBC suck like I'm not joking
[22:25] unless and this is a boss every single
[22:28] NPC in the game right now is just being
[22:31] fed into the meat grinder that is your
[22:33] knocks I am I wrong so like this is
[22:37] currently how we see it so oh pretty
[22:41] I'm not seeing animation yet so this is
[22:43] how we see it you're stuck there with
[22:45] the tier 90s or tr-85 czar quite easy
[22:47] and general monster set around tr-85 and
[22:50] what does thought that means is when we
[22:52] release tell us were like yeah 1895 gear
[22:54] you're like so I've gone monoxides I
[22:58] don't care so what you're gonna see
[23:00] coming is we're gonna flip that and NBC
[23:04] soon are gonna get way beefier the
[23:07] reason why we're doing this is that when
[23:09] we do release tell us well immediately
[23:12] your new weapon has a use and more
[23:15] people want to use it
[23:17] and then when we release the next NPCs
[23:19] they get tougher still again and this is
[23:22] the cycle we want to reinforce now why
[23:25] would we want to do that
[23:29] so in the coming year in particular
[23:32] we're going to focus on broadening the
[23:36] gear tier that means at the top end
[23:38] you're gonna have more meaningful
[23:40] choices more viable choices there'll be
[23:43] a lot of weapons with particular uses
[23:47] that you are going to be choosing from
[23:49] for a specific encounter specific
[23:53] situation it also means in 2017
[23:57] particular NPCs are gonna be getting
[23:59] ripped when we have more defense attack
[24:03] and hit points but not necessarily more
[24:07] mechanically complex but the good news
[24:11] for you is that all of a sudden your
[24:14] gears gonna feel a lot more effective
[24:15] when we bring a new piece of gear in the
[24:17] game it's not just going to go to lip
[24:20] it's gonna go to everybody because
[24:23] everybody's gonna want it everyone's
[24:24] gonna want to use it that means that
[24:26] when we do drop new gear you can sell it
[24:29] to more people it keeps its price longer
[24:31] the NPCs are harder so again it keeps
[24:33] its price longer lets more people get
[24:35] mad bank on release day and everyone's a
[24:39] bit happier so what are we going to do
[24:42] with do to enforce this in 2017 so we're
[24:48] gonna get into some of the reveals
[24:50] obviously you need a useful within
[24:52] weapons and armors you need a use for
[24:55] all the new awesome abilities we may be
[24:57] adding so the first reveal maoli
[25:00] is going to take you through it and it's
[25:02] something you may have heard about but
[25:03] he is gonna delve deeper into it you're
[25:08] gonna click I don't know what any of
[25:11] these buttons do but I'm gonna work out
[25:12] on the flight so in 2017 we're gonna be
[25:15] releasing some you may have heard before
[25:16] it's called shattered worlds yes it
[25:20] worked so shattered worlds actually
[25:22] Maude Osborne spoke about this a little
[25:24] bit at the summer summit we ended up
[25:26] postponing it because we really skill
[25:27] pets because we knew you guys wanted
[25:29] that from the survey but shattered
[25:30] worlds
[25:31] somewhere we want you to be able to take
[25:33] all this top-tier equipment and solve
[25:34] the problem we've just been going over
[25:36] so it's going to be a constant challenge
[25:38] that grows and evolved and you can
[25:40] always take this top-tier gear for use
[25:43] there so here's a little shot of
[25:45] shattered worlds so describe it to you a
[25:47] little bit it's a it's a procedurally
[25:50] generated endless what endless mode
[25:52] where you leap through portals between
[25:55] these shattered worlds that are floating
[25:57] in the abyss so on these worlds you
[25:59] might have strange combinations of
[26:01] environments and monsters that you
[26:03] haven't seen before so things around
[26:04] runescape you recognized but framed in a
[26:07] new way and the kind of things you might
[26:10] find on these islands are not only the
[26:12] monsters there but mini-bosses or rare
