Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #95 - One of a Kind

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] 'One of a kind' is almost upon us.
[00:09] But, who exactly are the dragon riders?
[00:12] Over to you, mod Raven.
[00:15] The Dragon Riders are a people from a distant world.
[00:19] They're not native to Gielinor.
They were previously known as the Ilujanka.
[00:21] And they possess the unique ability to tame and control large creatures.
[00:26] So Zaros came to their world and he went "I'd like some of these".
[00:30] And he brought them back to Gielinor with him, where they learnt the ability to tame and ride dragons.
[00:35] The Dragon Riders are a tragic people.
[00:37] Their race is heavily in decline.
[00:39] Their population numbers are dwindling.
[00:41] They just aren't producing any offspring
[00:44] which is why Zaros came to them because he offered them a chance
[00:47] to fix the problem if they came and rode dragons for him.
[00:50] One of a Kind is a new grandmaster quest
[00:52] which is looking into the last of the Dragon Riders, which is Hannibus.
[00:55] As the player, you will be going to find and locate Hannibus.
[00:59] You'll be helping to free him from his current predicament
[01:02] and then you'll be helping to determine his future.
[01:04] Along the way you'll uncover various lore about the Dragon Riders,
[01:08] a little bit about Zaros and some other stuff that I'm not going to spoil just yet.
[01:12] We settled on the look for the Dragon Riders after a great deal of discussion.
[01:16] We knew we wanted them to be Lizard men,
[01:18] but we were unsure about some of the design.
[01:21] We originally had quite a big beefy looking guy
[01:24] but we decided that didn't fit the character.
[01:26] He was a bit too big and a bit too bulky.
[01:28] He also didn't look particularly bright,
[01:30] which isn't in keeping what we feel the Dragon Riders are like.
[01:33] And then we changed to a more sinusoidal character
[01:37] who looks really cool, but looked a little bit on the evil side
[01:42] and the Dragon Riders are not an evil people.
[01:44] They're a noble good race.
[01:45] In the end we picked something which is much more
[01:48] in fitting with the nobility of the Dragon Riders,
[01:50] but you can discover that by playing the quest.
[01:52] The aims for this quest were to focus on something
[01:55] more for our existing questers.
[01:58] I went on the forums and I made a thread to specifically ask what are the things that the people are looking for in a new quest.
[02:04] And so we've got things like there's more world travelling,
[02:09] because that's been specifically requested
[02:10] and there's a lot less hand holding.
[02:12] It's more down to the player to unravel what they need to do
[02:15] rather than us going "Oh, you should probably go over over here".
[02:18] During this quest players will visit all over Gielinor.
[02:22] There'll be some old places they might not have been to in a while
[02:25] and some of the newer content will be revisited as well.
[02:27] I can't say exactly where without giving too much away
[02:30] but there'll be a fair bit of travelling.
[02:32] We also released a poll where players got to vote
[02:34] on a new type of dragon that will appear.
[02:36] And the winning dragon was the Celestial Dragon,
[02:38] which is a dragon fused with temporal powers
[02:40] who can be found in a resource dungeon
[02:42] once you completed the quest.
[02:44] Previous lore factors are quite heavily into the quest.
[02:46] The quest requirements are there for a reason
[02:48] and you should definitely look through the previous quests again to remember what happened.
[02:52] You should also be aware of the Dragon Rider lore
[02:55] so if you've not read through the dragon rider journals, now is definitely the time to read them.
[02:58] It's also worth reading up on the Dragonkin
[03:01] and maybe a bit on Robert the Strong as well.
[03:04] There are good rewards to this quest.
[03:05] We have the obvious XP,
[03:06] we also have the Celestial Dragons,
[03:08] who players can then come and fight and they drop summoning supplies,
[03:12] and you also have a chance to drop the dragon rider armour.
[03:15] Previously you got the boots and the gloves,
[03:17] and now you can get the full set and it looks pretty cool.
[03:20] This quest is about dragons.
[03:21] It's about dragon riders, it's about lore,
[03:23] and it's about a quest that has been designed around suggestions from the players.
[03:28] 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat', 'The World Wakes', and now 'Fate of the Gods'.
[03:31] Next week, Behind the Scenes investigates the latest in world changing quests.
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