Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #9 - Penguins!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind The Scenes
Some Like It Cold
[00:06] Hello and welcome to Runescape: Behind The Scenes.
[00:08] It's a particularly chilling (and faintly
fishy) tale this week
[00:12] as we bring news of a brand new quest -
Some Like It Cold.
[00:15] It's the third entry in the penguin quest series,
[00:17] so for those of you who haven't caught up,
here's an impossibly quick refresher.
[00:21] Deep breath!
[00:23] It all begins at Ardounge Zoo, where Larry
the loveable zookeeper wants help building
a bird hide to observe penguins.
[00:28] After heading to the iceberg, you both
observe a secret meeting,
[00:31] leading you to gather more info on the suspicious birds.
[00:34] To do this, you build a penguin suit and infiltrate
their secret underground base,
[00:37] collecting instruments for friendly Penguins
Ping and Pong
[00:39] to create a distraction with whilst you sneak
into the war room.
[00:42] There, you discover evil plans to take over
all of Runescape!
[00:45] After fighting ice lords, you flee back to the zoo.
[00:48] Here, Larry's accused of being insane
for claiming to see a giant penguin,
[00:51] so you run off to find giant footprints
that will prove his story and free him.
[00:54] Together, you interrogate a penguin from a submarine,
meet the dwarves that built the submarine,
[00:58] find the location of said submarine and
successfully sabotage it.
[01:02] Unfortunately for you, Larry is kidnapped and
you're met by Penguin King Pescaling Pax.
[01:06] Luckily, Polar Bear agent Chuck comes to your rescue,
[01:08] but on completing the quest, Larry is still MIAů
[01:12] Phew! Now that we're up to date, let's find out what's
coming in the third instalment to the quest-line.
[01:17] Some Like It Cold picks up the story in Ardougne Zoo
when Chuck receives word on where Larry's been taken,
[01:22] and it's up to you to help the furry agent
follow up the lead
[01:24] and return Larry to safety.
[01:27] Larry is joined once again by his old friends
the polar bears in battle,
[01:30] but it's not the penguins he has to worry
about this time,
[01:33] it's the clapping seals and a particularly
stiff-upper-lipped walrus that are the real problem.
[01:37] A walrus with a British accent?
[01:40] He's probably just been hanging around with
four bowl-cut boys from Liverpool for too long.
[01:44] But from Beatles to birds,
[01:45] two familiar music loving penguins will also be
showing up to lend a hand - or wing -
[01:50] and they're determined to do it in style.
[01:52] Completing the quest won't be easy,
[01:54] and this epic adventure will see you solving
all manner of puzzles and games.
[01:57] Don't worry though, the rewards are sure
to make all the effort worthwhile,
[02:01] but we'll tell you more about just what
those rewards will be
[02:04] in a Behind the Scenes closer to the launch
of this long-awaited quest.
[02:08] You can begin limbering up now though,
[02:10] by making sure that you have at least 56 Crafting,
50 Construction, 50 Thieving, and 65 Fishing.
[02:16] Naturally, you'd also do well to have completed
the "Hunt for Red Raktuber" too.
[02:20] Oh, and dress up nice and warm, it's going
to get very chillyů brrr.
[02:24] That's all for this frosty edition of
behind the Scenes.
[02:27] Join us next week when we'll be warming up
for the start of the Gielinor Games.