[26:14] spawns or maybe secrets and shops things
[26:17] that mix up the gameplay for every
[26:19] island you go to and the aim is to delve
[26:20] deeper into these worlds and try and do
[26:23] it in a good time so here actually you
[26:25] can see at the top we have mutaters
[26:28] active so mutaters are things that mix
[26:30] up the gameplay as well here there's the
[26:32] explosive mutator active and that means
[26:34] that when you kill an enemy it explodes
[26:36] dealing damage around it so you might
[26:37] want to make sure you're far away from
[26:38] this enemy when you kill it or you might
[26:40] want to make sure it's near other ones
[26:41] so they damages them as well and there's
[26:44] a number of mutaters that can be applied
[26:46] so here you see a few of them and the
[26:48] mutaters work together to change the way
[26:50] the gameplay pans out between these
[26:53] different worlds the deeper you go so
[26:54] here we have the soaking mutator that
[26:56] might mean that clouds spawn raining
[26:57] down upon this world and then maybe you
[27:00] get the electric mutator as well so when
[27:02] you hit an enemy it has a chance to
[27:03] spawn a lightning strike and combined
[27:05] that means the lightning strike is going
[27:07] to be conducted by the water and enemies
[27:09] that are wet will be affected more by
[27:10] the lightning strike and there you can
[27:13] see a few other ones as well well that's
[27:15] just some of the ways that we're keeping
[27:16] the gameplay throughout shattered worlds
[27:17] dynamic and different and fresh so every
[27:21] time you visit a world you're normally
[27:25] going to be seeing a brand new unique
[27:28] experience a new combination of monsters
[27:32] environment and mechanics but we're also
[27:35] going to be raising a challenge mode
[27:39] this will be a set world that rotates on
[27:43] a
[27:44] weekly or monthly basis that will be
[27:47] fixed and set for anyone who tries it
[27:51] this means there is a fair and level
[27:54] playing field for everyone competing
[27:56] you're going to be able to fight for
[27:59] leaderboard positions on seasonals
[28:03] you're gonna be able to see how well
[28:05] you're doing makes to your friends and
[28:08] next to the rest of the runescape
[28:10] community the best performers in these
[28:15] seasons are you unlock temporary
[28:17] cosmetics to show off I am a champion I
[28:21] am one of the best they're delving into
[28:24] these new worlds that's that's the next
[28:29] bit so almost everyone so the next one
[28:34] is something I'm so excited about with
[28:38] the player survey that went out last
[28:39] year your survey results so they we
[28:43] obviously sent out it really showed that
[28:45] you love a little bit of combat whether
[28:48] it's just a cheeky bit of Slayer or its
[28:49] high intensity bossing it really helped
[28:52] shape the year ahead
[28:54] so the next thing up in 2017 is gonna be
[29:01] brand new Slayer dungeon I am so hyped
[29:05] for the possibilities of what this
[29:09] entails and more days it's going to take
[29:10] you through some of them exciting things
[29:13] when it came to designing this new say
[29:15] dungeon we really wanted to push the
[29:17] boundaries of what you guys expect like
[29:19] we've done quite a few centons in the
[29:21] past few years and we didn't want it
[29:23] just to be more of the same so we looked
[29:24] at save as a skill like you're on your
[29:27] task you're killing finish getting XP
[29:29] getting this awesome loot and then
[29:31] something like halfway through the task
[29:32] your inventory is full and now you're
[29:34] not doing us a task anymore you play an
[29:35] inventory management the mini game like
[29:37] do I pick this up do I drop that way
[29:39] outside do i disassemble this so what
[29:42] we're gonna do is win a mix this all up
[29:44] and we're going to put a rewards chest
[29:46] in the center of the dungeon and as you
[29:47] kill mobs in this dungeon L all of that
[29:50] loot is going to go straight into there
[29:51] so once the task is complete you head to
