Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #98 - April Updates

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] this week mod Osborne talks to us about
[00:13] what updates April has in store for us
[00:15] occasionally in life you face it was so
[00:18] monumental that it changes you forever
[00:19] and this April would bring you one of
[00:22] those choices are you a monkey or are
[00:24] you at the cabbage that's right Raska
[00:27] primer marimbo coming in april in
[00:29] cabbage face punch bonanza in the red
[00:31] corner will be marimba fighting for fun
[00:33] and partying and the green corner will
[00:35] be brassica he wants to bring
[00:36] deliciousness to the world after
[00:38] choosing aside your aim is to survive as
[00:40] long as possible avoiding monkeys and
[00:42] players they've been transmogrified into
[00:43] face punching gorillas obviously you'll
[00:47] be able to buy three rewards as voted
[00:49] for by you see decide which converts
[00:51] drop seeds directly into experience the
[00:54] Slayer VIP ticket for more choice in
[00:55] your assignments and the patch bond
[00:57] which means claiming and clearing your
[00:58] farming patches of brings there are no
[01:01] requirements to play this new mini game
[01:02] although members will gain renown at
[01:04] fifty percent increase speed another of
[01:06] April's update sees a shadow cast over
[01:08] ashdale the idyllic starting area of
[01:11] runescape take on fiendish puzzles all
[01:13] new enemies and a story that's overrun
[01:15] with intrigue and danger there are no
[01:17] entry requirements the quest is suitable
[01:19] for new players but the NPC's are scaled
[01:21] to a level so experienced players can
[01:22] have a blast team we've taken a slightly
[01:24] different approach with this quest
[01:26] keeping it light on dialogue and letting
[01:27] the environment and set pieces do the
[01:29] talking from concept to modeling
[01:30] animation to environment the guys who
[01:32] produced some great work and we think
[01:33] you'll love spending time there April
[01:36] also brings a tasty treat for those who
[01:38] have completed beta the gods a new
[01:39] divination colony between over 75 and 85
[01:42] this colony is less about training
[01:44] however and more about what you can do
[01:45] with its elder energy there's a
[01:47] divination simulacrum location which
[01:49] will allow you to gather various energy
[01:51] as well as portents and signings you're
[01:53] able to transmute summoning charms and
[01:54] there's the most part beast of burden as
[01:57] voted for by alien a power to the power
[01:58] pole there'll be plenty for those who
[02:01] have not complete to pick the gods to
[02:02] the elder energy and many of the Aaron
[02:04] products are tradable one can be bought
[02:06] from other players and we're completely
[02:07] revising the right chronicles work so
[02:09] you'll find them more frequently get
[02:11] more XP from them and
[02:12] cash them in when you want to the ninjas
[02:15] have also done it again this month
[02:16] bringing you what you want when you want
[02:17] them aside from their regular fixes you
[02:19] can expect master skill capes
[02:21] recognizing the achievement of gaining
[02:23] the equivalent of level 120 and a skill
[02:24] don't worry we won't be increasing the
[02:26] max skill level with this update the
[02:29] ninjas have also cooked up some level 90
[02:30] magic and range power gloves which every
[02:32] combat maestro will want to get their
[02:34] mitts in the range girls will come from
[02:35] ascension dungeon Slayer targets and a
[02:37] magic gloves from celestial dragons on
[02:39] task we'd also like to apologize for the
[02:41] delay to the bank changes to make up for
[02:43] it we're including a hefty addition or
[02:45] making week actual tears of joy we're
[02:47] giving you the worn and inventory quick
[02:49] load outs so you can move a group of
[02:51] items from your bank to your avatar in
[02:53] the swiftest of clicks and finally a few
[02:56] congratulations four winners from last
[02:57] week's behind-the-scenes video they win
[02:59] an eat sleep stay preppy teacher and
[03:01] they are to the fool ass and evil Elvis
[03:04] in lucky people you they'll be more from
[03:07] behind the scenes next week remember if
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[03:36] although this Buffalo Soldiers I told
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