Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #97 - Fate of the Gods - Part 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind the Scenes

  1. 97: Fate of the Gods - part 2

[00:11] This week we're stepping through the World Gate for our second look at Fate of the Gods,
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[00:24] The World Gate was created by Guthix to bring races into this world
[00:27] so he brought the elves in, the fairies and the druids via this world gate.
[00:31] At the start of The Fate of the Gods, the World Gate is in the shadow realm, which requires Sliske to bring it back into the real world.
[00:36] You've got to think of the World Gate almost as a television, you can change it to multiple channels,
[00:40] and each of these channels is a different world, and you can travel to that world,
[00:43] but we're only interested in one in particular for Fate of the Gods.
[00:45] In Fate of the Gods players are going to use the World Gate to travel to the plane of Freneskae,
[00:50] which they know so far as being the home world of the Mahjarrat.
[00:54] We saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a new place, a new environment,
[00:59] something that's alien and unique and different from the rest of the game,
[01:03] but it's a lot more significant to the wider narrative of the game and we're going to be revealing a lot more about Freneskae when players visit.
[01:11] So Freneskae birthed the Mahjarrat, and the Mahjarrat only survived through their strength and their magical powers
[01:16] so it was important just being in this world was hugely hazardous.
[01:19] So you're going to find yourself constantly barraged by lots of environmental effects.
[01:24] So you're seeing lighting bolts, lava bombs and all of these poisonous gases.
[01:29] All of these things that make it a trial to survive in.
[01:31] We took quite a few passes at the level design of Freneskae because we wanted to create a hostile environment but one which players wanted to explore.
[01:40] Also for the look of Freneskae we've stuck to a very monochrome palette and used colour very sparingly.
[01:46] This was to reinforce the kind of emotions we want players to feel as they're exploring the environment.
[01:51] One of the ideas we had for Freneskae was that just being out in the open will damage you
[01:56] and you're constantly searching out for safe havens just to give you that moment of security.
[02:01] Of course we couldn't create an environment that's constantly hazardous without forcing you to look inside every single cranny
[02:06] and spend as much time out in the open as possible, so we've placed little kind of hidden things to find if you look carefully enough in Freneskae.
[02:12] We've dotted things that we've called Memorium crystals around the world.
[02:16] These will be little snippets of lore for players to discover as they explore the environment.
[02:21] As well as the environment it was also important we got Zaros right, possibly more important, because there's so much expectation that he looks badass.
[02:28] Our concept artists really nailed the look of the final form of Zaros.
[02:32] We felt that it nailed the character straight away, it was like as soon as everyone saw it, it was yes that's Zaros.
[02:39] All of the designs of Zaros that have come after that have been informed by it,
[02:43] and there have been reasons to give him slightly different looks and narrative reasons to give him a different feel as well.
[02:51] If I were to give any advice before Fate of the Gods comes out next week it would be to get that Mahjarrat memories box beforehand
[02:57] and also to immerse yourself in the story, put on your headphones listen to the voice acting
[03:02] and try to take in every single story tidbit we're putting on offer for you.
[03:06] My advice before playing Fate of the Gods would be to keep an open mind. You haven't met Zaros yet, you don't know what he's like.
[03:13] Give him the opportunity to explain himself first.
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