[29:53] the chest grab your loot and you're on
[29:55] your way on top of all this we're going
[29:57] to make the chest up
[29:58] double so the longer you spend at least
[30:00] in June the chest is going up greater
[30:02] can store more loo it'll increase the
[30:05] drop freeze in the dungeon or maybe you
[30:08] could even gamble all of your loot for a
[30:09] chance of a unique reward so what's in
[30:12] the dungeon we really wanted to listen
[30:15] to your feedback so everything in this
[30:19] dungeon is going to fall under one say a
[30:21] task and at the start the dungeon the
[30:24] mobs are going to be a little bit easier
[30:26] a little bit less intense more afk and
[30:29] the deeper you go the more difficult
[30:31] hard
[30:32] the mobs become but they were also going
[30:34] to become more rewarding and then at the
[30:36] very end of the dungeon there's going to
[30:38] be a door and behind this door
[30:40] a Slayer boss just like ascension
[30:43] dungeons this is going to need a key to
[30:44] enter which will drop from the various
[30:46] monsters around the dungeon if you're
[30:48] not feeling up to the boss you can tell
[30:49] this reducing prophet so that all sounds
[30:53] good yeah well we didn't want to stop
[30:55] there we really wanted to push the
[30:57] boundaries of this dungeon what could we
[30:59] do so how about a voice of Saron effect
[31:02] where every single hour the a different
[31:06] monster becomes more valuable has a
[31:07] better drop rate has a chance of really
[31:10] awesome rewards
[31:11] what about killstreaks if I target this
[31:13] monster over here and build a kill
[31:14] streak suddenly I get a bonus on this
[31:16] one over there encouraging you to move
[31:18] around the dungeon well let's go even
[31:20] crazier how about a slayer wave where
[31:23] everything in the dungeon will become
[31:25] aggressive and try to attack you and you
[31:27] are never played in the dungeon you're
[31:28] gonna have to stand together and fight
[31:30] them back and if you win then you get a
[31:32] really good reward so let's sum this up
[31:35] we've got a scalene dungeon the deeper
[31:37] you go we've got a reward chest that's
[31:38] going to contain all your loot and
[31:40] unique management mechanics to be
[31:42] different than anything that's come
[31:44] before all of this means that you will
[31:46] be able to well this means that you're
[31:48] able to choose the Slayer experience
[31:50] that suits you I'm finally gonna sit
[31:53] back and just be a newb and get my 120
[31:55] slayer very slowly and looking forward
[31:57] to my cake Ollie do you want to take us
[31:59] through the next thing yeah so the last
[32:01] reveal we have for you is something
[32:04] we're able to do once we've released a
[32:05] new Slayer dungeon next year and once
[32:07] we've got shattered worlds so we've
[32:08] solved that problem of where you can use
[32:10] that top-tier gear and finally we can
[32:12] really
[32:12] maybe 1095 weapons or t95 Armour and
[32:16] that is a new solo boss so here we go
[32:21] we've got a new solo boss here these are
[32:22] some ideas they're just sketches at this
[32:24] point and as I was saying earlier we
[32:27] have we have a process between we have a
[32:31] process of how we come up with solo
[32:33] bosses and things like that and they
[32:34] originate a lot from sketches and things
[32:36] that the concept artists do so here
[32:38] there's a few ideas but I want you guys
[32:41] to look at them and decide what you
[32:43] might think the mechanics could be and
[32:44] which one looks like a favorite to you
[32:46] because later on in the runescape
[32:48] reveals talk
[32:48] what Osborne and mod mark are going to
[32:50] go over which one of these it might be
[32:52] and also show you a more detailed
[32:53] concepts with some ideas of mechanics so
[32:57] that's pretty much it for the combat
[32:59] showcase I hope you enjoyed some the
[33:00] exciting things we had to show you some
[33:02] of the things we discussed it's pretty
[33:04] much asked out thank you very much