Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #96 - Fate of the Gods - Part 1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

Fate of the Gods - Part 1
[00:09] Brace yourselves for the first in a two part Fate of the Gods Special.
[00:12] This week, Mods Rowley and Osborne delve into huge choices and what it's like to bring back 'The Empty Lord'.
[00:20] Fate of the Gods is an important quest simply because it's dealing with the return of Zaros.
[00:25] All of the other gods have been able to return so far and it's about time Zaros got to return too.
[00:30] You've got an argument for saying Zaros is possibly the most important person in the 6th Age.
[00:34] He filters into all of the storylines, The Dragonkin, The Eldergods and the Stone of Jas. So he's really going to be central pulling the strings.
[00:41] He's been behind the scenes and spoken of in whispers a lot in past content and it's about time we started exploring some of that.
[00:49] People just don't know what Zaros is like they want to know what he sounds like,
[00:51] they want to know what he's going to do in the 6th Age. He really is the Mac Daddy of the gods.
[00:55] It was quite scary to be given the task of bringing Zaros back into the game but it's also a huge privilege as well
[01:02] to be able to finally deal with such an important character and to be given the opportunity to do that.
[01:08] So many people have different expectations. He's very evil to some and very good to others
[01:12] and so making sure that everyone is going to be happy is a huge task but I really think we've achieved it.
[01:16] There is a lot of mystery surrounding the character and although I've tried to keep some of that mystery
[01:22] we're going to be answering a lot of questions about who he is, what he believes in.
[01:26] We're going to give him something we're going to let you talk to him and find out what he's all about and what he really represents.
[01:32] The first time players are going to meet him face to face they're going to have a lot of questions
[01:37] so we really wanted to answer a lot of questions there, to deliver on a lot of the mystery but not to spoil to much of his mystery either.
[01:45] The choice at the start of the quest is represented by Azzanadra and Sliske
[01:49] they'll both be giving you their opinion on what you should do when confronted with Zaros and it's up to you to make that choice.
[01:55] Regardless of whether you're a Zaros fan or a Zaros hater you're going to find a way of interacting with this quest how you want.
[02:01] Are you going to help him or are you going to sabotage him? We give you complete ability to do either of those.
[02:07] Our aim is for that choice not to be something that floats away at the end of the quest, it's going to change everything.
[02:13] So we're changing Zaros himself, we're changing his motivations in the 6th Age, all based on that one choice.
[02:20] But we've also added lots of smaller choices in the lead up to that to give players the chance to explore how they feel about him.
[02:28] I think this quest is really going to surprise with how many answers it gives. You've got the answer of who Zaros is and what his origin is.
[02:36] It's also going to answer a lot of questions that players aren't even asking at the moment,
[02:40] particularly about the history of the universe, about its creators and about the various worlds that there are.
[02:46] If you're thinking about playing Fate of the Gods and if you're not, then why not?
[02:50] Then, play Majharrat Memories first it's a small piece of content that follows on from Kharshais memories
[02:55] that gives you a box to fill with divination energy and use that to gather the experiences of various Mahjarrat.
[03:00] Those Mahjarrat do feature a little in Fate of the Gods but also that item you get as a reward can be taken into the world of Fate of the gods and will give you a unique benefit.
[03:13] Next week we journey through the World Gate for part 2 of our Fate of the Gods special
[03:17] and from next week you can check out our new weekly and monthly Hi Score tables for EVERY skill
[03:23] so pick up your axes and cast out the fishing lines, fortune and glory awaits.... well ok, bragging rights.
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