Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #94 - March Updates

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

The Month Ahead: March
[00:08] With 2 Grandmaster quests releasing this month, March is going to be one of our greatest months ever.
[00:14] This week, Mod Mark popped in to talk quests, gods and a whole host of other updates.
[00:21] Our main update this month is all about one character, a character whose name has been whispered in the shadows
[00:28] ever since the treacherous acts of the Second Age, whose empire stretched across the world
[00:33] and whose influence shaped humanity more than any other. It's been hinted at in quests, confused by cats.
[00:39] The list goes on, and on. It's all about the big man himself, Zaros.
[00:45] In an epic new Grandmaster quest, with requirements including 76 Slayer, 75 Divination and 67 Summoning, you'll get the opportunity to meet Zaros yourself.
[00:54] Whether you're a fan or not, the world guardian has the power to bring this enigma back to RuneScape, judging his worth first hand.
[01:01] It won't be easy, and nor should it be. There's some fiendishly difficult combat encounters,
[01:06] fantastic puzzles and some really tough choices to make along the way.
[01:09] You'll also need to explore the lands of Freneskrae, which is undoubtedly the best piece of environmental and landscape work we have ever done.
[01:18] The reveals in this content are huge - we're blowing the lid off some of our best kept secrets, so expect the unexpected!
[01:25] It's fully voice-acted and has some amazing new tunes - I played through the content myself a few days ago and it was truly amazing.
[01:31] I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
[01:34] To get you ready for it, we are releasing a smaller update just before, focussed around Mahjarrat memories.
[01:40] Kharshai's keen to know what the other Mahjarrats have been up to and you and your newly found Divination skills can help him out.
[01:46] It's not a prerequisite to the Zaros quest, but there are some rewards that could help while you attempt it.
[01:52] The beginning of March will also see the release of One of A Kind, which was unfortunately delayed from February.
[01:59] We always say we want these things to be as good as they can be and so we decided to add
[02:04] a few more weeks to its development to reach our lofty expectations and trust me it's been well worth it.
[02:10] All of this means that March is going to be a great month for questers and lore lovers.
[02:15] We have a huge amount of other updates in March which are spread far and wide throughout the game. Here's a list of some of my highlights.
[02:23] There's more world map improvements with better tooltips and information on the quests.
[02:28] You'll be able to equip or unequip items straight from the bank, drag items from the bank to your inventory, in fact,
[02:35] a whole load of updates that help you organise your banks without needing to go via your inventory.
[02:40] There are new slots being added to Dungeoneering load outs, which shields and off-hands can be added to.
[02:46] There's a huge range of player suggested improvements being added to the circus,
[02:51] like improving the agility XP return, removing the circus equipment and turning circus outfits into overrides.
[02:58] We're also making a new customisable ribbon much like the pre-RS3 tabs, which will be totally definable by you.
[03:08] You'll be able to get your hands on some cool Solomon's stuff this month too, with new wings,
[03:12] a drake fire warship, Divination animations and some cool new outfits. Wooters out!
[03:19] Next week, we kick off our quest fuelled month with our latest Grandmaster quest coming to Gielinor, One of A Kind.