Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #99 - JMods Get Pranked

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind the Scenes

  1. 99: Pranking Jmods

[00:11] This week behind the scenes finally reaches level 99!!!
[00:15] Woohoooo cue the fireworks!
[00:17] In celebration of donning our skill cape, the BTS team are going rogue...
[00:21] Jmods beware; Alan is getting his own back!
[00:27] You work that camera!
[00:44] This is gonna be loud!
[00:56] Can this be quick please? I don't like it.
[01:00] Hello!
[01:01] Don't give them scissors, yeah?
[01:12] Bit of dirt, some sticks...
[01:15] Little Mini Mac in a jar!
[01:26] What's the plan now Al?
[01:28] Rig the catapult to the mouse.
[01:32] Dainty!
[01:36] Do you want these pencil sharpener shavings?
[01:38] Oh brilliant!
[01:39] I think... Is that a bit too much?
[01:41] What do you think camera man?
[01:42] It looks good.
[01:45] I hear people coming!
[02:06] What the flying (beep)?
[02:43] What the (beep) is that?
[02:50] I don't understand...
[02:54] I mean I can see what it is but I don't know why!
[03:02] Even the trash is wrapped!
[03:04] Fancy yourself as a bit of a prankster?
[03:07] For your chance to commandeer the BTS cape, why not create havoc with your own RuneScape related shenanigans.
[03:13] Upload your video and send the link to [email protected]
[03:18] The funniest entry will take ownership of our cape,
[03:20] and remember no law breaking!
[03:23] Next week you are in for a treat as jmods try their hand at Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza!!