Transcript of RuneScape Cinematics - Desperate Times Outro

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] the world guardian arrived just too late
[00:04] karapaks plan had worked flawlessly
[00:07] with a triumphant shout he plunged the
[00:10] staff into the needle to absorb its
[00:13] power Gayle watched in horror as control
[00:18] of the needle was torn from her and
[00:19] given to the Dragon King in an instant
[00:24] she was Gayle no more Primrose
[00:28] stood staring at the monster before her
[00:33] karapaks roared in triumph the power of
[00:36] the needle now here's to command he took
[00:40] to the air and the needle vanished her
[00:43] sight at the whim of its new master
[00:46] he flew east to the coast and out across
[00:50] the sea vanishing into a great storm and
[00:55] there he set to work on the next stage
[00:59] of his endeavor